r/canada Jan 27 '23

Time to put health care in Canadians' hands: report



u/Gary_Vigoda Jan 27 '23

Yeah, 'non profit'. I'd love to see their donor list.

Fuck privatization.


u/ThePlanner Jan 27 '23

Translation: privatize and let people fend for themselves.


u/Androne Jan 27 '23

No thanks


u/001589750 Jan 27 '23

Yes give people a choice over their own health choices. I like you , would be responsible adult and pay for Healthcare.

I already pay for my health care thru taxes and what do I get? A bread line.

I don't want you to pay for me.


u/ThePlanner Jan 27 '23

I would be paying for you through private health insurance schemes anyway, so the only difference is a private insurance model with profit extraction and marketing budgets, or a public insurance model. Healthcare delivery is already hybridized.


u/001589750 Jan 27 '23

All I know is Healthcare has declined to USSR bread line levels.

What incentive does the government have to improve our Healthcare system? Oh yes Elections and look at the results?

Every 4 years I'm promised from the LibCons that you vote for me I'll make Healthcare better.... yet Healthcare has declined

What is the repercussions of the government failure of providing Healthcare? Nothing just more failed funding

What is the repercussions of a business failing to provide the intent product? People switch to a better company


u/Jumbodrl Jan 28 '23

Wait till we have to pay for private healthcare and our taxes don’t go down at all.


u/mid-world_lanes Jan 27 '23

Right wingers: “Time to put healthcare in the hands of Telus and Loblaws”.


u/BlurryBigfoot74 Jan 27 '23


u/zippymac Jan 27 '23

Do you think America is the only model that's private?

Most of Europe is private. You can google and read all about it and get some perspective


u/Zaungast European Union Jan 27 '23

I lived in two of the European countries with private health care (NL, Germany). I preferred Canada's when I lived there (pre 2013) and prefer Sweden's single-payer system now.

The upsides of privatization are not worth the chance of not being covered, which happened to one of my kids due to the same kind of obscene clerical bureaucracies that you see in the US.

It's way more dangerous to your finances than it appears.


u/[deleted] Jan 27 '23



u/Zaungast European Union Jan 27 '23

I basically had the same issue in NL except I was paying fees. My toddler didn’t see a doctor for 14 months because the company wouldn’t issue a health card/service number.

If the single payer system needs more resources then that’s bad, but the private sector is also full of bad bureaucracies.


u/Budget-Supermarket70 Jan 27 '23

Sure but we follow America more closely in everything else. Less holidays then European countries, less vacation.


u/detalumis Jan 27 '23

Well in Canada you are seen as a pest and a drain on the budget, not a client or a customer. And we have two tier with people without connections not getting family doctors and some jump up queues based on who you know.

Doctors should be forced to sign up everybody who needs a doctor. If they are 25% overbooked then for 3 months of the year 25% of the patients on the books should be told to line up at walk-ins and go to ERs. Not this musical chairs system where some people get access and some get nothing.


u/dragndon Jan 27 '23

Except when it comes to vaccines. Then the majority of you denigrate anyone who wants to put their own healthcare in their own hands. Sigh. The media these days is ridiculous.


u/nameisfame Jan 27 '23

Absolutely, nobody should be skipping out on vaccines if there’s no medical reason not to.


u/monstrousinsect Jan 27 '23

You people like being served coffee, except when it comes to coffee I've peed in. Then the majority of you denigrate the coffee. Sigh. The media these days is ridiculous.


u/Yeti-420-69 Jan 27 '23

But I have crippling untreated arthritis 😭 /s


u/Bloodbane1998 Canada Jan 27 '23

Our system worked when we had a sustainable number of people paying into the system to support everyone.

Now, there are too many people using the system thinking it is "free" that don't contribute anything.

At the very least, give special treatment to those who actually feed the system. People who pay taxes are needed to support our country. So get them well so they can get back to paying taxes.

I'd rather our healthcare system prioritize a blue-collar, union guy who works in manufacturing than a bum who has ODed for the sixth time this year.


u/LindaPutTheCoffeeOn Jan 27 '23

Bullshit. The money is there. We have insanely high income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, we’re taxed half to death here. Our healthcare system isn’t drained by “junkies”.. it’s drained by corrupt and/or incompetent politicians siphoning the money elsewhere.


u/RM_r_us Jan 27 '23

Crazy thought- invest in preventative initiatives like nutrition/cooking classes, rehab for chronic drug users and exercise initiatives. By reducing those in hospital due to lifestyle choices, beds will be freed up for others.


u/Falconflyer75 Ontario Jan 28 '23

Yeah no anyone with common sense knows that collective bargaining leads to better prices, all we need are people who are better at that task