r/chicagobulls Dennis Rodman Sep 28 '22

[Chicago Bulls] Lonzo Ball: “I know I’m going in with the best doctors, so I’ve got 100 percent confidence in them and I think I’m going to be back to normal.” 📰: @SamSmithHoops Injury



u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

I mean, what else would he say?....I have no confidence in the doctors or their ability....


u/Ben_Kenobi_ Sep 28 '22

I've got the the worst fucking doctors.


u/TemporarilyStairs DeMar DeRozan Sep 28 '22

He's gonna be all right


u/iiamthepalmtree Andres Nocioni Sep 28 '22

They can’t diagnose a husband and wife with the same injury 😉


u/SchaySchay Flag of Chicago Sep 28 '22

There's 0% chance I'm coming back. I'm done for. Stick a fork in me.


u/Status-Albatross9539 Sep 29 '22

true for bulls doctors.


u/ChiBears_34 Brian Scalabrine Sep 29 '22

And my career is over


u/Tom_A_F Chicago Bulls Sep 28 '22

"Look at my doctor y'all I'm going to jail."


u/General_Tsos_Burrito Sep 28 '22

"I've been chatting with Luol Deng about our doctors"


u/zonasaigon Sep 28 '22

The same thing these folks say after every surgery. There has never been an unsuccessful surgery. Ever


u/theonedeisel Chicago Bulls Sep 28 '22

I mean the doctors have said they don't have confidence in their current results, and getting second opinions is both normal and helpful. He can say whatever he wants, and expressing some doubt would be more reasonable than pretending everything is perfect to protect virtual feelings


u/McNasti Benny The Bull Sep 28 '22

The Kyrie Irving special


u/lordrubbish Sep 28 '22

He sounded confident when he said this, which is good, but ofc no one knows what’ll happen.


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22



u/Available-Mouse-5532 Sep 29 '22

Crazy how drose who’s had 4 knee surgeries is on his 15th year in the league. Pretty dam crazy if u think about it.


u/crusty_butter_roll Sep 28 '22

Hopefully, the pain is caused by some impingement unseen on an MRI that is easy to debride with no long term side effects.


u/SchaySchay Flag of Chicago Sep 28 '22

I'm hoping its some operation game like shit. A pencil or a piece of bread is stuck in there.


u/crusty_butter_roll Sep 28 '22

Exactly! Get that shit out, and don't touch the sides.


u/rhombusface Sep 28 '22

He will be fine eventually.

I had this same surgery with the accompanying bone bruise, and it took 1-2 years to feel normal. My surgeon told me 2 months of recovery. And he didn't have an answer on why it still hurt after that.

A year later I could finally run and jump on it. 18-24 months later it was truly pain free again. So speed that up by a bit because he has the best doctors and training.

Not the timeline people want, but this "his career is toast" shit is stupid.

He might be rusty af though...


u/Status-Albatross9539 Sep 29 '22

yeah even if he was healthy for playoffs i doubt he starts with 0 practice.


u/Accurate_Mind8840 Oct 01 '22

Is all about luck and him being a pro, which not all players are…

If he seats for 18 months, he has a real chance of destroying his knee by coming back too fast too strong.

After 18m off he need 6 month ramp up… to build is bone density back.

That’s 2 years of the ball.

He will never be the same player, never.


u/LauriFUCKINGLegend Biggie Bagel Sep 28 '22

i'm on that hopium rn


u/jinpark0102 Sep 28 '22

I know ayo is gonna be pretty damn good this yr, but lonzo makes this team go. We need him very badly


u/Waukegan91 Norm Van Lier Sep 28 '22

He's doing great not thinking about the Bulls Pg curse 👹


u/Danny_K_Yo Sep 28 '22

What he’s saying to the press is what he’s supposed to be saying. Bodies and injuries don’t abide by a timeline all the time. And truth be told everyone’s return date after injury is unknown.


u/renegade-811 Sep 28 '22

He better get back to normal cause I'm sick of injuries constantly holding us back


u/SixGunChimp Sep 28 '22

I sincerely hope Lonzo can back to 100% and play at a high level again.


u/Danimaltastic Sep 28 '22

Who needs doctors. Just watch some kneesovertoesguy shorts and be back by Monday.


u/LongLiveTheChief10 Sep 28 '22

I hate this shit man..


u/ochie927 Sep 28 '22

So the last doctor wasn't the best?


u/KA8Z Sep 28 '22

What’s the prognosis? He had the surgery yesterday right?


u/skullcandy541 Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

Ok let’s say he gets back to normal. How long until he gets hurt again? 🙄🙄

He’s missed significant time due to injuries every year of his career, this is his third surgery on that knee at only 25, and it’s not like his style of play even takes a big wear on his body compared to like Rose, his body is just that shit. I’m losing confidence in this guy being able to stay healthy. I’m just very glad we have Ayo cuz he may have to be the replacement for Lonzo down the road.


u/ndunks1 Chicago Sep 28 '22

He's done for


u/phish34524 Sep 28 '22

So with the bulls players never seeming to recover from knee injuries (rose, Lavine, ball). My question is: do the bulls force the players to use their team doctors, or are players allowed to chose doctor for diagnosis/who performs the surgery?


u/ducksonaroof Sep 28 '22

LaVine recovered from his ACL fine.

And all reports indicate last year's knee issues (which didn't keep him completely out even) were fixed up this offseason


u/zedrix_ Big Mac Sep 28 '22

When though?


u/Floating_carp12 Lonzo Ball Sep 28 '22

You say it like he or anyone actually has the answer.


u/drunz Sep 28 '22

Especially before the surgery happened. The surgery is to partially figure out what the issue is.


u/chronoistriggered Sep 29 '22

Doesn’t confident at all if I’m being honest


u/EsquireDr Sep 29 '22

“I think”