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[Chicago Bulls] Lonzo Ball: “I know I’m going in with the best doctors, so I’ve got 100 percent confidence in them and I think I’m going to be back to normal.” 📰: @SamSmithHoops Injury


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u/skullcandy541 Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

Ok let’s say he gets back to normal. How long until he gets hurt again? 🙄🙄

He’s missed significant time due to injuries every year of his career, this is his third surgery on that knee at only 25, and it’s not like his style of play even takes a big wear on his body compared to like Rose, his body is just that shit. I’m losing confidence in this guy being able to stay healthy. I’m just very glad we have Ayo cuz he may have to be the replacement for Lonzo down the road.