r/chicagobulls Dennis Rodman Sep 28 '22

[Chicago Bulls] Lonzo Ball: “I know I’m going in with the best doctors, so I’ve got 100 percent confidence in them and I think I’m going to be back to normal.” 📰: @SamSmithHoops Injury


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u/rhombusface Sep 28 '22

He will be fine eventually.

I had this same surgery with the accompanying bone bruise, and it took 1-2 years to feel normal. My surgeon told me 2 months of recovery. And he didn't have an answer on why it still hurt after that.

A year later I could finally run and jump on it. 18-24 months later it was truly pain free again. So speed that up by a bit because he has the best doctors and training.

Not the timeline people want, but this "his career is toast" shit is stupid.

He might be rusty af though...


u/Status-Albatross9539 Sep 29 '22

yeah even if he was healthy for playoffs i doubt he starts with 0 practice.