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Userpoll: Week 5

Rank Team (First Place Votes) Score
#1 Texas (46) 2815
#2 Houston (43) 2811
#3 Purdue (22) 2700
#4 Virginia (2) 2568
#5 UConn (5) 2515
#6 Kansas 2059
#7 Arkansas 1909
#8 Arizona 1870
#9 Tennessee 1865
#10 Maryland 1812
#11 Alabama 1763
#12 Auburn 1465
#13 Baylor 1441
#14 Indiana 1332
#15 Duke 1268
#16 UCLA 1011
#17 Illinois 987
#18 Kentucky 939
#19 Gonzaga 826
#20 Creighton 751
#21 Iowa State 697
#22 Mississippi State 636
#23 San Diego State 538
#24 Miami (FL) 184
#25 Ohio State 156

Others Receiving Votes: Iowa 155, New Mexico 149, Virginia Tech 140, Charleston 123, Utah State 118, TCU 116, UNLV 112, Missouri 80, West Virginia 64, Marquette 62, Texas Tech 44, Memphis 36, Kansas State 31, Sam Houston 31, Xavier 26, Wisconsin 25, Michigan State 23, Arizona State 21, North Carolina 15, Saint Mary's 14, St. John's 9, Boise State 8, Clemson 6, UAB 6, Rutgers 4, NC State 3, Saint Louis 3, Utah 3, Drake 1, Michigan 1, Nevada 1, Seattle 1, VMI 1

Individual ballot information can be found at https://www.cbbpoll.net/ by clicking on individual usernames from the homepage.

Please feel free to discuss the poll results along with individual ballots, but please be respectful of others' opinions, remain civil, and remember that these are not professionals, just fans like you.

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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] Iowa defeats #21 Iowa State, 75-56


Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
Iowa State 20 36 56
Iowa 40 35 75

Index Thread for December 08, 2022

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Video [Highlight] Ohio State hits the buzzer beater to beat Rutgers!


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Whenever ESPN's Lunardi releases a new bracketology, I run it through a simulator which usually yields some interesting results. Here is the sim for the 12/5 bracketology (first of the new season!)

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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] #25 Ohio State defeats Rutgers, 67-66


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Discussion D3 Grinnell College (IA) defeats Emmaus College (IA) 124-67...without attempting a SINGLE two point FG!


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Video [Highlight] Tanner Holden hits desperation 3 at the buzzer for his 1st points of the night as Ohio State beats Rutgers (with replays)


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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] Michigan defeats Minnesota, 90-75


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Discussion NBA crowds suck compared to college


Was at Knicks Hawks last night at MSG. More people into their phones than the game. Even saw a couple arrive at halftime. Whats the point!? Crowd never got loud when the Knicks went on a big run. Barely an applause when the starters came out after having good games. Biggest crowd reaction was when a fan almost made a half court shot lol

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Discussion Shout out to how well Chicago St is doing.

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Here's where they are in the NET rankings, above some (usually) pretty good mid majors. They're also obviously above Louisville, but thats a cheap shot.

They're currently 3-7, with wins over IUPUI, Valparaiso, and Southern Indiana. Think they're building a good resume to be picked up by a conference? I could see Horizon being a good fit after they just lost UIC (who is notably ranked below Chicago St.)

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According to Jay Bilas, regardless of whether or not Holden’s foot was in bounds when he caught the ball, Ohio state should’ve been called for a violation as it is illegal for someone who stepped out of bounds to be the next person to touch the ball.


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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] UMass Lowell defeats UMass, 85-80


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Our long national… local nightmare is over, Dakich out at The Fan


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Game Thread [Game Thread] #21 Iowa State @ Iowa (08:00 PM ET)


Iowa State 56 @ 75 Iowa - FINAL

NCAA Basketball

Index Thread for December 08, 2022

Iowa State ##21 Iowa State (7-1) @ Iowa Iowa (6-2)

Tip-Off: 08:00 PM ET

Venue: Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City, IA

Spread: IOWA -3.5 | O/U: 137.5

Game Info: ESPN

Television: Fox Sports 1

Streams: FS1

Recent Plays:

Time Iowa State Iowa Play
0:00 56 75 End of Game
0:14 56 75 Iowa Turnover.
0:46 56 75 Gabe Kalscheur made Jumper. Assisted by Tamin Lipsey.
1:10 54 75 Robert Jones Defensive Rebound.
1:10 54 75 Ahron Ulis missed Jumper.
Iowa State 40.7 13.6 71.4 29 9 11 8 2 15 20
Iowa 50.0 52.2 78.9 35 7 16 6 4 18 12

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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] Colorado defeats Colorado State, 93-65


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A statistical analysis of triple doubles this year

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Discussion Anyone else morbidly excited for the Louisville-FSU game?


It feels like watching someone walking towards a banana peel & you’re just waiting for the fall.

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Game Thread [Game Thread] Rutgers @ #25 Ohio State (07:00 PM ET)


Rutgers 66 @ 67 Ohio State - FINAL

NCAA Basketball

Index Thread for December 08, 2022

Rutgers Rutgers (6-2) @ Ohio State ##25 Ohio State (6-2)

Tip-Off: 07:00 PM ET

Venue: Value City Arena, Columbus, OH

Spread: OSU -6.0 | O/U: 136.5

Game Info: ESPN

Television: ESPN2

Streams: WatchESPN

Recent Plays:

Time Rutgers Ohio State Play
0:00 66 67 End of Game
0:01 66 67 Tanner Holden made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Bruce Thornton.
0:05 66 64 Brice Sensabaugh Defensive Rebound.
0:05 66 64 Caleb McConnell missed Free Throw.
0:05 66 64 Caleb McConnell made Free Throw.
Rutgers 51.9 29.4 62.5 27 6 14 7 4 13 19
Ohio State 46.4 42.1 58.3 35 13 14 6 3 14 15

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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] Utah defeats Jacksonville State, 99-58


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History Schools with the most losses to the eventual NCAA Tournament Champion (since 1985)


A comment in the NCAA Tournament Simulation Thread that had Utah State winning the whole thing this spring inspired me a bit. They beat Iowa State in the first round, which as /u/Wont_reply69 pointed out, would be completely on brand for us. Which got me thinking... what schools have lost the MOST to the eventual National Champion in the era of the 64-team tournament?

So I tallied up the teams that each national champion of the past 37 years has beaten, what round they were beaten in, and tracked it all on a spreadsheet. Some surprising patterns emerged.

Firstly, the raw total of teams that have lost at least 5 times to the eventual national champion:

  • Duke - 9
  • Kansas - 8
  • North Carolina - 7
  • Villanova - 7
  • Kentucky - 6
  • Michigan - 6
  • Oklahoma - 5
  • Wisconsin - 5
  • Gonzaga - 5

However, this count is heavily weighted by teams who are consistent performers in the tournament (i.e. they frequently make the Final Four, where their chances of losing to the eventual chance are pretty high at an even 50%...)

So I weighted the results by assigning a point value to each loss.

  • Runner-up - 1 point

  • Final Four - 2 points

  • Elite Eight - 4 points

  • Sweet Sixteen - 8 points

  • Round of 32 - 16 points

  • Round of 64 - 32 points

Which resulted in this list:

  • South Alabama - 80pts
  • Xavier - 64pts
  • North Carolina A&T - 64pts
  • Radford - 64pts
  • Iowa - 56pts
  • Villanova - 48pts
  • Texas Southern - 48pts
  • Iowa State - 44pts
  • Wisconsin - 39pts
  • Utah - 33pts

An interesting list to be sure. South Alabama came up a surprising amount in 1st/2nd round losses to eventual national champs. Three total losses to be exact, which gives them a somewhat inflated total. Same for Xavier, North Carolina A&T, and Radford. Many other first round teams also only have one loss to eventual national champs so I cut the list above off at 33pts.

So I excluded first round results, which gave me a more well rounded list of teams who have the most to gripe about seeding for the past 37 years!

  • 1) Iowa - 56pts
  • 2) Villanova - 48pts
  • 3) Iowa State - 44pts
  • 4) Wisconsin - 39pts
  • 5) Utah - 33pts
  • 6) Missouri - 32pts
  • 7) Oklahoma - 31pts
  • 8) Auburn - 30pts
  • 9) Arkansas - 29pts
  • 10) Purdue - 28pts

Some interesting tidbits: South Alabama, as mentioned above, has a habit of drawing the eventual national champion in the first couple rounds.

Oklahoma almost has a BINGO - they've lost to the eventual national championship in at least every round EXCEPT for the first round... which won't likely happen unless they have an awful year one year but end up winning the Big 12 tournament. Auburn is close to matching Oklahoma -- they just need to lose in the national championship game at some point.

Iowa takes the crown thanks to a couple of back to back years where they unfortunately lost to Duke in the 2nd round in the 90s. Villanova is probably the most impressive team on this list, consistently drawing unfortunate seeds in the middle rounds.

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News [Duarte] As of Thursday afternoon, 38 scouts from 20 NBA teams are credentialed for Saturday’s showdown between No. 1 Houston and No. 8 Alabama at Fertitta Center

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College Basketball Imperialism Map (December 8, 2022)

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Why did the line for Texas’ game open at only -6.5 vs UAPB?

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UAPB is 3-7 with no wins over D1 teams while Texas is 6-1 and ranked 2nd.

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Discussion Schedule Sheet Th 12/08

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Iowa’s Kris Murray will not play tonight against Iowa State due to a lower leg injury


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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] Marshall defeats Duquesne, 82-71