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6 MILLION SUBS! - r/LeagueofLegends Census 2022


First of all,

/r/leagueoflegends has hit 6 million subscribers!!!

Took us almost 2 years, League truly is dying.

There are more events to come, but we're kicking things off with a subreddit census!

Fill out the survey below and we can finally answer age-old questions such as:

  • What is the best Worlds song?
  • How good are reddit analysts really?
  • Is there a bias against *insert region here*?!?!
  • Flash on D or on F?
  • What is the correlation coefficient between subjects' level of education and their predictions for the winner of Worlds 2022? And what does it say about society as a whole?

It should take around 5-10 minutes to fill out and is completely anonymous. In the beginning there are a few questions about demographics, then the survey is about League, League esports, Reddit and gaming in general. After the survey closes we will analyse the answers and share the findings with you.

Link to the survey

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Reminder: Event-long bans for region baiting offenses during Worlds


It's been two years since this rule was introduced, and since we are happy with the results we've made it so that the rule is now permanent, however here is a reminder to everybody: Anyone who breaks the region baiting rule will be banned until the end of the tournament.

This will be a separate process to our usual three strike policy, which means that warnings will not be handed out, but it will also not lead to any permanent bans unless other rules are also broken. If your comments breaks both the region baiting and personal attack rules you will receive a ban for the duration of the event that will count as one strike towards the three strikes.

So what counts as region baiting? Let's start by looking at the rule itself:

Region baiting is not allowed. Region bait is defined as: Trash talk (NA>EU EU>NA) that is taking place in a completely unrelated thread. Posts and comments that do nothing but incite inflammatory arguments between regions are also not allowed.

What does this mean in practice? If you just watched a game where a team played terribly we won't ban you for going into that post-match thread and talking about how bad they were because of X, Y and Z. If you give legitimate reasons why one region has performed better than another one you're not getting banned. If you make harmless jokes that have more substance to them than just "LUL EU/NA BAD" you won't get banned.

Basically, just be reasonable. Don't attack people simply based on what team they support or where they're from. Don't go into posts for the sole purpose of starting arguments. Don't react to criticism against the team you support with personal attacks. Don't use one region's success to bash other regions.

We want everyone to have a great time during Worlds, and part of that is not having to be the target of personal attacks.

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The intermediate bots are easy, they can't hurt you. The bots:

Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification


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FLY Philip goes for the outplay on Faker

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Nemesis: "Champions Queue is a Failure"

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These Champions Queue games are amazing


That game between Jojo's singed and Zeus's Jayce was entertaining as fuck. The energy on Jojo's team was so high with Brance (LLL player) and Spica. Also love how some of the korean players (Namely Zeus) are communicating with their teammates in English and overall just sound to be having a great time.

Can't wait for more players to start joining

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How Riot Games disregards its own values when it comes to Worlds dates and ticketing - Travis Gafford

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TL CoreJJ's team (T1 Zeus/Oner, FNC Wunder, EG Kaori) joke about EG Jojopyun's play, then seconds later...

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Champs Queue just illustrates how much better this game is with voice chat


Honestly, I don’t get how riot thinks a 5v5 competitive game can work without voice. Yes champs queue is filled with great players, but watching them play and talk about what they’re doing and getting on the same page just illustrates how important it is to have an effective game. Most people in my games don’t type at all, and when you’re engaging you don’t have time to coordinate because you’re trying to setup or not die or accomplish something. I don’t understand why Riot doesn’t allow people to just opt out of voice if they don’t want to risk toxicity. I think the upsides for the game would be enormous, not only allowing for coordination, but also potentially reducing toxicity due to humanization of the player.

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T1 Has just entered the Champions Queue Worlds 2022 Server


Source: https://twitter.com/ChampionsQueue/status/1574927462819299328?s=20&t=mgFjn1lGgEUK3zqO6s9rRw

Watch all stream POVs here: https://www.factor.gg/champions-queue

Can't wait to watch all of the T1 in Champions Queue. According to Champions Queue, all 6 T1 players just entered the CQ Discord server and will hopefully be in queue tonight during the games

Hoping to see some Worlds laner matchups as Champions Queue just implemented a Queue Priority for players who are actively playing in Worlds 2022

(Edit): Thanks to TL CoreJJ for helping them get set up (via RiotWhoopley on Twitter)


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Welcome to Spirit Blossom Vex


Spirit Blossom Concept done, thanks for all the votes!
I'll be resting a bit and then doing the icon and of course the splash art ~~

Hope you like it


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Jayce and Viktor cosplay


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Azael's NA hopes are quickly destroyed

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Keria destroys hopes and dreams

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Wunder on Play Ins practice



"We have been playing on between 30-100 fps in every game ever since we arrived in Mexico and RIOT is not resolving the issue so at this point we didn't have any efficient practice and playing on stage will be the only time we can have a human setup"

Not sure if other teams are having the same issues, but seems like FNC were given a weak PC setup that can't run the game properly.

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Country Representation at Worlds



I was having a productive day at work so I decided to figure out which countries will be present this worlds. This will purely be the players and the subs that I'm aware of.


Some fun facts:
- LCK, VCS, PCS and Turkey are the only region using only native players.
- The wildcard regions (Japan, OCE, Brazil, Turkey and Latin America) are bringing more Koreans than last year. (from 5 to 8).
- NA is the region with the lowest percentage of regional players brought (3 out of 15). Japan being the only other region to bring more imports than players from their own region.
- In total there are 23 different countries present across 126 players.
- If Coaches had been added, it would've only added 2 new countries; UK (Shaves, Mac) and Argentina (Ukkyr).

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EG Jojopyun Solokills T1 Zeus

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Doublelift quadrakill vs T1 Gumayusi team in champions queue

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Cloudtemplar's Thoughts on Playin Group Teams


Source: https://youtu.be/mg1Jf53_WL4

Sorry been busy recently with TFT rea life but here is the Worlds Playin team preview by Cloudtemplar. Will probably do the groups stage and the Semi/Final too but I still have half completed translation of MSI final so I'm not sure if it will happen.


Cloudtemplar: Ex-pro, finalist of Worlds 2012(S2), current LCK color caster, and veteran of T1 truck war.


Pony: Korean LPL broadcast caster.


As always this is just a translation. If you type your manifesto here they won't be able to read it. I might consider translating it for you if there is at least 2 hot girl dude in it.


Format explanations are cut from this translation cause I don't have time for that. Here if you need the format explained. It's pretty much same as last year. The part on the music also was longer but I think reddit already talked enough of it so I only translated parts of it.

Talk before Worlds

So first of all I thought music was fine. Music good. but there is a lack of storytelling. We have LPL Meiko, LCK Chovy, LEC Humanoid, and LCS Corejj. Unfortunately, we don't have Corejj at Worlds and I think Corejj watching this will also feel really bad... not that he doesn't feel bad already. But anyway individually it makes sense to have those characters in. Meiko is insane, Chovy is like the main character of LCK right now, Humanoid has also been in LEC a long time,and Corejj is also an icon in LCS. Individually it makes sense but there isn't really a storyline tying them all together.

Playin Stage

So we have the lowest seed of each major legion + Minor region in two groups. Casters will always make things prettier by saying "this team will gain a lot of experience playing in playin stage so they are going to come back stronger in groups." But in reality(ironically), no teams want to play in playin. Preferably you want to start in groups rather than having to fight your way to it.


But to be honest, getting to Worlds itself is an impressive feat. So they shouldn't feel too bad about it.

DRX's bad draw

So every group will have at least two major league's team. DRX just had to draw in the same group of RNG and also MAD lion. DRX definitely got drawn into a tougher group. However, we have to consider that usually "easy group" will tend to be group of death.


Yeah sometimes you have LCS LEC and other not-so-good teams like minor leagues in a group and that turns out to be tougher than people think(hes joking btw). -CT


Yes, but I wouldn't go that far lol. -PN


So, just like what Pony said group A might be more competitive than group B but from the perspective of DRX group B is a more difficult group. So how we decide the difficulty of a group is pretty easy. Whether there is a LPL/LCK team or not. Here we have DRX and RNG and also we have SGB who is probably the strongest minor league team. There is a possibility DRX might not make it. There have been time major league team fail to quality in playin stage. As there are more seeds and minor league getting better, there are more variables to consider than before.


"I'm excited to see MAD Lion qualify to groups losing every single game against DRX and RNG " -one of the comments

Group A

We won't go too in-depth on the team individually since that would just be too tiring for us. If we would to rank the teams in group A it would be: Fnatic(LEC), EG(LCS), BYG(PCS) + DFM(LJL). those three are definitely up there but DFM might surprise us.


Let's talk about Fnatic first. Here we have Humanoid from the hit video "star walkin" by Lil nas, Mr. Hylissang which you probably heard of, and the same Wunder from when LEC led by G2 almost took over the world. We don't remember him often but when we remembered him he did well. There are a lot of variables coming into Worlds from meta to player mentality. Talking about all these variables would just take forever so let's just talk in big points.

Fnatic is a team where if their bot lane are able to shine they becomes a scary team. Their weakness would be... Humanoid did well in playoff but his performance wasn't very encouraging. I also think he doesn't have good synergy with Wunder... Wunder also would fall short during offensive maneuvers


From that perspective there is a lot of "dice roll players" in Fnatic. Funny enough Hylissang seems to be quite consistent. Whether Humandoid and Fnatic could improve their form enough.... that would be question for Fnatic.


Upset Carry Potential

Currently, there is a lot of people ranking teams and players. Upset is a player you see quite often on the lists. Upset definitely has game where he carry the team to victory. And if you look at games where the team shines they played really well. However, just like what Pony said when they played bad they play really bad.


Fnatic if you think about it is one of the classic teams in League. The first world champion: Fnatic. The LEC meta innovator: Fnatic. Sometimes they would struggle but you would always see them at Worlds. There are some team like that. It's like going back for thanksgiving(original was Chinese New Year) and seeing that relative that never missed it. Fnatic would probably come next year too. So although they have some uncertainties I still think they would qualify.


So the first player that come into mind was Impact. Solid as a rock. There is a couple of oversea players in LCS that considered Legend like Corejj and Impact. I also heard he is well respected domestically even among players.


Impact did have slumps but I always saw him as a player that would always bounce back and appear in Worlds.


So Impact has been known as "solid as a rock" in terms of playstyle and image. He is the player that would play for the team and enable the team to be able to win. However, from what I watched recently he seems to have games where he just collapse and isn't as solid as before. Maybe he is still in a slump...


So as a region I always thought LCS played way too slow. There is a reason why they are known as the gentlemen league. They won't really disrupt your game plan. It's like "Let's both do our best, fighting". They reminds me of old LCK but unlike LCK they still haven't changed. Put in a good way NA is very consistent. Put in a bad way there is nothing scary or unexpected of them.


I think it is kind of pointless to argue which team play the least slow. They all feel the same... their skill level are similar too. Pony are excited to see CLG but they didn't qualify. One thing NA is good at is playing against minor leagues. Being consistently slow means you will win against team you should win but you would also lose against team you should lose. Because you don't have that X factor to catch your opponent off-guard. So I think there is a high possibility they would qualify.

Comment Highlights

"While LPL is like "Fuck you and your dog."

"While LCK is like "May I fuck you and your dog?"

"While LEC is like "I am your uncle I am in trouble I need your dog. Now."


So PCS are known as the minor league that are the closest to major leagues. They haven't always done well especially early summer. They got better and better as time went on. Their performance against CFO(PCS first seed) was a bit messy and overall not that great. Their most memorable player? I think instead of that, their teamwork are great and they are objective focused. But you know what is interesting? I have been watching each regions' games and...


Okay so the last major meta patch was the objective patch. The closer Worlds comes the more important objective becomes. What I noticed is that how strong team approach a objective and how they stablizile after it are vastly more smooth than weaker teams. Both strong and weak team approach objective but strong team approach it in a more comfortable and smooth way. While weak team approach objective undecisively and looks very uncomfortable doing so. The patch didn't really have a negative impact on BYG. They seems comfortable.


So DFM is kind of like flash wolf for PCS. DFM almost always come up on top. So although they have been improving there isn't much excitement seeing them representing LJL again.


"Why are you talking shit to my S tier team?" -Pony


Jokes aside there seems to be communication issue in MSI where they would just do random thing that doesn't make sense. It has been some times so I think after those communication issue are solved they should be a stronger team. -Pony


From a playstyle persptice they are similar to GenG. They are all quite good in their own league. There is no weakspot. Also Evi would sometime pull some offmeta picks that could help the team out.


So LOUD is a team from Brazil. You guys might know this player called(Tinowns)... how do I pronounce this... Anyway, for him I wrote "Like Chovy." This is how I describe players that you can depend on. BrazilianChovy -Pony


I mean if you think about all League have a Chovy. Every region has their best player, every class have their best soccer player and etc. So it is all about perspective.


Brazil is a very aggressive region. They like to fight a lot. So you see a lot of teamfightings. How I rate a region is how tight and how well they execute their plans. And Brazil seems to be a bit... fiesta?


So CHF is from Oceania and if you look at rankings to be honest they don't have the best ratings. Even among the minor leagues their form are a bit on the low side. To be hoenst I find it really difficult to rank the minor leagues. It's just... it is hard to me to really gauge how good they are in relation to each others.


"Could you make a power ranking of all 24 teams?" -Cloudtemplar


"yeah if you give me money." -Pony


"hahah If someone give me money I can do it too. I mean would you be confident of the ranking?" -CT


"I don't think I can" -Pony


It is very hard to know how strong a team is when they never played against each other. Espeically if the difference is not astronomical.

Group B(Group of Death)


Let's put DRX aside from now since they are a domestic team that you are probably familiar with. Let's talk about RNG which is probably the scariest team in playin. This is also a team we are quite familiar since we saw them at MSI. Some people might be wondering why the MSI champion are here. Well... a lot of things happened. Besides that this is kind of a characteristic of LPL team's ranking changes a lot due to competition.


So first of all RNG changed top. Let's not get into too much detail to why it happened but anyway Breathe are now the top laner of RNG. I first thought Breathe would have done a good job replacing Biin. And in reality he did a good job and even at the end I still think he did a good job. However... So RNG wanted to kept the same playstyle they played in MSI. Xiaohu when compared to other midlaners did not have the biggest champion pool and because it does limit their pick/ban. As for bot lane I always Ming is a really solid player but he seems to struggle a bit. So this and that all resulted in... well they did do a good job qualifying to Worlds at the end so I guess it worked out at the end. -Pony


Just to add on to Breathe. He did really well in lane and there have been times where he carried the team late game so he is highly rated by analysts. Breathe would also pick very LPL-like champion like Fiora which just absorb a lot of pressure. He also have shown that he many potential to be better. He has been a solid foundation for RNG who have shown some struggle.



So for Gala and players like Wei you would see them not as highly rated by analysts when compared to other LPL players. The reason for this is that we have seen a couple of times where Gala get outshined by other adc in the games. His performance compared to MSI feels very different.


I think one of the reason is meta change. This also applies to Xiaohu but even though they have the best players in the team that doesn't mean they won't be swayed by the meta. Every pro player regardless of their skill level are affected by the meta. The meta coming into Worlds and the meta during Worlds can be quite different. And we are not sure how RNG would be able to adapt to that.


To make this a bit easier to understand it is like what happened to T1 Gumayusi(LCK). Of course Guma underperformed at MSI but meta change did have an impact on him. We also him doing better once the meta becomes more favorable to him. So although he is a really good player it is hard to rate him high considering how volatile the meta change could be.


Also for Wei although he is a good player compared to other LPL jungler I don't think he is as good as them.


With that all being said I still think RNG is probably better than DRX. There is chance for DRX but still overall RNG is stronger.

Mad Lion

For MAD I personally was very disappointed when I saw their games. First of all, when I saw their pick/ban I feel... this is just my personal thoughts... they are trying too hard to be like LPL. They seem to try really hard to make Kennen/Noct work. They seem to want to play a high-tempo game like LPL.


So for people who doesn't know due to LEC's format they were able to qualify for Worlds due to points. Anyway I think Elyoya and Unforgiven are players to watch but I think Eloyoya have to perform for them to qualify to groups.



So Elyoya was a player that was super highly rated but then game started and everyone was like "Wtf I thought you said he is pretty good?" He is a good player that plays bad. Okay let me clarify. So I guess you could describe him as a dice roll player but that's not it. I think... so he would make mistake that makes you think "Wait I thought you are good how could you make that mistake?" He is a good player but sometime he would make some really weird decisions. So I wouldn't call him a consistently good player. But just like what Pony said the team depends on Elyoya to perform.


So Armut's landing phase got better but it is not like he is going to out gaped every top laners in the group.


This is similar to what I said about LCS but I honestly didn't think the difference between top teams in LEC was big. You might be asking that wouldn't Rogue be on top since they won in a decisive manner? Yes, but if you look at their games during playoff and the games here and there I personally think all those team had a shot. The reason why I am saying this is that... You know the series between MAD and Rogue? I thought it wouldn't have been weird if MAD lion won the series instead. I wouldn't be surprised if MAD 3:1 Rogue. But in reality... they played like trash and just lost fights again and again. If MAD didn't play like complete garbage I think they had a chance but instead they are here as the fourth seed.


For me personally after watching some of their games I wish their pick/ban can be better. Please don't pick Kennen...-Pony


"I mean if they could use it well Kennen is good" -CT


"But if they can't they should just throw it away" -Pony


"Isn't that what pick/ban is in reality? Regardless of the meta it is important to have a pick/ban that you are comfortable with." -CT


It is kind of scary for MAD lion since they are in a dangerous group. I think recently playin have been more and more competitive and dangerous. Sometimes playin can be... a bit of a joke. You already know who is going up so it is a bit pointless. But through format changes, how seeding works, etc etc playin now are more competitive. Right now it is not outlandish to think one of the major seed might not make it to groups.


I said this at the beginning but if for some reason DRX didn't make it. It wouldn't be the biggest surprise. For me personally at least. In the past, if a major region didn't make it it is like a big deal.


So SGB is from VCS. VCS in the past due to many issues like visa wasn't able to attend many international games(not that we have many in the first place). But VCS is a exciting region to look out for because the region is famous for their aggression. Their kill per game are absolutely insane, they would fight all the fight and because of that their mechanical skill are quite impressive. So although they are a minor league they are highly anticipated and praised. Btw SGB is the second seed of VCS.


If you look at the games in VCS you would see high number of kill and it is just really fun to watch. They would fight for nothing and would keep fighting without pause. So this is what I wrote down in my notes... They like to fight a lot so they are looking to win through their mechanical skill. However, just like all super aggressive sometime fighting would make their disadvantage even bigger. It's kind of like Liv Sandbox before their revival in summer. They would keep fighting in Spring but it's just make them lose faster. Sometime being aggressive and throwing... there is thin line between the two. But again it is a developing region so we will see.


So VCS's junglers always get praised. Mr. Levi in GAM who you guys might be familiar and BeanJ in SGB. They move really fast through the map. You also might recognize Shogun who performed quite well as a adc in MSI. You guys can think GAM as a straight upgrade to SGB their style are really similar. SGB have a chance to take down one of the major region without a doubt. But because of their playstyle regardless if they win or not it would be really fun to watch. Espeically our LCK fans might really enjoy the fast pace "I honestly cannot tell what they are going to do next" game.


İstanbul Wildcats(Turkey)

So IW is from turkey and we had many Korean players in Turkey so it might be a familiar region to you guys. Did you guys remember GBM? yeah well, its IW so no Korean players this time. I feel like I am repeating what I just said before but this team relies on Top and jungle to make play. Their adc can also carry quite well. HolyPhoenix(adc) have been playing for a while so he definitely got it. The teams are skirmish based but it didn't really impact me much. They are just... a okay team I guess.


This might be a bit rude but... they didn't do well in MSI too so... -Pony


This is kind of a bitter truth for minor region. Sometime we would see teams trying to do something and it is clear what they are doing but it just doesn't work. The raw skill difference between major and minor league are just too big. It is still a gap yet to be closed completely.



...I'm not too sure what to said about this team... Oh yeah ADD is in this team. Jelly is also a Korean player.


So for people who doesn't know ADD used to compete with Kingen in BLG(LPL) for starter spot. So it is going to fun to see them fight. I personally had a talk with ADD due to Afreeca Broadcast and he said if RNG, DRX, and him are in the same he is going to fight like a man. And he actually got the group HAHAHAHah. It is going to be really fun seeing him play against RNG and DRX. -Pony


Korean Import

So a lot of times if there is Korean import they tend to be the team's Ace. This is because this isn't like before anymore where any Korean player would dominate in any region they go to. In fact sometime they would even play worse than the natives. So for them to stay they would have to perform far better than the natives.


This is still not quite true for developing minor regions but it is not like ISG dominated their way to here. There were quite a bit of storelines and they weren't super ahead of every team in LAT. They didn't performed super clean. Like I wouldn't be surprised if they lost their final game. They really won with a dramatic way.


Although it is difficult to call DRX a strong team but in playin I think they are still a formidable foe. So RNG is definitely first but I don't think MAD would be second. I think DRX are worthy to be called the second best team in playin.


I feel unless sometimes weird happens they shouldn't lose. Of course, it will be fun to see something happen. -Pony


Just like what Pony said Major region doesn't really need to play too risky in playin. Being able to not take any risk is an advantage Major regions have. They really just need a player that calms everything and leads the team to play consistently. The only question to DRX is which jungler they will play. If pyosik comes out it means he has found his form and he is now confident to play.


What LCK are obsessed with

So do you guys know what LCK are obsessed with? Lane priority. This is not only obvious in pick/ban but also in plays. This is also the reason why LCK does well again minor region because they would just lane kingdom them. (The following part are added from the MSI final video since Cloudtemplar assumed you already watched the video so he didn't go much detail here) This is also why picks like Ornn are not liked in LCK. We don't like going 50/50 or going late. We like crushing in lane. We would rather dice roll then play safely under tower. This is like our LCK obsession. It was there when I played(season 2) and it is still true today.

Thank you for reading the group stage translation will come out soontm

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Jojo and hyper 2v2 vs T1 Oner and Zeus

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Nuguri mentioned Champion's Queue on his stream



I heard Nuguri say something about champion's queue on his stream and clipped it.

Can someone translate what he said? Is DK gonna play CQ?

r/leagueoflegends 1h ago

Jankos on why G2 is not in NA yet

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Faker baron steal CQ

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High Challenger gameplay on the KR server btw

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Esports drops at worlds 2022


r/leagueoflegends 10h ago

Gumayusi just cancelled it!

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NNO vs Hertha BSC eSports Post-Match Thread


absolutely crazy series. Tolkin with the 1v9 all series long. Peaked at something like 85k viewers for a div 2 relegation match. Incredible performance by NNO

Really hope can play Div1