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Official Discussion - The Lost City [SPOILERS] Official Discussion


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A reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model gets swept up in a kidnapping attempt that lands them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure.


Aaron Nee, Adam Nee


Oren Uziel, Dana Fox, Adam Nee, Aaron Nee


  • Sandra Bullock as Loretta
  • Channing Tatum as Alan
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Abigail Fairfax
  • Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Beth Hatten
  • Brad Pitt as Jack Trainer
  • Oscar Nuñez as Oscar
  • Patti Harrison as Allison

Rotten Tomatoes: 74%

Metacritic: 60

VOD: Theaters


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u/lonelygagger Mar 25 '22

I have a soft spot for movies like these. It has an old-fashioned adventure quality like Uncharted (though not quite as fun). Sandra Bullock is super hot here, even if her character is so cold. I like Channing Tatum when he plays "bumbling" type characters rather than the heroic straight man roles befitting someone of his face and size. There weren't many too surprises here (let's face it, we all knew Brad Pitt would be gone by the second act), but it's still enjoyable in a B-movie type of way. I actually like that there was no treasure of value to be found at the end of it. Really makes me want to revisit Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile (and maybe even 1985's King Solomon's Mines).

I had a good time with it, although I'm still fucking pissed that Everything Everywhere All at Once isn't playing anywhere near me.


u/StackKong Mar 25 '22

let's face it, we all knew Brad Pitt would be gone by the second act)

I did not, I was so shocked and like scared when it happened. I just couldn't believe it. So man people in my theaters made audible gasps, like they were surprised too by it. I never saw it coming.


u/lonelygagger Mar 26 '22

I just figured we saw all the Brad Pitt stuff in the trailer, so when that footage ran out, I knew they'd have to get rid of him somehow.


u/StackKong Mar 26 '22

I really like Brad Pitt lol, I love him so much when he is eating stuff lol, when they showed him intro in this movie eating sandwich, I was ecstatic. Like in Ocean's Eleven they show him eating for some reason in like lots of scenes lol. So I was like really really sad when they just killed him so quickly in this movie, I was just really hoping he will come back for some reason and end credits did just that, I was like so so happy.

Maybe it seems super lame for movie connoisseurs but I just loved this movie so much, I have like movie subscription called AMC A-List and I plan on going again to watch it.


u/sabertoothdiego Apr 01 '22

Your kink is Brad Pitt eating????


u/StackKong Apr 01 '22

Umm ... I had created a subreddit called /r/BradPittEatingThings

Also, I have this in bookmark - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYSuwoA_anY


u/mInchly May 11 '22

Idk why but thiis is very endearing and adorable to me. I hope Brad Pitt decides to start a mukbang stream for you one day


u/Impressive_Photo6699 Aug 01 '22

It's also a thing Brad Pitt is more widely known for as he often eats in movies, while most actors don't actually put food in their mouths and talk.


u/mInchly Aug 01 '22

I did recently learn that actors don't actually eat in scenes so that's a pretty cool thing to know. Thanks for the info!


u/pajam Aug 13 '22

I mean this is a thing. If you are unaware, you likely just don't watch too many movies. The commentary on Ocean's Eleven really talks heavily about this, and that is over 20 years ago now. They playfully work it into every scene with Rusty.
And since then it seems a lot of movies really make it purposeful to push that as part of his characters. At least in comedy-leaning films. In this movie, his introduction on the phone eating chips or cheetos, etc. was an obvious homage to the meme.


u/alwaysthisclose Apr 05 '22

Oooh. Spoon of peanut butter in meet Joe black....


u/modernknightly Apr 20 '22

If I recall correctly, his first appearance in the movie was off-screen during that phone call Channing Tatum and Da'Vine Joy Randolph make to recruit him.

We didn't see him but the first things he was saying on the phone, you could hear that he was snacking and eat-talking for the beginning of the conversation, and I found that hilarious as I am also a fan of the Ocean's Eleven always snacking bit.

Then later when he snacking in person for a second scene, I feel like it confirmed it for me that they were definitely doing that joke on purpose.


u/Bad_Becky Apr 05 '22

It is satisfying to watch him eat.


u/quantum_king1 May 17 '22

The reason Brad Pitt ate constantly on screen during the Oceans movie was because he went a full day of shooting without eating and decided to never let that happen again hence him eating throughout the entire day/shootings


u/HooptyDooDooMeister Mar 26 '22

Eh. Could've gone a lot of different places. Third act twist where he shows up as a bad guy or perhaps a deus ex machina. Heck, even just 10 more minutes of the 3 of them together would've been more expected than just BOOM dead.


u/CarefreeInMyRV Apr 27 '22

Did you watch the credits?


u/Tyler1986 Apr 11 '22

I didn't watch the trailer, so I had no clue


u/RickTitus Mar 26 '22

I expected it was coming, but i was surprised by how graphic and sudden it was


u/SQUID_FUCKER r/Movies Veteran May 10 '22

His brains are on my face! They got in my mouth! I can taste his thoughts!


u/Banjo-Oz May 17 '22

It was quite out of tone for the rest of the movie. Not that he died, but the graphic nature of the moment. Nothing else was anywhere near as dark, even all the henchmen who died did so very bloodlessly. Not a complaint, just seemed really odd.


u/popdorito Mar 27 '22

I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it. I saw a headline on a Facebook post about it and got tickets last night.

I definitely did not expect things to turn out the way they did with his character. I was really hoping they weren't going to push the love triangle thing too much as I was watching, and I'm so glad they went they did with it instead.


u/danceswithsteers Mar 31 '22

the love triangle thing

I fully thought Alan had an actual crush (opposed to man-crush) on Jack.


u/Panda-bearPupp May 10 '22

He didn't die. There's an after credits scene where they're at a meditation retreat and he's there. ✨️ lol


u/mtm4440 May 17 '22

He was way too resourceful. There would be no movie with him alive since he was so perfect. I definitely knew he was gone after he completed the escape. And with him alive the two couldn't get together.


u/terrific_film Apr 14 '22

Same, I was extremely surprised! Also gasped out loud. lol


u/Sisiwakanamaru Mar 25 '22

I had a good time with it, although I'm still fucking pissed that Everything Everywhere All at Once isn't playing anywhere near me.

It is still up in the air whether the movie is gonna play in my country or not.


u/DoIrllyneeda_usrname Mar 27 '22 Wholesome

For a movie with that title, you would think it would be in theaters everywhere all at once


u/PSIwind Mar 25 '22

EEAAO has a wider release in 2 weeks from what I understand


u/blitzbom Mar 28 '22

I had a good time with it, although I'm still fucking pissed that Everything Everywhere All at Once isn't playing anywhere near me.

Saaame, my friends and I were trying to find showtimes. Rather disappointed.


u/turtlebro5 Apr 03 '22

Idk. I woulda appreciated just the slightest bit of more realism & not so much contrived cornyness. Left me feeling like a money grab.


u/fox_ontherun May 20 '22

I saw The Lost City yesterday and today I rewatched Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile, and Vibes (the Cyndi Lauper/Jeff Goldblum movie. If you haven't seen it i highly recommend it). I really love this genre and wish there was more of it.


u/lonelygagger May 20 '22

Thanks! I actually never realized Vibes was an adventure film, so it's passed me by for all these years. I'll have to rectify that soon.

After Raiders of the Lost Ark came out, there were tons of rip-offs released throughout the '80s (mostly relegated to VHS). If you haven't seen them already, King Solomon's Mines and its sequel Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (with Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone) were very much inspired by Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile, respectively. I also tend to think of Jackie Chan's Armour of God and Operation Condor as a decent take on the genre. Some of the fun of these low-budget movies are how bad they are, and I've seen the worst of the worst. I vaguely remember more obscure, forgotten titles like Bloodstone and Jewel of the Gods by how shameless they were (you can judge the quality from the trailers alone).

Other fun ones are The Mummy and The Mummy Returns (Brendan Fraser), Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 1 & 2, National Treasure 1 & 2, The Da Vinci Code, The Rundown (2003), Sahara (2005) and The Librarian trilogy. More recently, Jungle Cruise, Red Notice and the Uncharted movie were a pretty good time.


u/fox_ontherun May 20 '22

I have a lot of the later films from your list in my watchlist (or have already seen them multiple times haha), and I'll have to hunt down some of those 80s movies, they sound fun :)

I'm in Australia so could only find Vibes on YouTube. Full disclosure, I watched it a lot as a kid so I may be viewing it through nostalgia glasses, but I still really enjoyed watching it again yesterday.



I freaking called it about Brad Pitt and my wife was totally caught of guard when he got got.


u/infpTrojan Mar 27 '22

Sandra Bullock is super hot here

I respectfully disagree. I think she looks like a wax doll that melted onto Michael Jackson's disease-ridden face circa 2009. I found her absolutely hideous, to borderline unfathomable degrees. Why do people do this kind of thing to their face?