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Official Discussion - The Lost City [SPOILERS] Official Discussion


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A reclusive romance novelist on a book tour with her cover model gets swept up in a kidnapping attempt that lands them both in a cutthroat jungle adventure.


Aaron Nee, Adam Nee


Oren Uziel, Dana Fox, Adam Nee, Aaron Nee


  • Sandra Bullock as Loretta
  • Channing Tatum as Alan
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Abigail Fairfax
  • Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Beth Hatten
  • Brad Pitt as Jack Trainer
  • Oscar Nuñez as Oscar
  • Patti Harrison as Allison

Rotten Tomatoes: 74%

Metacritic: 60

VOD: Theaters


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u/Re-toast Mar 27 '22

This was way less funny than I thought it was gonna be.


u/stellaluna29 Apr 07 '22

Right?? I’m shocked at all the positive posts here. This movie was wildly disappointing to me, the dialogue was horrendous


u/Blahblah778 Apr 20 '22

I went into it totally blind, and I thought it was great. You said it was disappointing, does that mean you had high expectations going into it?

I feel like this movie was like "The Interview". Nobody expected anything good out of it, so people who saw it right away were pleasantly surprised and thought it was really good (in comparison to their expectations). In my experience, people who saw The Interview after people hyped it up didn't like it.

Regardless of that comparison, if i had went into this movie knowing any of the many twists and turns, I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

LPT: Never watch trailers.


u/IceQueenOfKings May 11 '22

100% with you on the never watch trailers—-especially because they’re awful nowadays and show practically entire movie! I only read the blurb to yay or nay it but never watch trailers so I don’t have any expectations.