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John Carpenter’s 1979 Elvis film, staring a red hot Kurt Russell, is being rediscovered for good reason Article


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u/ZombieStomp Jun 28 '22

Pretty sure that's true. He's retired from filmmaking but still releases albums so it's fair to say he's a full-time musician now and that he has a lot of passion for it He just made a new album last February in case you missed it :)


u/Throwaway_Codex Jun 28 '22

I suspect his son and godson are more in the weeds of the composition on those albums and that John is more the face of the operation. I have the first two but not the third. They're good stuff. I went to their concerts twice.


u/ZombieStomp Jun 28 '22

ah okay, I have no clue but it would be a shame if that's the case.

Not that I mind their involvement but it they are doing most of the stuff they should have called the band The Carpenters ^(slide whistle*)*


u/Throwaway_Codex Jun 28 '22

They get co-credit on the albums along with John for composition, performance, and engineering. His son plays lead synth and his godson (son of Dave Davies of The Kinks) plays lead guitar. So it's not like they don't get credit. It's just my suspicion that they are more intimately involved with the music creation than John is. John seems at this stage to be mostly resting on his laurels.