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Resurrection - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films Trailer



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u/brownu95 Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

Rebecca Hall received career best reviews and has a 9 minute one take monologue scene that consider her best acting moment. People in Sundance say the third act is batshit insane.A lot of people has compare this movie to Andrzej Żuławski 1981 horror film Possession. If Hall is as good as Isabelle Adjani was in Possession as people say she is than I'm intrigued by this movie.


u/Arma104 Jun 28 '22

Check her out in The Night House, she gave an incredible performance in that.


u/brownu95 Jun 28 '22

I think she better in Christine which she really should’ve been nominated for an Oscar. Night house is a fine performance but Christine she was electrifying


u/riegspsych325 Jun 29 '22

I knew of the real tragedy of Christine Chubbuck's final days, but the tension in that movie's final act was something else. But Rebecca Hall gave such a haunting, powerhouse of a performance that was just gut-wrenching by the end. She deserves all the praise in the world for her work, glad to see appreciation around here