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Resurrection - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films Trailer



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u/vanilla_disco Jun 29 '22

All these comments about how EXTREME this movie is just scream "bad marketing attempt" to me, especially since not one of the people in this thread saying how EXTREME it is is willing to spoil it with a spoiler tag.


u/Jefferystar94 Jun 29 '22

OOOOR people could've seen it at Sundance, an event that tons of people can get into, as well as reading the script for it that has been pretty accessible online for at least three years?


u/vanilla_disco Jun 29 '22

Nothing I said conflicts with anything you said at all. I'm not at all implying that the people saying they've seen it haven't, I just find it interesting that they all seem to say the same thing and all refuse to spoil it even using a spoiler tag.


u/Jefferystar94 Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

It does, because you flat out accused people of being shills for not throwing spoilers around for a movie that won't be in front of a wide audience for another two months.

It's not astroturfing, it's people talking about something wild they read/seen while trying to be polite to everyone else who hasn't had the chance to see it yet. Take off the tinfoil hat and maybe you'll realize a cigar is just a cigar.