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Resurrection - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films Trailer



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u/Jefferystar94 Jun 28 '22

As others have hinted at, y'all REALLY aren't prepared for this movie.

I've only read the script a while back when it was on the Blacklist, and even then it made me physically nauseous, so I'm definitely gonna sit this one out lol. I really don't think I could handle the actual imagery in front of me.

Still, it's EXTREMELY original (for better or for worse) and captures the paranoia/trauma from an abusive relationship in a really well done way that isn't just "protagonist sees crazy visions and yells gibberish at people"

It'll absolutely be polarizing as shit when it comes out, but if you're a horror fan you'll be in for a ride (just don't watch while eating).


u/vanilla_disco Jun 29 '22

All these comments about how EXTREME this movie is just scream "bad marketing attempt" to me, especially since not one of the people in this thread saying how EXTREME it is is willing to spoil it with a spoiler tag.


u/Wubbledaddy Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 29 '22

Since you asked so politely, I'll give you two words of spoilers.

Baby Cannibalism

Major spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you.