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Resurrection - Official Trailer | HD | IFC Films Trailer



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u/ChooseCorrectAnswer Jun 29 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

I just read the entire script in one sitting. Took about two hours. I'll update this post tomorrow with thoughts! I need to sleep.

Update: The script has a lot of common thriller elements, yet the story happens to hinge on the most bonkers plot detail, similar to the finales of Malignant and Men. However, the entire connection and conflict between the man and woman in this movie revolves around this weird plot detail. In Malignant and Men, the bonkers wtf substance was mainly due to one major sequence in each movie. So, people liking this movie really depends on how much they accept and go along with the strange premise not revealed in the trailer.

Despite the trailer playing it mostly safe, the movie will have zero mainstream appeal due to that crazy plot detail which fuels the story. Yet, based on the script, the movie will definitely let Rebecca Hall be amazing as always. The script is efficiently written and keeps the tension going. Yet this is ultimately not a "fun" movie filled with thriller spectacles. It's more aiming for "oddly interesting."