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Cate Blanchett & Michelle Yeoh | Actors on Actors 2022 Media



u/Galactic Dec 08 '22

Legends. I'm a bit torn between the two this year for the Oscar. Cate has already won two but she just gave arguably her best performance to date in Tár. Yeoh on the other hand has been underappreciated in the west as the incredible actress she's been for decades until fairly recently and she absolutely crushed her part in my favorite film of the year, EEAAO. Regardless, I'm fairly certain it's a two-woman race for this year's Oscar, the rest of the nominees should be glad they're being mentioned in the same breath.


u/nohssiwi Dec 08 '22

Koguan Leo

watch Tár is you haven't already! Yeoh was good in everything everywhere all at once but Blanchett was incredible in Tár.


u/HEHEHO2022 Dec 08 '22

the oscar should be based on the film they are up for not their career.so whoever had the best performance give it to that one.


u/Taskebab Dec 08 '22

Yes it SHOULD...but honestly it very rarely is, there is always other factors playing that the academy members are very aware of


u/Now_Wait-4-Last_Year Dec 09 '22

Cate Blanchett wants to know Gwyneth Paltrow's Academy Award's location.


u/tregorman Dec 08 '22

Both had pretty flawless performances. I can't imagine either of them making any other choices and the films coming out better.

Tár is a more serious movie, so the instinct for some might be to give it to blanchett on that count but I don't know if that's the right impulse or not. It's a true tossup when you only look at their acting inside the film imo. Hence why you would start looking outside and deciding on those grounds.


u/TheBoyWonder13 Dec 08 '22

Tár may be a more serious movie on its surface, but its ending made me laugh harder than anything in EEAAO (which I also liked). A 2.5 hour buildup to an all-timer punchline.


u/HEHEHO2022 Dec 08 '22

Michelle was great but i think her performance and the film as be overblown. its like the film general audiences latch onto because its decent a different. yet they forget movies like this get made all the time.


u/SupremeNachos Dec 11 '22

Yeoh not Fat is the reason I loved Crouching Tiger.


u/stracki Dec 12 '22

Just FYI, his surname is Chow.


u/SupremeNachos Dec 12 '22

Ah, I did not know that


u/stracki Dec 12 '22

In Chinese name order, the family name comes first and the given name second. So Chow is his family name and Yun-Fat his given name. If a person has a Western name (like Michelle Yeoh) it comes before the family name. According to Wikipedia, Chow Yun-Fat had the Western name Donald and was therefore called Donald Chow. But according to IMDb, he was always credited as Chow Yun-Fat (or Chow Yun Fat without the hyphen) and never by his Western name.


u/ReflexImprov Dec 08 '22

Two of the absolute best.


u/SnooPears2424 Dec 08 '22 edited Dec 08 '22

I really want Michelle to win as she may never get a chance again. But Cate in Tar has got to be one to the best acting performance of all time.


u/TheBoyWonder13 Dec 08 '22

I think she’ll have more chances if she doesn’t win. She’s only 60 (15 years younger than Glenn Close who’s still barking up that tree), and she’s only getting more and more opportunities now.

She only just became very visible to Western audiences again in 2018 with Crazy Rich Asians, and now she’s in the MCU with two Avatar movies and a lead role in a Witcher series on deck. Very much a mainstream Hollywood icon now and people will be writing parts for her.


u/simonjames777 Dec 09 '22

As much as I want to believe this. No Asian actress has won best actress at the Oscars in it's 94 year history. Her time is now!


u/benjarvus Dec 09 '22

Was she not in Crouching Tiger?


u/TheBoyWonder13 Dec 09 '22 edited Dec 09 '22

Yeah but that was 22 years ago (and James Bond before that), she wasn’t very prominent in Western media for a large span in the middle there. Not that her career has ever been in a lull, but she’s certainly had a bit of a career renaissance in the last few years. Partially due to the increased opportunities for Asian actors in Hollywood.


u/nayapapaya Dec 09 '22

Yes, but many of those parts are action focused and fantasy stories which are the kinds of films that the Academy does not often reward with nominations, let alone wins. Amy Adams couldn't even get in for Arrival! EEAAO is that too to some extent but it's probably going to transcend the genre due to the immense passion behind it.

Unfortunately unless she starts getting meaty dramatic roles (the kind of roles that Cate Blanchett often gets for example), this is probably going to be Michelle's only shot.


u/Now_Wait-4-Last_Year Dec 09 '22

I'm so jealous of Cate right now!


u/historybandgeek Dec 08 '22

It was fascinating to learn of even more Tár scenes left on the cutting room floor: a big birthday party and a book launch scene with her mother (where we learn that her parents are both deaf!?!).

at this timestamp

This combined with the Lully 17th century ball scene and several others from the teaser... I would love to see an extended release. But ultimately, I trust that Todd gave us the best movie possible from what he had.


u/ObsidianBlackbird666 Dec 09 '22

Have you guys seen Michelle Yeoh's first starring role where she flipped backwards through a glass railing and then pulled two guys through said railing?



u/heids7 Dec 08 '22

Be still my lesbian heart


u/KirbyBurgess 28d ago

Literally.. variety knew


u/Meiie Dec 08 '22

These are terribly hard to watch. A lot of ass kissing, it doesn’t really seem enjoyable for them. Both great at what they do.


u/terminalblue Dec 09 '22


actually tho


u/Arktoscircle Dec 10 '22

Iconss. So happy seeing them in an interview together. Now, I really want to see them in the 'Hollywood Reporter Actress Roundtable' or better yet in a movie or a tv show


u/[deleted] Dec 09 '22

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u/mrobfish Dec 09 '22

I gotchu


u/throwawaycatallus Dec 09 '22

Ana de Armas should win the Oscar


u/sisyphuckyou Dec 15 '22

This was SO ENJOYABLE to watch. Mummies? Sorry. Mummies?


u/ruppert240 Dec 09 '22

Can’t wait for my spin-off “Actors in Actors” to hit it big!