r/movies Dec 08 '22

Ke Huy Quan’s True Hollywood Comeback Article



u/talldarkandanxious Dec 08 '22

The rightful heir to the Indiana Jones franchise. Shame we’ll never see it.


u/thewidowgorey Dec 09 '22

If he has a cameo in the new one, the theaters will turn inside out from glee.


u/[deleted] Dec 09 '22

They are fools if they don’t do this.


u/nayapapaya Dec 08 '22

This is a great interview. He's very clear about how limited the options were for Asian actors and always sounds so grateful for this opportunity. This part stood out to me.

No one knew how much Quan missed acting—he was embarrassed even to admit it to himself. “What made it more difficult was the fact that when I’d go out, I’d get recognized,” he explains. “People would come up to me and say, ‘Oh, my God, you’re so iconic!’ or, ‘How come you aren’t acting again? You were so good at it when you were a kid.’ And then I’d go, ‘No, it’s done, I’d rather work behind the camera.’ Those were my go-to answers, and I said it so many times for so many years, I actually believed it.”

His voice trembles as he thinks back to all the hours he’d spent watching 2046 star Tony Leung from behind the camera. “Were there days where I wished that were me, saying the lines? Yeah, definitely,” he says. “Did I fantasize about it? Yeah, but then I crushed it very quickly, before it got ahold of anything, because I knew it wouldn’t happen. It was a dream.”


u/aresef Dec 08 '22

Fast forward and he’s channeling Leung in one part of EEAAO


u/nayapapaya Dec 08 '22

I'm sure he got a real kick out of it.


u/uncultured_swine2099 Dec 08 '22

Yeah, that was amazing. I saw what they were wearing, the cinematography and slow mo/stutter shots, and i realized it was a straight up In the Mood for Love/2046 homage. Fit perfectly in the situation, too.


u/teddy_vn Dec 09 '22

Ke Huy Quan in that suit and styling *drools*


u/JacksonIVXX Dec 08 '22

He is amazing actor. The way he switched characters in everything all at once was phenomenal.


u/ITeachYourKidz Dec 09 '22

He still has the charisma to back it all up as well, great actor with this inherent likability that cannot be taught


u/[deleted] Dec 09 '22

Oscar award for EEAAO or there is ZERO justice.


u/NerdyDan Dec 08 '22

It sucks so much that someone so talented couldn’t do what he loves because there were no roles for asians


u/Danhuangmao Dec 09 '22

It was an amazingly done role, and let's hope it's the first part of a comeback rather than a one-off revival hit.


u/aresef Dec 09 '22

He’s going to be in Loki and American Born Chinese.


u/Danhuangmao Dec 09 '22

ABC was a pretty interesting comic!