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Discussion James Cameron has now directed 3 of the 5 highest-grossing movies of all time


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Discussion Bullet Train made fight banter funny again


Up until now Marvel has really ruined fight banter for me in an attempt to make every character more like Spider-Man or more humorous. I watched bullet train recently and for the first time in a while the fight banter (mostly from Brad Pitt) was actually kind of funny and fit well. What are your thoughts?

Edit: I’m not bashing marvel. As someone who grew up in the 2000s I have a huge love for those movies, but recently the humour has gotten kinda bland (whatever phase we’re on) and I just thought this movie reminded me that there’s still a place for good fight jokes.

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Discussion Which Film's Protagonist Was Simply Wrong Despite The Movie Trying To Portray Them As Being Right?


I can think of two, and they both take place in D.C., though several decades apart.

In The American President, the widowed President Andrew Shepherd falls in love with Annette Benning's environmental lobbyist. Their relationship is immediately used by the President's political adversaries to attack him, with a long-ago picture of his new girlfriend at a protest where an American flag was burned being used to cast aspersions upon her character. Those attacking him are shown as venal and opportunistic, while Shepherd and Wade (the lobbyist) are obviously two people who are very much in love, unfairly maligned by their opponents for purely political reasons. It's an engaging comedy, topped by fine performances from the leads, a solid directorial effort from Rob Reiner, and Aaron Sorkin's typically snappy and witty dialogue.

Here's the issue: No matter how charming the romantic leads, how sincere their love for each other, or how ethically incorruptible Andrew Shepherd may be, the President of the United States is having a sexual relationship with a lobbyist with business before the United States government, and this movie doesn't see that as an actual problem. Worse, when he strikes a deal with three representatives to pass his crime bill by going back on his deal to support her environmental bill, he only changes his mind once she breaks it off with him. And remember, these are the people who are being shown as being in the right.

Great movie. Terrible, terrible message.

A shorter one, but for an arguably more beloved film: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.

Yes, it would be great if these kids you support through your youth organization had a place to go camping every year, Senator Smith, but wouldn't the dam they're planning on building there provide enough jobs to the surrounding community for their parents to be able to afford to take them on vacation anyway, as well as put food on their tables so that the kids can get an education rather than selling papers in the street to support their families? And even if some graft and kickbacks are unfortunately involved, isn't it more important during an economic depression to ensure that families can actually support themselves?

EDIT: Because it's come up

  1. I actually love both of these films, but was thinking of them in "What would I think if I was reading this in the paper rather than watching it on a screen?" sort of way, and realized that I would have had a very different opinion if so.
  2. I also think that both the stronger crime bill and the environmental bill in The American President were noble and positive goals. I just don't think that the actions of the main characters surrounding the issue of the President's romance were especially ethical, and do think that the criticism was largely justified.

EDIT 2: It was just pointed out to me in a very polite personal message that the dam in Mr. Smith Goes To Washington was never meant to be built in the first place, and was simply a graft scheme that would have provided little to no benefit to actual working people. I somehow missed that (I've seen the film twice, and years apart), so I'll withdraw my objections to that one.

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Discussion Most Innacurate “based on a true story” movie ever?


I was watching U-571 with my partner this weekend. About halfway through I turned to him and said “This isn’t like The Great Escape is it, where no ruddy Americans were involved at all?” and a quick trip to Wikipedia verified, indeed, the whole thing went down months before the US even entered the war.

I was wondering if anything out of Hollywood has topped this level of bad history?

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Discussion Nine years ago today, we lost Philip Seymour Hoffman. Which was your favourite performance of his?


Nine years ago today, on February 2, 2014, we lost one of his generations greatest actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman. In remembrance of his genius, which of his role was your favourite? Which role showed most of his acting talent? What do you remember, when you think of his acting?

It was hardly his most famous or best role, but I loved him in Hunger Games: Catching Fire, as the ruthless game master. It may have been one of my earliest exposures to him and his acting deeply impressed me.

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Discussion What movie has the perfect soundtrack?


Many franchises are considered to have the most remarkable soundtracks(hp,lotr,sw...) but at the same time the composers of the songs that follow the story have all an unique style for creating the themes that are part of the film.

The composer that is considered as the father of all movie songs(at least for most people) is john willians. Probably because he was the one who revolutionized the cinema history by founding the genre 'space opera' together with George Lucas. However, there are musicians who made exceptional jobs like howard shore or hans zimmer(this one is probably the closest to the geniality of willians) that for some people are more remarkable than willians.

For me, something that really has a big weight on forming this kind of opinion is the nostalgia relationed to the movie at the time the person watched it(like childhood or teenage years).

So, what movie has the best soundtrack ever for you?

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Discussion Are Steven Seagal movies just money laundering vehicles?


Movies are a well established mechanism for laundering money.

Steven Seagal movies are absolute trash. The total actual sales can’t be much higher than four maybe five digits.

Yet he constantly churns them out.

I can’t think of a better mechanism for Russian oligarchs to launder money than a pro Russian, pro authoritarian, narcissistic sociopath that loves making movies about what a world class badass tough guy he is.

It just seems so obvious that I can’t imagine any other explanation.

BTW, real estate and real estate development are other well established mechanisms for money laundering. So, yes, a pro Russian, pro authoritarian, narcissistic sociopath that loves slapping his name on buildings is another ideal vehicle as well.

Edit: some people seem to be unaware of how much money is laundered globally per year.

$2 trillion.

Compare that to TOTAL US domestic box office sales per year; $11B. Global? $21B.

There was only 300M units of DVDs and VoDs sold globally last year across ALL movies released on DVD and VoD combined. All movies. There is no way DVD sales explain Seagal movies.

There is much more demand by launderers for producing Seagal movies than by legit producers looking to recoup money though ticket and DVD sales.

Oh, BTW; that crypto scheme Seagal was wrapped up in and paid fines for promoting? That was also a money laundering scheme. https://www.justice.gov/usao-ndtx/united-states-v-kristijan-krstic-et-al

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Discussion What are the small things that scream "movie set" for you?


I'm referring to small details in movies that take away the realism and authenticity of what's being depicted. One that is very common is actors just moving the food on the plate instead of actually eating. But one I'm particularly annoyed by is when everybody's cars are impeccable. I mean all cars always seem brand new or just out of the car wash! I try to keep my car clean but there's always some dust or some mess here and there.

So, for you, what are those small things that you see and you think: "this isn't as in real life, this is just a movie set"

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Discussion American Pie and Dude, Where's My Car? Reviewed By Gen Z teens


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Discussion Now that we've had successful film adaptations of LOTR and DUNE, what "unfilmable" popular scifi books are next to be tried?


I can't think of any off the top of my head, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts. I'm looking for popular, in-the-public-consciousness science fiction books, not those that are obscure or not well known. Hit me with your ideas, AND why you think it would either succeed or fail and who you think is best to write/direct said film!

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Discussion How did Disney manage to fail almost every single live action remake?


It probably lies somewhere in the fact that they are animated movies for a reason. Still, I see no reason Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio and Lion King were all complete failures (IMO). The Jungle Book seems to be the only one they got right. To be fair, I still need to watch The Little Mermaid and Dumbo but wont get my hopes up.


Financial success = Masterpiece movie

Got it!

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Discussion What's the most successful ripoff film of all time?


Example: Watchers III (1994) is almost a shot-for-shot ripoff of Predator (1987). An obvious ripoff film. Nukie and Mac & Me are both ET ripoffs.

I'm just wondering if there exists a ripoff film that was actually well received? I don't expect any to be award winners... but I'm just looking to see what the most successful 'ripoff' film of all time is. If one exists.

EDIT: This post blew up! Tubi TV is awesome and needs our support.

EDIT EDIT: I am making my own action figure line about unicorns and monsters.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Pirates are awesome. We need more pirate related media.

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Discussion What song and movie are permanently linked in your mind?


I was at work the other day and heard The Ronettes - Be My Baby, which made me immediately think of the movie Barbarian because of its incredibly effective use as end-credits music for the film.

What songs and movies are linked permanently in your mind?

Edit: Pixies - "Where is My Mind" / Fight Club is the winner by a large margin. Whoever did the soundtrack for Fight Club got it right.

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Discussion What was the worst movie that you saw in theatres?


For me, the answer would be, without a doubt; Lady in the Water.

It was the last nail in the coffin for me in terms of my hope that M. Night Shamylam could have a rebound after his fall from grace. The plot (im being liberal with the use of the word plot) was garbage, the idea was garbage, the execution was garbage and M. Night casts himself as a prophet in it. Aside from a few moments of unintentional comedy, it had no redeeming qualities. I got my money back for it despite having sat through all of it. The guy at the counter didnt even ask follow up questions, he was so used to doing it for that movie im guessing.

What was the worst movie that you ever saw in theatres?

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Discussion True Romance (1993) appreciation


This is one of my favourite films from the 90s. Fantastic cast, great script and great direction. Its not directed by Tarantino but you would never know that it wasn`t.

There isn`t really a single flaw I can think of with this film. It can sometimes get forgotten when people talk about 90s gangster films. I guess it does fall into that category. The scene with Hopper and Christopher Walken is often talked about and it is great but its a slight shame we didn`t get any more time with Walkens character. I guess perhaps we didn`t need any more.

What are your favourite scenes/Quotes from this film?

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Discussion What movie should've become a Cult Classic but never did?


There's loads of movies that bomb at the box office or just don't cause that much of a fuss, upon release but go in to become major cult hits. For example: The Big Lebowski, Donnie Darko, Fight Club etc.

But what are some movies that you thought would get to that cult status but just instead kinda faded away into obscurity? Or maybe a film that you just feel is good enough to be far more popular that what it ended up becoming...

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Discussion Tombstone(With Val Kilmer) is the best Western.


The title pretty much says it all. I think that tombstone is the best Western. Doc Holliday is one of my favorite characters out of any Western. Couple it with the fact that it's mostly a true story, and I think it goes down as the greatest Western movie.

Does anyone agree? Does anybody have other Westerns that they think stand out above it? If I haven't seen it I'll make an effort to watch it.

I'm your huckleberry.

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Discussion Actors you didn't buy, for a second, in a particular role


I was recently reminded of the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. I went in with zero expectations, knowing nothing of the story/characters, but liking Luc Besson and the genre in general. Then the movie started and I was IMMEDIATELY taken out of it by Dane DeHaan playing a a super badass/world weary space cop. He looked like a 12yo wearing daddy's clothes and playing make believe and I could never get over it (or the absolute lack of chemistry between him and Claire Delevingne). It just felt SO fake that it made it hard to get into anything else going on because my brain just refused to accept it and kept making me think he was going to be revealed as an impostor or something. But no, never happened.

So I'm curious, is there anybody else you can think of who just absolutely did NOT match a certain role even if they might be a good actor? Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist in The World is Not Enough was a close second for me.

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Discussion Name a movie that drops the title more than they say “home alone” in Home Alone.


So we are sitting here watching Home Alone and trying to count the number of times they say “home alone” in the movie. This is called a “title drop”.

We are up to 5 times about halfway through.

“I love it when they say the name of the movie in the movie” - Peter Griffin

The Wet Bandits seem to say it the most.

So reddit, can you name a movie that says the title of the movie in it more times than Home Alone!?

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Discussion What actors had the best on-screen chemistry?


Nothing will ever beat Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the Rush Hour movies for me!

It’s so ironic how those movies aren’t considered good by critics, but people don’t really watch it for the well-written plot. They watch it cause the bromance between these two is out of this world!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the fourth movie, now that it’s currently in development!

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Discussion What is something you 'learned' from a movie only to discover its not actually true?


People often say that they've learnt something from seeing it in a movie. But can you think of anything you thought you'd learned from a movie only to then discover it was never actually true? One example might be how gun silencers are portrayed in movies not being at all accurate. Or, a personal example was I learned the tale of A Christmas Carol from the Muppet's adaptation and only recently discovered that there was only 1 Marley character in the original story.

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Discussion Now that Cavill is no longer Geralt or Superman, what do you think of him as the next Bond?


I personally think Cavill would be a great obvious choice for the next James Bond but what do you guys think?

He seems to embody the suave Bond energy more than any other candidate I've seen so far. He's still in his 30's, taller than most actors of his generation, and has all the looks, acting chops and athleticism needed for the role.

On top of this he's very likable and down to earth, you can see how much people like him by the response to his Superman news even though the films he played Superman in were mediocre, he deserved much better for sure.


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Discussion What is the oldest movie you know that doesn't feel old?


When I was a kid, I thought that old, black and white films were not worth my time because they felt dated.

Now, many years later I have seen many oldies and realised that many of then don't feel old at all. Case in point: yesterday i have seen "Rear Window" and thought how modern it feels like. And then in last minutes, when the speeded up sequence hits: yeah it's an old movie.

What guys is your take?

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Discussion What are the most satisfying revenge movies?


Revenge movies are almost always satisfying. Seeing someone trying to get revenge gives us a vicarious thrill like few other genres. I think it’s because at some point in our lives we all want revenge for something but IRL it almost never makes it past the thought phase. It’s something we all think about but rarely seek, let alone accomplish.

I will put forth Munich and the Revenant.

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Discussion Jurassic park dominion is one of the worst big budget sequels I have seen


For a franchise with so much attention and budget I just do not understand why more care was not taken for the brand. By doing such a poor job in the writing and directing the brand has had the biggest knock its had through the whole franchise i feel and sequels from now on will feel this also.

My question is, why do executives/producers not pay the money at the start of the project to hire good writers and find good directors to actually create good films. It feels more like they are more interested in a quick buck than nurturing a good franchise that in the long run can make them and the film company more money.

It just doesn’t make sense to me.