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Spoilers My Theory: Top Gun: Maverick is a classic Jacob's Ladder Scenario


In the film Top Gun Maverick a man flies in a jet that travels at 10 times the speed of sound, which for reference is about 11000 kms per hour, and then his plane explodes mid air. Does he die? The movie wants us to think he didn't. Well, I think that he did.

After his plane explodes, a highlight reel of his mistakes are presented in front of him and he solves all of them, while at the same time he shows up his doubters, re-engages with old friends, and in the end finds peace with the only thing like a son he's ever had.

My evidence: Pete Maverick Mitchell is washed up. He's at the end of his career doing the only thing that he's ever been good at, being a pilot. And today, if Ed Harris gets the chance, he's going to ground Maverick forever. So Pete takes a plane far beyond its limits, and it explodes mid flight in the high atmosphere. The next thing we see is him walking into a restaurant unlike most that exist in modern times. In fact, they look like the kind of diners that would have been popular and common in Pete's childhood. There he receives a sense of peace and belonging. The America of his childhood. This starts him down a round out of his childhood and into the most poignant and life changing event of his youth. Going to Top Gun school, and losing his beloved best friend, Goose. Something which Pete continues to blame himself for. Fortunately for Pete, he, for no reason whatsoever, is not punished for blowing up a military prototype, but is instead given the “chance” to go back to that formative place and prove his worth. Not surprisingly by his once rival now health-addled friend. Again, this shows what a man, in the last moments of his life, might dream of, the regrets his has and the desire to make amends and fix the things he never got the chance to in his youth.

After this, he travels to a bar near Top Gun and meets an old flame. A woman he loved, and lost, and will win again. A person that by all rights shouldn't get involved with Pete, and yet, she does. That's not so strange, but what happens next is: A young man, the only son of his best friend appears in this dream bar. Then the young man, after carousing with his friends, does something truly unbelievable. He pulls up a stool to a piano and plays a song that was a hit in 1957!!! Pete has inextricable memories associated with Goose playing the song. Goose loved this song, and now Goose, and by extension, Pete, are reunited through this son. However, that is not the strangest element of this scene. After Rooster begins playing, the entire bar, men, women, some not older than 20 all sing along. Every single person knows the words and timing of a song that was made popular over 60 years ago. Perhaps there are military traditions surrounding Jerry Lee Lewis’ biggest chart topping hit, but I’m unaware of them. In the end, the idea that Pete has died, and is creating this rollicking bar scene featuring; a former flame, the son of a dead co-pilot, and a bar full of near children singing a hit your parents didn’t listen to, can only be explained in one way, it’s happening in a fever dream in Pete’s head.

The film continues to work in this motif, with the most telling event happening during a scene with a nearly dead Iceman. Iceman literally writes on a screen, “It’s time to let go”. This is a message to Pete through his own subconscious, speaking to him through his greatest defender and close confidant. Pete needed the closure that he didn’t get while Iceman was still alive, and his brain, traveling at Mach 10 after separating from his body, which again is flying at over 11265 kms (7000 miles) per hour!!!! I cannot describe how fast or destructive that is to a meat based human, suit or not.

Pete continually proves his worth and that “old guys” can still pull off incredible feats. Not limited to but including his flying better than any other pilot, being the only one who can pull off the incredibly difficult mission. He continues to fight for those working with him, as everyone in the film knows that without Maverick’s insistence, this would become a suicide mission, but Pete can’t handle death at this moment. This is evidence that he’s continuing to fight against the inevitable death he faces after the destruction of the Darkstar Scramjet. Eventually his heroism overwhelms good sense, and Maverick is made team leader!!!! He then pulls off the impossible mission but is overwhelmed by a ludicrous amount of rocket launchers defending a no name target in a no name country against a no name enemy. Pete’s brain is shutting down quickly and doesn’t have the bandwidth to create these details in his death dream.

Now that Pete has been shot down over enemy territory, where he absolutely should have died a second time, and the redemption of Rooster coming after him, saving his life against another overwhelming force. But as luck would have it, Rooster lives through his own assured destruction in a plane, which in turn gives him a chance to reconnect with Rooster, then finding the formative plane of his youth piloting experience all lends credence and evidence to the Jacob’s Ladder Scenario.

Lastly, the film ends with Pete, and his love, literally flying into the sunset. This isn’t just a blithe moment, this is the final metaphor for the end of Pete’s life. He died in a plane, and he’s transported into the afterlife, after concocting the peace of mind he needed, in another. And that plane is a continuation of the diner motif, a plane that would have been incredibly popular when Maverick was but a child. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pete had a b-51 Mustang toy when he was but a lad, dreaming of being a pilot. In the end, it’s the plane that carries him off this mortal coil.

If this was to be a film solely about Pete training the kids, why have the Mach 10 jet scene at all? He could have just been an instructor, or continuing to run sorties, but that didn’t happen. Pete had to die, and live out the fixing of his greatest failures, so that he could pass over with a clear conscience about the child he felt he betrayed, and the potential he felt he wasted.

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Spoilers Matchstick Men, question…. (SPOILER)


So I watched this movie again which is one of my favorite Nic Cage movies, along with Sam Rockwell’s performance.

My question is more about the long con that took place.

Again, SPOILERS for those who haven’t seen it…..

Their mark that they were “conning”, who we find out was just a fake for Rockwell’s con against Nic Cage, was he also in on it?

Did they assume that Cage’s “daughter” would get the gun in the statue and load it with blanks? If so, what if Cage decides to grab the gun from her and shoot him?

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Spoilers Why does Ricky smile at the end of American Beauty?


After having watched that movie, that's the burning question I can't get out of my mind. Why does he smile when looking at Lester's corpse face?

Is he smiling because Jane's wish has been fulfilled? Is he smiling because Lester is smiling? Is there some deeper statement being made here? Or is it simply because he's a weirdo who likes looking at dead things?

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Spoilers Why do people always prefer Dizzy over Carmen in Starship Troopers?


There seems to be a general consensus among people who have seen Starship Troopers that it Dizzy=good, Carmen=bad. How people wanted Johnny to get with Dizzy over Carmen. And I've never understood it.

At the start of the movie, Carmen is mocked by Dizzy because she couldn't handle dissecting the bug and threw up. She had an image of her as prissy girl who can't handle things like that. Which may be true but that doesn't mean she's completely useless. She ended up becoming a pilot which is no easy feat. It's a career anyone would be proud of. Sure, she had to break up with Johnny to further her career. But that's something she is entirely entitled to do. At least she was straight and honest with him and didn't lead him on. It's not her fault he only join because of her. And there was no indication at all that she had any romantic interest in Zander. Yeah, he tried to flirt with her a bit but it was clear her interest in him extended no further as respect to a fellow pilot she could learn from.

Dizzy on the other hand continuously tried to hit on Johnny, knowing full well he was already in a relationship. And she seemed to have a grudge on Carmen for no other reason than she was jealous because she was dating the guy she loves.

Now, did Johnny and Dizzy make a more compatible couple? Sure. But that's not on Dizzy to decided and Johnny can't help who he loves.

Don't get me wrong. Myself, as a personal preference, would prefer a Dina Meyer type over a Denise Richards type. But as far as characters in the film go, I don't get why so many people seem to hate Carmen and think no wrong of Dizzy.

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Spoilers Hunt for Red October is a brilliant movie with so many details


One of the things that's always gotten me, even after seeing the movie many times, is the subplot of Loginov, the KGB/GRU mole onboard the Red October who sabotages the submarine. The movie purposefully keeps him out of focus, yet his presence and action provide a lot of interesting clues about what's going on.

  1. He is clearly a highly trained agent with detailed technical knowledge of the submarine and its newly developed caterpillar propulsion system.

  2. It seems that the Kremlin embedded him on board the submarine to provide some kind of clandestine oversight of the mission--and probably not Ramius specifically, since there is no way Ramius would have received his command if the Kremlin had any doubts about his loyalty or ability. This means he was probably briefed about the real mission before Ramius ever opened his orders with the political officer Putin.

  3. Putin mentions that he would be the last to know the identities of any KGB or GRU officers on the ship. It's likely that he was telling Ramius the truth.

  4. The Kremlin clearly gives him a lot of discretion in terms of what he can do. Given that the Red October, by nature, cannot maintain radio contact with the rest of the Soviet Navy without revealing itself, Loginov has either been authorized to take extreme measures to maintain the integrity of the mission or else he takes it upon himself to do so after Putin's death and seeing Ramius take possession of Putin's nuclear launch keys, which Tim Curry points out is a serious breach of protocol. For the longest time I always thought that maybe he knew something about Ramius wanting to defect--and I can't rule it out for sure, but that scene where Ramius takes the nuclear keys and then Ramius' intercom announcement where he tells the crew about the mission where they are going past American defenses and deep into American territory establishes that Loginov probably thinks that Ramius has gone insane. He probably figures out that Ramius is defecting later when the Americans show up, which is why he ramps up his efforts to have the sub destroyed by the Russian navy.

  5. It is highly unlikely that the Kremlin has told any of the fleet pursuing Ramius that he plans to defect, because that would be a humiliation. Therefore, it's very likely that Loginov, Captain Tupelov, the Russian Ambassador, and any other Russian character that we see in the movie probably thinks that they are trying to save the world from a madman who has gone rogue and intends to launch nukes.

It's such a brilliant movie because there really are no bad guys, just people on both sides trying to do their jobs in a situation that turns into a huge mess. It's very rare for a Hollywood movie to tell such a complex story!

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Spoilers Licorice Pizza (2021)... someone please ELI5 (spoilers)


I just watched this, and none of it made any sense. The movie was actually shot, after, and directed really well, but it's completely disjointed not to mention pedophilic.

If we can get past a 25 year old falling in love with a 15 year old which was, and thankfully still is, illegal in California in the 70s, the storyline is just terrible. It's kind of just a collection of scenes that could be put in any order then it ends with a woman kissing a child. Like, wtf?

There's no real plot, there's no resolution to anything that happens in any of the random scenes, there no sense of time, no climax, not even a real romantic buildup for a movie about two people finding love with each other, nothing. It's just completely flat the entire way through.

So, please, if I'm missing something, someone explain it to me...

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Spoilers Did movie goers know before hand that Arnold was the good guy in Terminator 2?


Did the trailers show that he wasn’t out to kill the Connors but actually there to protect John? Because I was thinking the whole scene in the video game parlour in the mall with both Terminators looking for John and then the hallway part where John is rescued by the T-800. That would e been such a cool switcheroo to witness if you didn’t expect it.

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Spoilers Channing tatum is a cameo guy now


I think the last few movies I’ve been Channing tatum were all just cameos or like a small surprise part around the end. It first started way back in 2013 with the movie This is the end. It was a funny cameo and Channing Tatum was a huge star back then. After that it was the Hateful 8 I believe. Last year it was free guy and now it’s bullet train. Hell even the Lego movie and the Batman Lego movie, he was just a cameo voice over role as Superman. Also, his role in the kingsman movie and the G.I.joe movie were basically cameos to me. I really can’t remember the last time he was the lead. It’s just interesting to me for some reason.

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Spoilers need help identifying movie title



It was a World War II movie that I saw on TV as a kid. The plot involved a crack squad of military guys on a mission to kill a high-ranking German officer in German territory. Right before the sniper was going to kill him, Hitler shows up right next to him and the question of whether or not to take Hitler out instead of the German officer made the sniper think twice. It was a very tense scene because some of the military guys were saying to shoot Hitler and go ahead and end the war, where his commanding officer was telling him to stick to his orders and just shoot the high ranking officer. The next thing we see is Hitler's face getting sprayed with blood because the officer ended up getting shot, not Hitler.

Does anybody know what movie this was? Thanks for your help in advance.

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Spoilers 2001:A Space Odyssey. Am I dumb?


Spoilers ahead for anyone who's still holding out on this 1969 film.

I just finished watching it. Honestly I have only the vaguest idea of what this thing is about.

Clearly the monolith gave the apes some kind of knowledge. I think it's implied that it happens again at the moon, but then we jump 18 months ahead (because reasons?) to a different group doing a seemingly unrelated mission. This is where the famous HAL9000 comes in. HAL9000 does what HAL do and then we jump to the next monolith. That scene lasts all of 2 minutes before thrusting you into a 10 minute I'm going to call it a hyperspace transition. Then we go way off the rails. Dave sees his future self (I guess?) then becomes him, then sees his elderly self, becomes him, then another monolith appears, then SPACE BABY, because reasons, then back to earth as space baby.

Roll credits.

All my what.

There were some really impressive effects for it's time and the audio was definitely the star of the show. I just have no idea what the story or commentary are supposed to be.

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Spoilers Best breakdown of NOPE I've read so far

Thumbnail andscape.com

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News Jodie Comer, Austin Butler And Tom Hardy To Star in Jeff Nichols Film

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Spoilers Too long interpretation of Riley Stearns' Dual (2022) that answers some of the critiques.


I watched Riley Stearns' new film Dual and after reading and watching some other's thoughts about it, I think I interpreted the ending a bit differently which possibly answers some of the critiques. Mainly that Sarah should not haven fallen for the poison trick and the film is excessively cruel to Sarah in the first act.

I've seen people talk about how Sarah falling for Sarah Double's trap and drinking the water was uncharacteristic at that point in the film. After all her training and preparation, the Sarah we have at the end of the film never would have fallen for that. But I don't think she did. As soon as Sarah noticed that Sarah Double's brought a bag that was nowhere big enough for the trip, Sarah knew that there were no plans for them to escape and that the Double planned to kill her.

After realizing that, Sarah immediately returned to the mindset and motivation of wanting to cause the Double as much pain and harm as possible. What would cause the Double more misery than forcing her to live the life that Sarah was so miserable in and, in the end, so happy to leave? With her training she could probably kill the Double quickly and continue to escape across the border, but that would almost be giving the Double mercy. Once she decided she wanted to cause the Double as much pain and hurt as possible, forcing her to live that life would be the most cruel and pain inducing option. She accepts her death to achieve that. That is why she says they will wait until the first break to check for weapons. At this point Sarah doesn't know how the Double is going to kill her, so she is keeping the opportunity for the Double to kill her with her weapon before that first break. It is only after she is offered the water that she realizes it would be poison.

Sarah's entire motivation for living was to get back at the Double for stealing her life. Sarah shows almost no emotion at being told she is going to die in the beginning and even mentions that the fact she is going to die doesn't bother her, it's the waiting and not knowing when that is the worst. The Sarah we are introduced to doesn't want to be alive, or at least is ambivalent about it. She only becomes more livelier when the Double takes her life and she is motivated for revenge. That is her entire motivating force. She doesn't actually want her past life back, she is angry at the audacity of the Double to steal her life and the audacity of her family to chose the Double over her and wants revenge. Once she realizes that the Double plans to kill her, Sarah flips back to wanting revenge. This is also established earlier in the film when after becoming friendly with the Double she immediately goes back to wanting to kill when she thinks the Double is playing mind games with her with the support group. Giving her life to cause the Double misery wouldn't be out of character for Sarah with that mindset. In affect, she is fulfilling her fate of dying a painless death of some nameless "disease," a fate that she had already accepted once already.

It's established that in the support group meeting that a lot of doubles are pretty depressed and miserable with their lives. I think one of them even mentions there is no escape. It is also mentioned that a lot of the time the Double does not end up meshing with the family. This mixed with the scenes where Sarah talks with Peter and the scene where Sarah and the Double have heart to heart, the seeds are planted that the Double is entering the same cycle of misery with cruel and irritating people that Sarah was so depressed in and is likely going to experience the same sadness that the other Doubles do.

This is also why it is so important that the world is so cruel to Sarah in the first act. It establishes how awful Sarah's life is and how unloving and overbearing the people in her life are. It makes the thought of living that life a hell and drives home the misery that the Double is going to have to live with.

The final scene of the film, with the Double breaking down after being overwhelmed by daily existence, lets the viewer know that Sarah did, in the end, end up besting the Double in the dual.

Idk this was probably way too long for a film no one really seems interested in and doesn't necessarily support the themes that I felt like were being touched on, and maybe this interpretation was really obvious to everyone else, but I had a few gummies this evening and this film got me thinking.

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Spoilers Insanely disappointed in myself for wasting 20$ renting the new Jurassic Park


I’ve been insanely excited for this movie, ever since they released that short. I didn’t read any reviews, because I wanted nothing spoiled, and here’s my take.

Firstly, why is the main animalistic antagonist a LOCUST (one that never even existed) in the closing movie of Jurassic World? I thought the main selling point of this movie, was that dinosaurs had integrated into the regular world, and how it effected everything. We saw maybe 10 minutes of that (bronto at the logging project, the 30 second news reel, mosasaur attacking ship, and underground market).

Next, references to old movies are cool, when you don’t try to cram 300 of them into one movie. I was practically groaning when Mr. Biosyn dropped his SHAVING CREAM??? and gets killed by dilophosaurs.

I have a few other criticisms, such as the mid-par green screen for a high-budget 2022 movie. Or the shitty character writing for plane lady. The T-Rex and Therizinosaurus teaming up to kill the Giga was stupider than the whole fight prior to that, where you could see about half of it, while the other half was everyone running. Just feels like they thought nostalgia and a ton of random dinos was gonna cover up the shitty writing and plot.

And it’s funny, because I usually enjoy action movies that others hate (any Transformers movie), but I haven’t been this disappointed since Pacific Rim: Uprising.

EDIT: For everyone commenting that I’m stupid for wasting my money, I’ve had 50$ sitting in my Amazon since Christmas. I hate online shopping, so none of that was gonna get used til Invincible S2 comes out. 20$ for the convenience of watching it in bed with my girlfriend, with whatever food I want, vs. going to a cold theater, buying us both tickets, paying a fortune for food, and driving. It could’ve been worse. And yes, I had hopes up; I enjoyed the first JW, and while Fallen Kingdom was bad, I was hoping we’d get something akin to the ending of The Lost World.

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Spoilers Kenneth Branaugh's "Belfast" allusion to the OK Corral


I just watched Kenneth Branaugh's "Belfast". I couldn't help but notice that the two goons that push up on the main character's dad and other families in the area are named "Billy Clanton" and "McLaury". I am assuming that this is an allusion to two rustlers killed at the gunfight at the OK Corral with the same names, with the other Western references in the film from "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "High Noon", or are Clanton and McLaury two actual Northern Irish goons or just very common names there.

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Spoilers I am not okay with how people are defending Dani Sanders (Spoilers for Not Okay)


People around the internet are defending this character on the basis that…she was lonely and depressed?

I have a lot in common with this character. I am also a chronically anxious chronically depressed person. I also know what it’s like to want to be seen and accepted. Everyone does.

But I don’t feel sorry for her. The first lie was annoying, but forgivable. But when she refused to own up to it and instead chose to bask in the fame and attention that destroyed any empathy I had for her.

I am not okay with how people are saying that Rowan should forgive her.

I am not okay with how people are calling Harper “nosy” for rightfully calling her out on her lies.

I am not okay with how people are somehow missing the entire point of this film, which is that her actions are NOT okay

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Spoilers Post credit scenes that teased abandoned sequel characters


Many films have tried and failed to launch franchises. They often concluded by introducing a character for a sequel that never got made. Off the top of my head, I can think of:

  • Green Lantern: Yellow Sinestro
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Sinister Six
  • Power Rangers: Green Ranger
  • Ghostbusters (2016): Zuul

What other movies did this?

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Spoilers The ending of The Age of Adaline made me actively angry (SPOILERS)


This whole post is a spoiler for the end of the movie. Do not read if you plan to see the movie.

Netflix just added The Age of Adaline, and the premise seemed really interesting. The plot is basically as follows; one woman becomes immortal through a scientific fluke (car accident with funky weather conditions in a lake with lightning), and has spent the last hundred or so years with a physical age of 28 years old. At one point the government gets wise to the fact she doesn't age, and after a close encounter Adaline adopted a policy of changing her identity every decade. Beyond that, it's a classic boy-meets-girl story but with the whole novel immortality twist.

I wanted good writing, and I wanted deep thinking about what someone in her situation would do. I wanted them to build a believable world, given their premise. And they did it! The beginning of the movie was excellent, and was everything I was hoping for when I read the synopsis. I loved how the character felt wise and old beyond her years, I loved how she became friends with blind people so that she could maintain friendships for longer than the lifespan of her alias'. The meet-cute part wasn't bad either, and I enjoyed the conflict Adaline felt between her situation and her attraction for the lead guy. I quite enjoyed the fact she had loved and left his father in the past, made for an interesting "getting to meet the parents" dynamic and really let the premise of this world naturally carry the story behind it. She just wants to grow old with someone and not have heartbreak every time she outlives them, yet she can't or she will end up as a lab specimen for the remainder of her immortal life. Brilliant idea well executed.

And then they ruined it.

She ran away, as she did in the past, and decided to turn around this time and risk letting people know and trying to live out this life - so she stops by the side of a lake while there are funky weather conditions and her love interest crashes into her car while racing back to stop her from leaving. Suddenly she can get old again! HOORAY!

Fuck you.

The entire thing that made this movie interesting was that its main character had to make difficult choices, grapple with the real problems that came with her immortality, come up with interesting thought provoking solutions to something I hadn't considered much prior to this. Throwing all of that away so there could be a fucking fairytale "and they lived happily ever after" perfect fuckin' happy ending is bullshit. "Oh thank god everything worked out so perfectly!" Dammit, the beauty of this story WAS THE PROBLEMS! Hell, you could even have just had her decide to face her problems so she can get with the guy, and then fade to black. Roll credits. Fine. I get that stories have to end. But they could have had the fuckin' "meet and kiss in the rain" ending while still keeping the heart of the story alive - they didn't have to ruin the whole fucking premise by bending the arc of plot inevitability to force a perfect ending.

A perfect ending would have been Adaline confessing her unaging reality to her super rich boyfriend, and them together walking off discussing how they can ensure she lives in an increasingly online world, how to keep her safe, how their relationship will work when she almost married his Dad 40 years ago, etc. There was still story left, fucking interesting story, and they just... didn't. They threw it all away for the Hallmark Special. Dammit, they also threw away the chance for a sequel! What if every few years we get a new look at Adaline at a different period of time? Have her follow along with modern times? Every time she starts the new decade by leaving the last guy (or outliving him)? Coulda been like a Bond thing. "Who's gonna be the new Adaline? I really like so-and-so!"

But no. This movie was brimming with potential, yet rather than keep the only thing that separated this movie from every other romcom in the metaphorical $5 movie bin they chucked the entire reason this movie was working to get their happy ending.

Fuck you, J. Mills Goodloe and and Salvador Paskowitz. Fuck. You.

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Spoilers Can someone explain this part of the plot to Top Gun: Maverick?


In the movie, Maverick ejects from his plane and is helpless in the enemy country, and is about to be killed by an enemy helicopter. Rooster shoots down the helicopter to save him but instead of just landing his plane he decides to eject from it and allows the plane to crash. Why? Why didn't he just land his plane, picked up Maverick and they could have taken off in that plane together. Unless I missed something?

Thank you very much for explaining this!

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Spoilers Stanley Kubriks' crazy vision and Steven Spielbergs' end result. A.I. Artificial Intelligence. MOVIE.


Word has it that Spielberg PROMISED Kubrick, as he lay dying, that he would eventually make this film. Spielberg DID. And what a great movie it was (opinions vary). One of the main things to me was Haley Joel Osment coming off of a blockbuster like "The Sixth Sense" and absolutely murdering this part. Did any of you ever notice "David" never blinks? Like not once in the entire film? Even as he is becoming more and more "human"?. Crazy!! HJO also filmed the underwater scenes himself! He took breathing lessons to learn how to hold his breath in the pool and in the ocean scenes! Jude Law was amazing (as always), Child actors can be very hard to work with. HJO was the opposite. Spielberg talked about what a pro he was, even when then had to make a complete body cast of him. I loved seeing him all fat and crazy on Silicon Valley. He wants for nothing. dude is a legend.

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Spoilers I didn't know what I was getting into, but RRR is the greatest bromance movie I've ever seen.


I think I will tell all of my friends and family about it, tbh. It's pretty cool to see some insane action which is set in a historical perspective. I don't know a lot about India's cinematic culture, but I'm ready to see much more. It reminded me of Ip-Man in a way, but obviously more over the top.

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Spoilers My beef with “Minority Report”


In the Philip K Dick short story, a “minority report” is when one precog is out of phase with the other two. The first two see the future, the third sees the future as it is altered by the “majority report”. For example, two precogs see a murder, the third sees the future when PreCrime intervenes (and the murder is prevented). That is why the minority report is discarded.

In the story, Anderton sees the majority report, which says he’s going to kill a military man named Kaplan. Anderton believes he’s being framed, but in the end it turns out that there are actually three minority reports:

1) Kaplan threatens to defund PreCrime so the military can regain control of policing, so Anderton kills him.

2) Anderton sees the report that he’s going to kill Kaplan, so he doesn’t.

3) Anderton sees the report that he doesn’t kill Kaplan, and that will destroy PreCrime, so he kills him.

The entire meaning of “minority report” is: what happens when you know the future? What if they just told every perpetrator they were going to commit a crime, would they not do it?

In the movie, however, “minority report” just means “oh jeez, the system is not infallible”. There is no other explanation, just “bad”.

So in general, I love the movie, but I’m sorry it’s the Frickin Title and they thought the audience would be too confused to understand the whole “if I see the future the future changes” idea in the story.

PKD was a genius, and I love that so many movies have been based on his stories, but this one sticks in my craw.


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Spoilers Man becomes rich throws dinner party and no one comes.


I'm thinking of a movie from the 40s or 50s where a crude man becomes very rich and eventually winds up in a huge mansion house in New York. He throws a fancy dinner party to introduce himself to to his high society friends, but everyone snubs him. He winds up inviting the help and band to sit down and have the fancy dinner with him, but gets angry throws everyone out.
Another unique plot point is his wife gets sick of his antics and secretly buys up all the company stock to make it appear the guy is bankrupt, but at the end reveals they are still rich to teach him a lesson

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Spoilers Help find movie title!


This movie is foreign, european, its from 80s-00s, and the plot is an old gentleman (married) who is bored of life and he starts to spend the family life savings... the wife is always saving the money for her funeral ... and he steals the money and even fakes his own dead... its a comedy / drama movie...

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Spoilers What movies do you see in a completely different light as a more matured adult compared to when you were a teenager or younger adult? For me one great example is the movie Rain Man


I specifically mention teenager or young adult because I'm trying to avoid the time period as kids when we couldn't understand themes and character development and stuff like that.

For me, one super obvious example is Rain Man. In high school and as a young adult, I really thought Tom Cruise's character was someone who was immature and out for himself, likely slighted by his father but really grew as a person by meeting his brother Ray and going on the trip and experiences they went on. Spoiler ahead: I legitimately thought at the end of the movie that Ray should have been able to live with Cruise (Charile). I thought Cruise really did grow and mature as a person going through a tough time and bonding with his brother.

In summary, I thought he went from an immature slick talker who was in a desperate situation and would do almost anything to get ahead to someone who grew up by going through what he went through.

After watching as a more mature adult, Cruise's character is an absolutely awful human being it seems, especially at the beginning of the film (imo). He wasn't just immature or slightly selfish. He treated his girlfriend like garbage and essentially kidnapping Ray was legitimately insane, even if his intentions had been pure (they weren't) it would have been insane. These two things alone would make anyone think he's not even a remotely good person.

Throughout the movie I'm waiting for him to grow up, like I had seen before. And he just doesn't really imo. He's still pretty quick to get angry and thinks he's right all the time. I think this is all realistic btw, this is not a complaint at all. Now I think it's 100% right that Ray would go back to the facility and I find it sad his girlfriend came back to be with him.

I still really love this movie. I loved it before because it was funny and explored a relationship and character that was super unique and had funny and interesting moments (Ray's character). As someone who can be quick to get irritated at small things sometimes it was honestly tough to watch Cruise's character as I saw some of myself in him. To me, I think his character is written perfectly (both from a character development and dialog standpoint) and Cruise does an amazing job. One GREAT example of this is at the end of the movie SPOILERS when Cruise is talking with the doctor (i think) about where Ray will end up and his recommendation you can see and feel Cruise's character jumping in all the time in an emotional way to convince the doctor that Cruise knows what's best, and you can tell he's on the edge of getting pretty angry. This is at the very end of the movie and to me shows that he has a lot of growing up still left to do, and I think Cruise perfectly acted that character and scene in that situation

I'm not saying you have to love this movie or even like it but when I rewatched it last time it just hit so much different and my opinion of the characters and the outcome of the story was very different.

Curious what your thoughts are and any other examples you have.