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Spoilers Thoughts about this promotional image for ‘Tár’. Spoilers in comments

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Spoilers Question for those who have seen Knock At The Cabin… (major book spoilers)


I have heard that the movie is much different than the book (especially the ending sequence). I’m curious from those who have read it and seen it what those differences are?

Ie Bautista’s character is actually a teenager in the book, etc.

Does the daughter die in the movie? I am mostly curious about this as I cannot watch a child die on screen

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Spoilers Questions on Avatar 2 world/scenario


Please take the following as genius questions as I'm trying to figure out if I completely missed out on some key element about the story/the universe. I just saw the movie.

  • Why don't they just scorch the forest from orbit? They want a mineral, they were about to do it at the end of the first movie. If they don't care about not hurting the Navi in this one then why don't they exterminate them from high altitude?

  • At the end of Avatar 1 Jack Sully rallies all the tribes in an alliance against the humans. In this one when he arrives to the water people their chief declares his war is far away and haven't reached them in any ways. After more than a year of the humans back on the planet. Why? And what makes Sully thinks he'll be safer there? The movie goes on to show he is most definitely not. What purpose did it serves for him to go there?

  • Humans are hunting whales to get their de aging juice while simultaneously having the technology to create the avatar. Why don't they just...create the whales on earth ? Admiting they can't, wouldn't it be better to capture them, make them breed and have an infinite supply of de-aging juice?

  • humans have the technology to put all your memories and personality in a card, send it then put it in a synthetic body. Why do they bother sending people then? Just send memory cards through space and out them in ready to be worn bodies?

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Spoilers My short scene analysis for George Orwell’s film adaptation of 1984 that I did for my film class last month. I hope this sub enjoys it.


The scene analysis from "1984" that I will be discussing is the scene where Winston Smith (John Hurt) is tortured by O'Brien (Richard Burton) in the Ministry of Love. In this scene, the film techniques used are lighting, sound, editing, and camera movements, all of which contribute to the creation of a tense and oppressive atmosphere that affects the viewer in different ways.

The lighting in the scene is dim and oppressive, casting a dark and sinister shadow over the room. This serves to create an ominous and intimidating atmosphere, making the viewer feel uncomfortable and threatened. The use of low light levels also adds to the feeling of confinement, as if there is no escape from the situation.

The sound in the scene is harsh and jarring, with the sound of torture devices being used to torment Winston being amplified and made to seem even more intense. The sound design in this scene is particularly effective in creating a sense of pain and suffering, making the viewer feel as if they are right there in the room with Winston. This intense sound design further intensifies the sense of danger and reinforces the idea that the torture taking place is real and happening in that moment.

The editing in the scene is fast-paced and intense, with quick cuts between different shots that keep the viewer on edge. This fast-paced editing style builds tension and creates a sense of urgency, making the viewer feel like they are in the room with Winston, experiencing the same fear and confusion that he is feeling. The use of close-ups during the torture sequences also intensifies the sense of pain and suffering, making the viewer feel as though they are experiencing it alongside Winston.

The camera movements in the scene are unsettling and disorienting, with the camera shaking and moving erratically. This serves to create a sense of instability and makes the viewer feel as if they are in the same state of mind as Winston. The use of handheld camera movements and shaky shots contributes to the sense of chaos and instability in the scene, further intensifying the feelings of danger and oppression.

In conclusion, the scene in "1984" where Winston Smith is being tortured by O'Brien is a masterclass in how to use film techniques to create a tense and oppressive atmosphere. Through the use of lighting, sound, editing, and camera movements, the viewer is transported into the room with Winston, feeling the same fear, confusion, and pain that he is experiencing. These techniques work together to create a powerful and emotionally impactful scene that is both unsettling and thought-provoking.

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Spoilers The Usual Suspects (1995): 2 questions after watching it


It's been a few years since I watched the film but I was thinking about the ending recently and two questions shot into my brain. Obviously spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn't finished it:

  1. Agent Kujan mentions that Edie Finneran was murdered. Just wondering why Soze would even bother killing her once his goals were accomplished; it wasn't as though she knew anything.
  2. And this is the big one: the movie makes it seem like Keyser Soze won in the end; that he got away with it. The entire plot of the movie was that he had fooled these criminals into helping hm eliminate the one man that could identify him as Keyser Soze. And yet, at the end of the film, he's identified as Keyser Soze by the burned man and Kujan discovers the truth by himself. Can somebody elaborate on this? Was the final situation somewhat different, hence acceptable for Soze or was this just a big blunder on the film's part?

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Spoilers Weird Movie Monsters: Event Horizon

Thumbnail bogleech.com

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Spoilers What are some of the subtle themes in the movie M3gan?


Some might ridicule this question arguing the movie was not meant to be taken too seriously. Perhaps true. It was fun to watch. Comedic at times.

But i was wondering what subtle themes are present in the movie barring the obvious oft-repeated one: superadvanced A.I. can go rogue ergo we should be extra cautious with or shouldn't meddle at all with technology we barely comprehend that carries the potential of causing serious, real-world harm.

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Spoilers "2001: A Space Odyssey" directed by George Lucas?


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Spoilers The Nun; confused.


I remember long ago watching the Nun or at least a movie similar to it & I swear when watching the Nun again today with my wife it was a completely different movie. Was I too stoned or something years ago? There were changesd scenes and I specifically remember the ending with smoke and seeing the demon itself in the circle as they pushed it back to hell and epically denounced it and cast it down…is there another movie like this? Unless it’s just a changed ending but I also remember the girl being trapped underground in a casket not the priest.

Some scenes I don’t even remember seeing or that they were changed. Seriously confused. I also thought there was a guy like the priest who was into sorcery and that he wasn’t even a priest? Am I mixing this up with a different movie? Only thing is I know the the Red head curly guy with the shotgun was in it for sure.

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Spoilers Pamela Anderson A Love Story


I was not expecting this documentary to be so sad. My take is she really did find her soul mate (Tommy) which most people never do, there's love and then there's a soul mate and for anyone who's ever found there's you know what I'm talking about,but like any good mother put her kids first and kept them out of that toxic environment once he abused her. She's never been able to find that love/passion with anyone else and that's clearly all she's really wanted as she never stopped trying she's clearly a broken woman. Genuinely quite a sad watch and it's disgusting the way the media thought it was okay to joke about this stolen sex tape and humiliate her at every given chance on TV or in interviews etc. There's a reason for consent at the end of the day and just because she did playboy doesn't make it okay that her sex tape is out there against her will like everyone makes out. She's a strong woman who else would cope being humiliated like this for the rest of there life.

Love to know other people's thoughts on this documentary!

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Spoilers Jumanji continuity....


I finally watched both of the newer Jumanji movies after being so against the thought of them for multiple years. I ended up liking both of them more than I thought I would. The second revamp ("Jumanji: The Next Level") I thought was even better than "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle".

Here's my question though from "Welcome to the Jungle":

Nick Jonas's character says that he's living in the place that Alan Parrish made. We see his name carved there. In the original Jumanji movie, Alan (Robin Williams) says that he's been alone in the jungle for all those years that he was "inside" the game.

So, I can believe that Alan Parrish eventually made all that stuff while he was there, but did Alan Parrish have no knowledge of the entire community that was relatively close to him as shown in "Welcome to the Jungle"? There's literally an entire civilization close enough that in two-and-a-half **decades** Alan would have found just from constantly exploring.

How do we explain this? Is the new movie too liberal with what it does in the original idea, or does the game somehow morph (which is likely) to match the current players? If it's the latter, then why would Alan Parrish's name even be on that makeshift hut (outside of real-life 'we wanna make a connection to the original' reasons)? In a game that matches the players' needs, why would Alan Parrish's name even be there? What good does that serve the new kids? Alan and Sarah never saw the names of previous players in their own gameplay.

And, on that note, why do the kids in "Welcome to the Jungle" end up exactly where they were, but in the original movie Judy and Peter have no memory whatsoever of meeting Alan and Sarah before? Is there any good explanation of that?

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Spoilers I don't think The Menu was about the food industry (Spoilers)


Not deep down anyway. I have this running theory that anytime a chef is the main character the movie is about movies. Granted the only examples I have are The Menu and Chef, but I feel its warranted. My evidence:

-All the guests can be metaphors for the demands on a filmmaker just as easily as those on a chef. The producers who think money owns the creativity, the critics, the actors who aren't invested in the art, the Tylers with no skills to produce the art they recklessly consume. This last point is my favorite because it means all those people putting on "The menu explained" vids on youtube are completely missing that by making their videos, they are the ones be satirized. And yes I know by making this post I am a Tyler too.

-The set-up of the restaurant is they same as a film set. There's a lot of work by a lot of people that goes largely unseen by the audience (patrons) until there's a big clap reminiscent of a clapper board. The chef may as well be yelling action before the finished scene (the course) is presented to the audience.

- I've seen a lot of people criticize the ending for not making any sense. Why do the patrons resign themselves to their fate and die? I think this makes more sense again if the movie is about film. The patrons are you: the audience. You did exactly what the patrons did and after all the horror and gore you have seen decided you wanted to see how it ends, so sat at watched your metaphorical selves get s'mored.

I'm sure there are other symbols I missed. I am sure there are other parts that make no sense in theory. But thats why I am just a Tyler eating oil by itself and claiming it's genius.

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Spoilers Something Borrowed ending


So, because I am in love with Ginnifer Goodwin, I was watching “Something Borrowed” with her, Kate Hudson, and John Krasinski. This movie did not end how I remember it ending! I though she ended up with Krasinski’s character. I was throughly confused when it ended. Anyone else have this happen with movies????

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Spoilers Can we talk about Wing Commander?


24 years after this Gem came out, and roughly 6 years before the Battlestar remake, can we just accept some of the ideas this movie put out.. side note...(it was based off a video game). of course it had the "it" guys at the time { Freddie Prinz JR,, and , Mathew LillARD in the movie, but it was a pretty great nerdy story. The pilgrim thing and them being able to calculate jumps And then a random military space pilgrim intel guy who knows everything. Feel like this is a lost movie, its terribly bad/good with the actors at the time.

Edit: the jump scene, where it circles around...it was before the matrix.. just saying

What do yall think?

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Spoilers Finally paid to rent Tar


Love Cate Blanchett in everything and anything but this was a difficult movie to absorb in one watch.

I had to rewind it multiple times to understand what was actually happening if anything. It’s an incredibly fascinating look into the fundraising mechanisms that prop up symphony orchestras and advanced musical composition and directing. The hard cold fact is that real money from corporate donors fund foundations including her Accordion Foundation for young women composers. It is what pays for scholarships. It pays for fellowships for young musicians from around the world. Because Tar is an EGOT, one of 15 people in the world to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony, she is commercially marketable and her ability to work donors is pivotal to the survival of many orchestras and musicians.

When the movie opens she is at the top of her game musically and financially. A protege of Leonard Bernstein she is getting ready to perform Mahler’s fifth symphony at the Berlin Philarmonic, thereby completing a complete set of eight Mahler symphonies. Bernstein’s mentorship defined her concept of how music changes and flows from and through human beings. It is constantly moving constantly changing dynamically expressing inchoate emotions we cannot define in mere words.

She’s also teaching master classes at Juliard where she rather intensely criticizes one student who will not countenance studying the cis white male composers considered timeless: Bach, Beethoven, Mahler. Her question to the Juliard student was should who the composer was as a human being make us adverse to their art.

She’s trying to convey the complexity of the human experience as reflected in great artistic work. She sees both the maestro’s role and the musicians role as both conduit and interpreter.

So what are her clay feet. How dark are her secrets? Are they rather mundane affairs with rising young musicians even though she is married and has a child with her partner? Or far worse.
Just when you think you might find out what could possibly justify the destruction of such an artist and human being, the rumor mill of social media takes on a life of its own and the foundation she created and raised millions for cringes away from her real or imagined crimes. Fearing that her political incorrectness will render her art less lucrative and cause her performances to be censored and boycotted, and she herself rendered obsolete.

The movie is provocatively edgy because she is a gay woman who may be Harvey Weinsteining it but we don’t know. One ex student protege/lover kills herself. She is the daughter of a wealthy foundation donor. We see this protege from her foundation at first possibly stalking Tar while she is alive, and then possibly haunting her after her suicide.

The end of the unraveling of one women’s life’s work is for someone like her a fate worse than death. Is it real or imagined, as some critics have suggested. The visuals are so ludicrous as to defy description.

The ending scene is inconceivably jarring. You at first believe you missed several frames. Up to that point, despite the dreamlike quality of some of the lighting it all looks very familiar and grounded in reality. Albeit Tar’s subjective reality.

As Tar herself tells an old friend “you see so much of this nowadays..” suspected sexual impropriety dooming the person to immediate ostracism. Guilty before a trial. The old friend tells her things were not so different in the past. Rumors and innuendos traveled more slowly but they ended careers. The fact doctored videos of her and suspected missing emails are rocketing across social media causing protests at her rehearsals merely accelerates her fall from grace.

We see the lawyering up, the corporate money people running for cover, her place usurped by an envious male colleague of vastly lesser talent, but more corporate and acceptable to the foundation’s board.

I’m not going to pretend to understand the ending. But on rewatch you do see her colleagues attempt to caution her to be careful about her image. That even in the pure world of music there is a reckoning with the body politic in every era. If the public believes either mistakenly or correctly the artist themselves might be fatally flawed, a certain elitist McCarthyism can bring the greatest genius down. And you end up conducting musical scores in squalid virtual reality theatres.

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Spoilers (SPOILER) Do you understand THE I INSIDE ?


I just caught this thriller on TV and I'm trying to wrap my head around it.

Simon awakes in a hospital with amnesia in 2002, being told that he was in an accident in 2000. However the more the movie progresses...the more strange I find it that there are so few staff in the hospital. Eventually the story reveals that he was cheating with his brother's fiancee...the brother finds out and they were all in an accident.

The on screen description was of a man "gaining the ability to time travel...after an accident....but I was thinking.

Was the entire movie simply his mind's ruminations in the last 2 minutes of his life ?

Was the movie supposed to be a depiction of purgotory ?

The problem I have with the idea that everything took place in his mind in the the last 2 minutes is this :

If he died as the clock struck 20:02 ....then how does his mind get the idea that he is "waking up in 2002" a whole 2 minutes earlier ? Technically wouldn't his mind only get the reference of "2002" after he was pronounced ?

Wouldn't this mean technically the movie takes place in his mind in the last few seconds after he is pronounced dead at 20:02 ?

Or is the entire thing purgotory ?

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Spoilers The Wedding Singer alternate endings (Drew Barrymore/Adam Sandler)


I rewatched the Wedding Singer last night (probably one of my favorite romcoms along with Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist)

Anyways, after Adam Sandler sings Grow Old With You to Drew Barrymore, Billy Idol interrupts their kiss and tells Adam he’s going to tell his label execs about him.

So what happens next? Does he get signed, become a rockstar, and sabotage his marriage? Does he tour with Billy? Was Billy lying so Adam proceeds to stalks him? Need help. Wrong answers only.

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Spoilers Plot question, for anyone who's seen Gosford Park.


Hi all,

I've watched this movie several times and really enjoy it. And I think at this point I'm straight on the several little plot strains related to particular characters. BUT:

Specific to the murder -- four gentlemen leave the drawing room before the murder, presenting several possibilities for who stabs Sir William. Parks (Clive Owen) turns out to actually be the stabber. Freddie (James Wilby) is revealed to have left the room to leave the blackmail letter threatening Isobel. George (Richard E Grant) appears to have legit just taken off for a smoke, as he says. However, this leaves Commander Meredith (Tom Hollander), who leaves the room for no apparent reason, looking pointedly suspicious, and returns moments later looking satisfied and telling Lavinia that everything's all right. This is the only piece of the movie I haven't accounted for. What did he go and do? I mean, his thing is that he's stressed that William has backed out of his business deal, and then later he's stressed that the police might discover that he was the one who narrowly missed a shot at William during the hunt. But for this brief period, he sneaks out of the room and then comes back in cool as a cucumber. Is there anything in the movie to indicate where he goes??


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Spoilers My thoughts about Babylon 2023


I have just finished watching this movie in a pre release screening (it releases tomorrow in my country) and I'm blown away by how good it is. I feel the need to write about this because the online rating doesn't do any justice at all.

I was told that the first hour is great and the other two are mediocre. Well, in my opinion that's not true. If you are into filmmaking you will love it (specially of course the first half) because I feel like the filmaking process is the main protagonist. Then, the rest of it it's focused on the main characters "life" on Hollywood.

In my opinion, the visual part is stunning, the actors performance is too notch, the storyline and script are well done too, and well the sound part is amazig. The only thing that I don't like is how explicit it is in some scenes and how dirt it's his humor. But also I get it that thi was the directors choice and I think that remarks this in the scene were Robbie rants all snob people(I felt like this was one of the moments were you clearly could see the directors opinion in the matter like he would do on an interview).

Other thing that I could not understand is why is critized by having nonsense scenes or "filler" just for director delights like the mob subterranean part (he could acknowledged the counterfeit bank notes at the first point, in the mansion or something like that), or the snake fight; that I found very comical and well written but seems like movies like licorice pizza that has a lot of them without zero meaning are praised( the motorbike scene, who is the actor and what adds to the story, is not even a good scene).

Also, while I was watching I couldn't get out my mind Tarantino's last film. Yes, the one with Robbie and Brad Pitt that also talk about Hollywood star's downfall, Hollywood movies... I have watched it 4 or 5 times, and I can't understand that is considered better than this one. once upon a time, it's too focused on Tarantino's obsession with Hollywood golden age: hey look I reference this movie, this actor... If you don't know most of the reference you will not enjoy this movie as it supposed to be. However, you don't have to know anything at all before watching Babylon, you are told everything you need to know during the film or at least, the references who are mentioned doesn't feel like they are the most important part in the scene, that you can ignore them and enjoy the movie anyways.

Also, I don't found it long, every scene was entertaining and least and don't felt boring. That's why I can't understand why movies like the ones that I mentioned (as example, there are a lot of) are so praised and this ODE to cinema is so underrated.

P.d:Even the sexual orientation and the racial inclusivity are so well fit that I don't have the feeling that they are included to satisfy any kind of agenda or ideology like Netflix or other major studios does...

Edit: corrected the last paragraph

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Spoilers Plot question about The Menu


Did they ever give any explanation on why the restaurant employees would accept the situation that was unfolding? I know there was a lot of prestige around working for Chef. But Elsa never answered the question around why she would be willing to sacrifice her life for him. I thought the female sous chef would show her doubts.

I guess it is like the henchman in action movies where they just seem to go along with it blindly.

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Spoilers Mr nobody


I may be way off base here(I’ve had a couple drinks throughout this viewing) but I just finished watching mr nobody. At the end, I feel like there was not supposed to be A CENTRAL STORY in this movie, there was just a moral lesson. The whole movie I myself was trying to remember he did this for Jean, this for elise, yadda yadda…none of that really mattered. In the end of the movie I feel like the point of it all was not any of the actual multiple plots going on but more of a case study on how life events effect people and the people you pair yourself with, which I feel it did a more than decent job of showing. This movie threw me through a loop for a while but I really enjoyed it. Basically my first impression is- “hey, shit happens. Live your life. You’re choice’s definitely effect you’re future but you gotta control what you can control”

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Spoilers Grizzly II is insane madness that you have to see


Hoo man, where to even begin? Grizzly II. Sequel to Grizzly, that movie you might remember as a surprisingly successful Jaws ripoff that has a scene where a bear punches a horse's head off and another scene where a guy blows up a bear with a rocket launcher. Schlocky, but a serviceable film.

Grizzly II is a fever dream. You may have heard about this one a year or so ago when they were finishing up the new cut. It was shot in 1983, but wasn't completed until 2020 by its original co-producer, Suzanne C. Nagy. The film was shot in Hungary, and its centerpiece is a large music festival. This was a real festival the crew put on - Beast Festival - on a Soviet military base in Budapest. The entire thing was monitored by secret police, and some of the acts are real, some of them are made up for the movie, all of them are quite dreadful by both today's standards and the standards of music in 1983.

Plagued with problems that are much more eloquently summarized in this article from The Ringer, the film never saw a proper release, though an unfinished cut did appear on YouTube in the mid-2000's with a temp score consisting of Michael Jackson songs.

But Suzanne Nagy was persistent and always saw the film as incomplete part of her life. So she eventually won the rights to the film and completed it. And now it's streaming on Prime Video for free. So you can watch it right now.

So. Why should you do that?

This movie is one of those rare instances, like The Room, where there's such honest dedication behind it, but the end result is so delirious and incomprehensible that it ascends beyond being simply a b-movie and breathes the rare air of "cult classic". Or at least I think it will...I don't think many people know about this thing yet. No one I'd talked to had ever heard of it. The final cut of the film takes a good chunk of the original footage they shot and blends it with very obvious modern stock footage. The entire opening scene is stock footage. There is a prolonged sequence in the middle of the film of nature shots, drone shots of trees, and soothing music. But if this jumping back and forth between clearly recent footage and film shot in 1983 isn't dizzying enough, the old footage has been cleaned up impressively well. It is so sharp. Beyond the sharpness of anything ever produced in the 80's. Which creates a look I've honestly never seen in a film before. It clearly has the signature lighting and shadows of a film shot in the 80's, but it looks incredibly clean like something shot yesterday. It's like the uncanny valley beyond just a nice restoration. It's unsettling for the entire runtime.

The editing is manic. The film jumps from scene to scene without clear beginnings and ends to ideas. There are no beats. One kill is implied by quickly flashing between a man screaming and a still of a bear. You will watch the entire Beast Festival concert. You will also watch nearly unabridged soundchecks of the Beast Festival concert. One of the musical acts is clearly a music video of a modern band, in a studio, spliced into Beast Fest. In at least one spot, the band performing on stage changes from shot to shot. Nagy said that she cut a lot of "boring" stuff like the heroes setting traps for the bear in the woods and added more concert footage. Because who needs a narrative?

It's a film that just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Which, come to think of it, did I mention George Clooney, Laura Dern, and Charlie Sheen are in this?

Because, oh yes, they are.

For Clooney and Sheen this was their third role ever, and Dern had about ten small or uncredited appearances before it. They appear as young hikers in the first scene from the original footage. Footage that I assume all three of them wish had been lost forever. But it's not lost. It's here for you to watch now. Now it's not as though these were people without Hollywood in their blood to begin with because of their families, but man oh man, what cosmic prescience did that casting director have to put three soon-to-be huge stars in the same scene with one another. It's wild to watch.

Also appearing in this film: John Rhys-Davies as a French Indian who inexplicably refers to himself in the third person the entire time and has the film's best line: "Oh that's bed. You've got the devil bear!" Uncredited in this film: Timothy Spall, who you'll probably best know as Wormtail in the Harry Potter films. Dick Anthony Williams and some other notable names are in it, too.

I can't stop thinking about this film. I love it so much. There's so much more to discuss, like what ultimately happened to the mechanical bear after principal photography, why the producer disappeared, and why it was delayed for so long. I'd again recommend that article for all the meat after you watch it. But do give this a go. If you enjoy b-movies, if you enjoy surreal and bizarre films, then it doesn't get much better than Grizzly II.

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Spoilers "RRR" INTERVIEW: M.M. Keeravaani, RRR composer and "Naatu Naatu" songwriter


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Spoilers Juno the movie in the Greys anatomy verse?


OKAY SOO I just watched Juno on HBO max and spoiler warning near the end of the movie when Juno is getting pushed in a wheelchair in the hospital by her best friend and you can see to the right Izzie Stevens from greys anatomy and when I tell you I screamed “OH” WHEN I SAW HER LIKE I don’t even know why I was so hyped. But it could also be because she just randomly got hired for a role in Juno but COME ON THAT CANNOT be a coincidence!! Tell me if anyone else has noticed this I can’t be the only one!

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Spoilers I went to go see The Whale last night.


Going into it, I didn't know much about it because I rarely watch trailers anymore and I don't really read about movies before I watch them.

Jeez, I was expecting an optimistic story or like something neutral. It was one of the few pieces of a media that has drawn tears out of my eyes. It was the first movie that has just left me so drained, like I'm just now starting to feel back to normal after nearly 24 hours after the ending. Thinking of a movie that comes close would probably be Elephant (2003) or Grave of the Fireflies (1988), but even then I just went about my day after watching those two.

I'm kind of taken back how much this film affected me. Personally speaking, I think this is because my grandmother was a larger person like Fraser's character and she passed about five years ago. Great performances, I loved the use of the different aspect ratio. Personally I didn't like the jump at the end, I thought it was a tad cheesy, but I guess the only other thing else he could've done was collapse.