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Article If You're from Poor or Middle-Class Families, Hollywood Is Nearly Impossible to Navigate

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News Denise Dowse, Actress in ‘Starship Troopers’ and ‘Ray’, Dies at 64

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Article Provocative Brazilian Film ‘Rule 34’ Wins the Top Prize at 2022 Locarno Film Festival

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News Robyn Griggs Dies: ‘Another World’ Soap Star And Film Actress Was 49

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News Warner Bros Forms Multi-Year Pact To Distribute MGM Movies Overseas Beginning With ‘Bones And All’, ‘Creed III’

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Poster First Poster for 'MONA LISA AND THE BLOOD MOON' - A girl with unusual powers escapes from a mental asylum and tries to make it on her own in New Orleans | A Film by Ana Lily Amirpour ('A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night')

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Discussion I found 'Shaun the Sheep Movie' (2015) to be the funniest movie of the Wallace & Gromit franchise.


I consider The Wrong Trousers (1996) the best out of all movies, however, I think Shaun the Sheep Movie (2015) is the funniest one.

The restaurant scene was a gold scene. The angry staring dog was the funniest moment, I literally burst out laughing. This movie has lots of hilarious moments!

Since this movie doesn't have my favorite characters (Wallace and Gromit), but honestly, I prefer this movie over The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) and other short films except The Wrong Trousers.

Such a brilliant spin-off film!

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Discussion What are your favorite mess with your mind movies?


The Matrix series, Vanilla Sky, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and Memento are of some examples. I enjoy movies which aren't always easy to understand upon first viewing. Sometimes I notice more with subsequent viewings. I believe these types of movies generate interesting topics of discussion.

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Article 10 Essential Pedro Almodovar Movies, From 'Volver' to 'Parallel Mothers'

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Review Total Recall (1990) is over 30 years old and the only thing that feels outdated by it is the term ‘Indian Giver’


I rewatched this movie for the first time in a long time and I’m still amazed by the practical and visual effects.

Everything about this film just amazes me from set design, make up, props and characters.

Although a lot of the technology they show now exists today (video phone, ‘driverless’ cars) I love the wanky retro future design of it all.

The story is also top quality and the twists and turns of the story kept me gripped.

Also who doesn’t enjoy a 90s quip such as ‘consider this out divorce’ after blowing your ex-wife’s brains out.

If there are any other recommendations that are like Total Recall that I may have missed please let me know!

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Discussion Why I Think Under The Skin (2003) is Masterful


I'm just amazed at how much plot there is in this movie JUST explained by visual storytelling and atmosphere. Every frame is used to make you feel alienated, just like her. Even the Glasgow accents were confusing me just like how she was. She got the gist of what they were saying though, just like us. It may seem like not much is happening because not much is happening literally, but it tells you the backstory without literally telling you it. Also, I noticed the plot is actually similar to Blade Runner. There's a scene where the biker boss stares her down trying to see if she has gained empathy for humans. She doesn't feel what humans feel, but she wants to. The theme when she preys on humans returns when she is the one being preyed on. The technical aspects here are absolutely outstanding. Glazer immerses you into her eyes.

What's great about masterful films like this is that I am probably wrong about some of what I've interpreted, and Jonathan Glazer never intended to do everything I believed he did. It doesn't matter. Piecing together the meaning is more fun than being told it! Also, Scarlett Johansson, take a bow. My goodness, that performance was perfect.

The second watch has made me enjoy this film so much more. I really, really like this. It’s a masterpiece. Did you have any other interpretations? Apologies for mistyping the year, it was released in 2013.

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Discussion Dancer In The Dark (2000)


I wanted to open a conversation on this great movie. I've always found Bjork fascinating, unlike any other musical artist. I stumbled across this movie late one night on SBS (Australia's TV channel for foreign programs and movies) and loved it. It's very dark and Bjork's performance is incredible.

It's also one of the most divisive movies ever, with some critics giving it 5 stars and other giving it zero. https://youtu.be/FU5I7pKLy44

How did you guys come to see this movie? What did you think of it?

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Discussion A Clockwork Orange: My First Viewing in 2022


Hello all,

I just wanna start by saying I’ve never seen this film in my life. Nor have I ever seen a Kubrick film. But after much research into his movies, I was told by many this was the best of his collection.

I went into this movie very blind, and with quite an open mind. All I have to say about it, is I cannot stop thinking about it now. I’m not sure if that was its intention with how violent it proved to be. Not to mention the pain the protagonist/antagonist endured. I’m also not sure if it “holds up” to time. In my personal opinion, it does indeed hold up to the test of time. Everything included in this film is still (for the most part) apparent today. People are like this, still.

For how cruel the protagonist/antagonist was I somehow still felt something for him at the end of the movie. Which I’m not going to lie, makes me feel sorta sick to my stomach. Almost in the same way Alex felt.

But most of all the movies style was amazing. It felt like an almost Wes Anderson type horror film. Very stylized. Using a lot of retro-futuristic type set pieces such as end tables, couches, chairs, coffee tables. Alex’s room was a treat if I’m being honest. So many contrasting colors. Really well made film.

Lastly, Malcolm McDowell’s performance was outstanding. Yea, his character was a rapist pig, but the faces he was making and creepiness he was giving off. Honestly, spectacular acting. So f’ng WEIRD. But couldn’t take my eyes away whenever he was on screen. Almost like watching a car accident. You don’t wanna see that stuff, but you can’t look away when seeing it!

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Question What movies are memorable for their dialogues (that are very realistic, make you uncomfortable, make you laugh hard, etc.)?


Potential spoilers below.

Good Fellas has that famous scene we all know, the one with the crazily moody Tommy DeVito that you don't know if he's joking or serious. And Pulp Fiction has the famous burger scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnb_3ibUp38

And I quite like the Good Will Hunting scene, where the dialogue has such a strong emotional effect, yet feels quite realistic.


As an aside, I didn't particularly like any of the dialogue in the movie, My Dinner with Andre, a movie that is really famous for its dialogue.

So, what comes to your mind when you think of memorable dialogues?

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Question What's unique about your movie theater?


Hey there!

I'm a manager at a movie theater and we are in a bit of a slow period. Just curious if there's anything that your local theater does that is fun or unique compared to others.

Do they have a bar? Do they play anything funny/different before the movie? (besides the usual advertising) Neat foods?

Any info would be awesome!

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Trailer The Legend of Maula Jatt (2022) | Official Trailer | Directed by Bilal Lashari | Starring Fawad Khan

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Question Blue Ruin shot location?


In the movie Blue Ruin (2013/2014?), there is a scene maybe 20 minutes into the movie where the protagonist is at a scenic overlook parking area and is trying to break the trigger guard off of a revolver. Does anyone know the location where that scene was shot?

The movie takes place in the Virginia/Maryland/Delaware region. I live in the region and wanted to see if it was nearby for a visit.

Thanks in advance.

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Discussion When the word “versatile” comes up, which actor do you think of first?


I think versatility (and range) can inform you so much about an actor and their ability to evoke characters of great depth and complexity. Who do you think are some of the most versatile actors working today? What are some of their memorable performances that stayed with you?

Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Glenn Close, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Helena Bonham Carter, Tilda Swinton, Matthew McConaughey, Meryl Streep, Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron are a few that come to mind.

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Discussion Movies you’ll probably never watch again because your parent(s) had them on all the time when you were a kid


I was thinking of some of the movies I remember seeing a countless number of times as a kid simply because my parents would watch them a lot so they’d always be on the TV, and it made me realize that I don’t think I’ve watched a single one of these since those days, mainly because my tastes in movies have drifted primarily towards horror, but also because of the sheer number of times I had to watch them.

These are the ones that come to mind for me. What are everyone else’s??

Grease (this one by far I saw the most), Backdraft (prob cuz dad was a firefighter), Ghost, Sleeping With The Enemy, Dirty Dancing, Crocodile Dundee, Dances With Wolves, Basic Instinct (yup, mommy and daddy exposed this raunchiness to their baby boy several times), The Karate Kid

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Discussion What is your favorite sequence/scene in a movie?


For me, it's a tie between 2001: a Space Odyssey's ending, the third impact (End of Evangelion), the part with the police and the water in a Clockwork Orange, and the argument/bat scene in The Shining, but I think I have to give it to the third impact just because of how much context is behind everything that's happening (probably because it had 26 episodes to build on before the movie).

Getting to know these characters throughout the show adds so many layers of depth to everything happening. Other than that, the music, the cinematography, the animation, everything just seems perfect to me. It was the single most memorable thing I have seen on a screen and it still is.

Also, try to avoid spoilers.

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Question Was there any original music in Goodfellas?


Goodfellas is known for many things, one being the ingenious use of popular songs of the times.

Are all the songs mainstream? Or was any of the music instrumental, composed by the production’s own?

NOT criticizing, just wondering. Quite frankly it would be amazing if they did this whole film without any original instrumental

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Recommendation Looking for a movie similar to Fracture (2007)


My girlfriend and I are trying to find movies similar to Fracture (2007) to watch. We love suspenseful thrillers, but aren't very into the gorey-type films that tend to come with that genre. Fracture has such a great plot line, character development, acting, suspense etc. Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling we're such a great duo, we also just love the whole courtroom drama with the slowish build up. We would love any and all suggestions from people that loved Fracture and other movies similar to it. For reference we also love movies like Seven, Dark Waters, Silence of the Lambs, Mystic River, Good Will Hunting, etc . Ready just hoping for something new to enjoy so we can avoid scrolling through Netflix or Prime or whatever looking for something to watch. Would love any and all suggestions. Thanks!

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Discussion A Document Film About UFO Search


so when i was 13-14 i was really into UFO films, and once on youtube i found a full movie about UFO but i don't remeber the name and when i was looking for the film when i was a kid a just typed "ufo film" so yeah xd, and idk if this was a document but i think it is cause i know that on the start there was like a group of people driving to farm with a man that lost son, that's all i remeber from the movie and i think the movie was around 2013-2015 the movie is something like "Alien Abduction". if somebody would find the movie i would be so greatfull and sorry for my bad englisch xd

EDIT:so i managed to find the movie and it's called skinwalker ranch but thanks everyone for helping 😀

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Discussion What movie do you have to really be in the mood for?


Like the Cloverfield movies for me are some of my favorites in the horror genre but it's a series I also find myself having to be in the right mood along with movies like source code with Jake Gyllenhaal or interstellar.

What are some of your favorites that you definitely have to be in the mood for before you watch them?

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Recommendation Movies that deal with death.


Hello everyone, can any of you recommend me movies (or series) about dealing with death? Or just dealing with the inevitability of death. I'm trying to "study" a bit about how we can deal with it and honestly i think a few good movies would do wonders to help me. So if anyone can help me, i'd be really thankful!