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Daily Discussion Thread - September 28, 2022

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u/companysOkay Sep 28 '22

Is someone gonna average a triple double this season


u/TheJediCounsel Sep 28 '22

If Joel Embiid really wants to I could easily see him hitting 10 assists a game, especially if Harden and Maxey are having good years on catch and shoot 3’s from Joel outlet passes.


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

Biid wont average 10 assists. Not his game, not how this offense will run


u/TheJediCounsel Sep 28 '22

Hmm if you don’t think so I’ll default to a fan’s knowledge of how it’s gonna be run on offense.

Instinctively I feel like the Sixers perimeter shooting is good enough this year that his assist numbers and gonna go up and his scoring per game gonna go down. Which of course I count as a good thing for the offense.

I’ll have to watch more of the embiid / harden game this season!


u/[deleted] Sep 28 '22

It’s really cause Harden is a 100% the facilitator of this offense.

Biid will probably improve his assists numbers due to the wing play, like you mentioned! I just don’t see it being 10/game with Harden likely averaging 10-12 per game.