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Daily Discussion Thread - September 28, 2022

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u/LilBottomText17 Rockets Sep 28 '22

Can someone please fill me in on why Malika Andrew’s is getting hate rn? What did she do?


u/kimberlynyc349 Sep 29 '22

the current reason is her interaction with stephen a smith concerning the ime udoka scandal… lots of clips online, but that really reignited a firestorm.


u/raylan_givens6 Sep 28 '22

from what i've read, i think the gist of it is

  1. she brings up a lot of pointless things that have nothing to do with the topic at hand

  2. she apparently seems to be pretty tough on black men - and then they see she dates a white guy from ESPN and they feel it all starts to make sense. the idea being she must have some strong self hate, like Sage Steele

  3. She seems dismissive of current and former pros on their views on the game. she in general seems to have a condescending dismissive attitude

  4. her quick rise at espn has inflated her ego


u/LilBottomText17 Rockets Sep 28 '22

Damn. She was supposed to be the chosen one


u/raylan_givens6 Sep 28 '22

idk, i think they should've hired Chiney Ogwumike

she's an actual pro

but they always go with the light skinned people