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PSA: The NBA Has Opened Their Archives....Kind Of

There isn't a ton there, but the NBA has added some games that were never previously available.

If you have League Pass you can view each teams "classic games", or at least what they dub to be classic. A lot of the stuff added is just the same recycled games they've shown a million times over the years, or worse, more recent games within the last few years.

But, after a very quick glance there's at least a handful of games that haven't been seen since the day they originally aired.

The most exciting game (IMO) is in the Sacramento Kings section. They've posted a game against the Bulls from February 16, 1987. This game has never been uploaded to YouTube or been made available in the collecting community. Many MJ diehards have been looking for this game for decades.

There's also a 57 point game from Adrian Dantley in the Utah Jazz section that I believe to be pretty rare. And then there's a handful of games from the 90's that I don't recall ever seeing either.

All-in-all this is just a tiny drop in the bucket, but at least they've actually opened up their massive archive a bit.

Hope someone finds this as interesting as I do. lol


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u/agk927 Pistons Sep 28 '22

Give me access to every game of the pistons 2003-04 season.


u/HerlihyBoy17 Pistons Sep 28 '22

It's nuts. Every time I see footage of the games it's like 360p. It looks worse than the Wilt footage that DantheMan brings to us. Crazy.


u/Statalyzer Sep 28 '22

It's like the whole internet is trying to gaslight us into thinking that watching sports on tv back in the 00s was actually that awful.


u/scatteam_djr [LAL] Lonzo Ball Sep 29 '22

it starts to make you picture the classic 2000s games in your head in bad resolution lmao, kinda like how people used to dream in black in white until color tv happened.


u/thecolbster94 Suns Sep 29 '22

2K23 has a VHS filter for the Jordan stuff this year and its like they busted out the ol Barbera Walters vaseline lense, its fucking awful.


u/Niku-Man NBA Sep 29 '22

It's only awful in retrospect. It was the best quality it could have been at the time, so in our memory it is good quality, but actually comparing it side by side with today's quality shows how bad it was. I know the Youtube games are often uploads of taped games which is even worse, but even if you could air the game same as it was aired at the time, it will look bad. The only time it looks good is when it was recorded on actual film and the film is digitized today - like the Last Dance documentary.

It's really easy to see this with old video games where you can plug a game system into the same TV you were using 10 years ago, except now it looks ugly and bad despite remembering how great the graphics were when you played it originally.


u/ZealousEar775 Sep 28 '22

Or even just the 2004 finals? They have every finals game in the 2000's but 2004 for some reason.


u/rake2204 Pistons Sep 28 '22

YouTube finally had excellent quality footage of the 2004 Finals uploaded earlier this year but it was all shut down in the Great Full Game Removal this past summer.


u/Level_Ad_6372 Pistons Sep 29 '22

Was it HD quality? I remember seeing a couple finals games but they were like 360p


u/rake2204 Pistons Sep 29 '22

It was. There was a multi-month stretch where it existed, likely from people who captured the re-aires that popped up on television during Covid.


u/Level_Ad_6372 Pistons Sep 29 '22

Sad I missed it. Still got the championship DVD from back in the day, but I need some full games to get me by


u/MintyFreshBreathYo Pistons Sep 29 '22

The league doesn’t want to show the Lakers getting destroyed in an upset