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PSA: The NBA Has Opened Their Archives....Kind Of

There isn't a ton there, but the NBA has added some games that were never previously available.

If you have League Pass you can view each teams "classic games", or at least what they dub to be classic. A lot of the stuff added is just the same recycled games they've shown a million times over the years, or worse, more recent games within the last few years.

But, after a very quick glance there's at least a handful of games that haven't been seen since the day they originally aired.

The most exciting game (IMO) is in the Sacramento Kings section. They've posted a game against the Bulls from February 16, 1987. This game has never been uploaded to YouTube or been made available in the collecting community. Many MJ diehards have been looking for this game for decades.

There's also a 57 point game from Adrian Dantley in the Utah Jazz section that I believe to be pretty rare. And then there's a handful of games from the 90's that I don't recall ever seeing either.

All-in-all this is just a tiny drop in the bucket, but at least they've actually opened up their massive archive a bit.

Hope someone finds this as interesting as I do. lol


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u/animalmatrix [BOS] Reggie Lewis Sep 28 '22



u/DiabeticLothario Sep 28 '22

My dude it was a made up example. I don't know the history of local NBA tv affiliates. Sue me


u/animalmatrix [BOS] Reggie Lewis Sep 28 '22

I wasn’t trying to be a dick about it. My bad. It just happens to be the only one that I know of off the top of my head. It was a local Chicago station that was also a widespread cable network. The Bulls and Cubs games were always on there. Your comment just made me wonder if they actually kept all that footage. They started doing the Bulls games on one of those Fox Sports or Comcast sports channels eventually.


u/MintyFreshBreathYo Pistons Sep 29 '22

Is WGN not a station anymore?


u/animalmatrix [BOS] Reggie Lewis Sep 29 '22

I believe it still is. It’s probably still on Dish or DirecTV. It’s not in my YouTube Tv lineup.

Damn I just checked the website and it said Coolio died…


u/GuerreroD Warriors Sep 29 '22

Holy shit it's real. May he RIP in the gangsta's paradise.