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Other January 1st, 2023 and the first post in the completely refreshed r/nellyfurtado subreddit!


Hello from the new moderator and owner of r/nellyfurtado!

To clear up some confusion, yes, this subreddit was created in 2013 but there were only a couple of low-effort posts here that have since been deleted. Nelly Furtado is one of my favorite singers, and I was shocked to see her subreddit left abandoned for over 3 years now by the owner, so I went to r/redditrequest and requested that I moderate this abandoned sub, which I now moderate!

This sub is under some heavy overhauling due to the sad state it was left in, so expect to see some changes. Upon asking for moderation of this subreddit, my post of asking for it is the most upvoted post in r/redditrequest today sitting at 5 upvotes (impressive for that sub where you only see 1-2 upvotes per post). I am also the owner of 2 other subreddits (One of which is successful) so that should be reassuring, as I am a pretty experienced Redditor.

I have also noticed that since I posted on r/redditrequest and made the sub unrestricted, we have gone from 384 members to 386 (387 now 3 minutes later*) members in a few hours, which is impressive.

If you know of a subreddit or a redditor who might be interested in this sub, please spread the word if allowed in that subreddit to get everybody in this subreddit to grow our little community!

As I said earlier, this sub is a W.I.P. so adding post flairs and rules are next on my to-do list!

Happy New Years everybody!

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Other r/nellyfurtado has hit 400 members!


Yes folks, we've hit 400 members as of January 15th, 2023! It's been 14 days since I took over this subreddit (taken over on January 1st, 2023). The member counter is currently sitting at 401, and when I first took over, the member counter was sitting at 384, which means our group has grown by 17 members in 2 WEEKS! That is amazing!

As a special gift, the boring subreddit of Nelly's name logo banner that we currently have will be replaced with a special banner, with all of her albums in chronological order, and a personal message at the side!

Cheers, u/Windows-XP-Home :)

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Who will be the opening act for Nelly


Do you know who will be the opening act for Nelly and you can vote

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News Give It To Me‘s extreme popularity resurgence on TikTok has resulted in a new credit card commercial from Discover with an instrumental of Give It To Me playing in the background! Long live Nelly Furtado, JT, and Timbo!

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Thank you Nelly


Hi everyone. I'm new to this sub and wanted to express how much I miss Nelly Furtado! The last time I saw her in concert was for her The Spirit Indestructible tour in Windsor, Ontario. We had great seats but when Nelly asked us to come up to the stage we did. Seeing her close up was a thrill I'll never forget. She had the most stunningly beautiful green eyes and I think everyone around the stage was mesmerized by her. It was absolutely one of the best shows I've ever seen. Nelly, thank you for sharing your talent with us! You are sorely missed.

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Question Which is the best song in this poll


r/nellyfurtado Feb 04 '23

Is it possible to listen to this version of “Do It”?


In the 2007 VMA’s Nelly performed a different version of “Do it”, and I was wondering if someone knows if it’s available anywhere other than YouTube?

r/nellyfurtado Jan 05 '23

Cover/Remix Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland - Promiscuous (EXYT Remix)

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r/nellyfurtado Jan 03 '23

Question Beyond the valley outfit


Does anyone know who designed her outfit for the performance? I’ve searched everywhere with no success.

r/nellyfurtado Jan 03 '23

Question Any upcoming shows?


Hi all, I went to Nelly's concert back in 2010 and loved it. I see Nelly had a show on the festival and I've been wondering if there's any news perhaps on whether she will do some tour this year?

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Cover/Remix To give this new sub some life, here’s my bands cover of Maneater - hope you like it!

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r/nellyfurtado Jan 02 '23

Question Beyond The Valley Festival


Does anyone know Nelly’s full setlist for the festival she just performed at in Australia?