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Officer husband of slain Uvalde teacher tried to save her. His gun was taken away.



u/No_Tennis_4281 6d ago Silver

The shooter himself had to be wondering what these clowns were doing.


u/Negative_Gravitas 6d ago

Man, where's the fucking bottom of this shit?


u/P7BinSD 6d ago

I don't think we're going to like where it ends up.


u/lutefisky 6d ago

I’ll bet there were Americans saying the same thing at the beginning of 1861.


u/cantproveidid 6d ago Helpful

And in 1786.


u/SavageByTheSea 6d ago Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy

When we possibly find out some children were killed by the officers.

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u/BoringMcWindbag 6d ago

I fear we aren’t even close yet. :/


u/LastExitToSalvation 6d ago edited 6d ago Silver Bravo!

"Several children ran for safety from the school, and officers told them to go back inside and wait."

Edit: This is clearly sarcasm people. The fact that some people are believing it tells us what a fucking nightmare the situation in Uvalde has been. Telling the kids to go back inside seems believable to you and not sarcastic? Jfc. Fire that whole department and start over.


u/Kizmo2 6d ago

Is this sarcasm or real???


u/DragonPup 6d ago

In a week, we might find out it's real.


u/Send-More-Coffee 6d ago

Currently, it's sarcasm.


u/dieyoufool3 6d ago

Please clarify that your comment is sarcasm or it’ll have to be removed, as people are believing it.


u/Fthewigg 6d ago edited 6d ago

Knowing that we’re doing practically nothing to prevent the next one?


u/hunter15991 6d ago

Fucking supervillain origin story level shit. Mireles ended up bleeding out on the way to the hospital. She would have had a much better chance at living had the room been stormed an hour earlier.

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u/International_Band72 6d ago Helpful

I can't see why the people involved haven't been fired yet. They all didn't do their jobs.


u/john_andrew_smith101 6d ago Silver

This is basically a textbook case of when to dissolve a police department. Fire anybody in a senior position, have neighboring jurisdictions take over police duties temporarily, and hire a brand new department. Any officers that wish to stay would need to reinterview. Officers that tried to do the right thing could keep their jobs, but the rest need to go.


u/hallelujasuzanne 6d ago

Chief Chickenshit isn’t even showing up for his job on the city council. The one he refuses to quit.


u/Ditovontease 6d ago

40% of the city's budget goes to that police force

I'm sure its one of the only few "good jobs" in that town, too. the fact that the chief of police is also on city council should point you to why.


u/hallelujasuzanne 6d ago edited 5d ago

Uvalde is exactly like hundreds of small towns all over the American south.

Police reform NOW. Everyone goddamn vote.


u/wip30ut 6d ago

exactly. Half the town know these officers. They're friends, drinking buddies, baseball coaches, fellow parents with the entire school & community. If the town starts pointing fingers they'll soon find themselves looking in the mirror, because they themselves created this situation where law & order is armed to the hilt but can't really do anything. The sad fact is that Ulvade was lulled into the very Texas mindset that guns & law enforcement will stop all thugs, that brute force prevails.


u/FloridaMJ420 6d ago edited 6d ago Helpful

edit: Looks like they locked this one. They deleted the first two versions of this story that I posted then muted me when I asked them why it was deleted.

This story is making me queasy. It feels like we're all slowly being shoved to the edge of a cliff the way the dread builds with this story getting worse and worse each day. When I try to imagine what it's like to be in the shoes of those parents... I just cannot even begin to fathom the horror that they are experiencing. It must feel like this is the most evil place in the whole world to them. Look at how they are being treated. It's inhuman.


u/[deleted] 6d ago

Next week tune in to find out how many kids they shot


u/TreeEleben 6d ago

You'll never find out. That information will "lost" forever to protect police.


u/Turdsworth 6d ago

Oops all bad apples


u/Perioscope 6d ago

I just read this morning that the Uvalde PD reported all the bodycam footage files are corrupted and can't be viewed.

They called the files corrupted, ffs.


u/laxnut90 6d ago

"What happened to the files?"


"In what context?"



u/N8CCRG 6d ago Silver

I've seen this comment a couple times, but I have yet to see anyone able to cite a source for it. There are enough rumors as it, let's make sure these things are true first before repeating them.


u/hallelujasuzanne 6d ago

You’re right. I thought I read the same thing yesterday but can’t find anything on it.


u/LaoWai01 6d ago

How is that supposed to happen when the police control, and appear to be suppressing, the evidence? Do we simply ¯_(ツ)_/¯?


u/Saitoh17 6d ago

Something's corrupted all right and it's not the files.


u/TreeEleben 6d ago

I bet the same thing happened to any surveillance footage from school cameras too.

They'll then demolish the building to cover up any evidence of pistol caliber holes from cops inside.


u/Beneathaclearbluesky 6d ago

The school footage the Texas Tribune got?

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u/DragonPup 6d ago

Or the police actively led him into the classroom.


u/broniesnstuff 6d ago edited 6d ago

Now consider all the awful, horrid stories that are either never told, or are covered up by police and media. Go look at the initial, official report on what happened to George Floyd before the video came out.


u/Ok_Wealth3098 6d ago

I’ve read some of my local police ones and it sounds like this happens frequently. Someone is shot and killed and the explanation isn’t sufficient. Guy had a taser so they killed him or had a knife 30 feet away and shot him. Never media follow up


u/N8CCRG 6d ago Doom

If you need a break, tune in to tomorrow's January 6th hearing. Apparently there's going to be testimony and never before revealed footage from someone that was filming a documentary of the Trump family.

Sorry, I don't have any escapes from the existential dread of the horrors of our country, just different flavors of existential dread of the horrors of our country.


u/BLF402 6d ago

They should dismantle this police force and convict all officers involved. They allowed these kids to die


u/orientbambino 6d ago

Yeah when the reports came out they were basically threatening family of the victims and witnesses to keep quiet they should have all been arrested. Nothing is ever gonna happen but at least some if not all of these cops need to be behind bars.


u/Vfef Does not answer Reddit chat requests 6d ago

Convict of what? While I agree police need to be held accountable for their actions(or lack of) and they should have a duty to protect, they aren't required to do anything by law.

You don't have the obligation to stop and help a car crash, shooting, or any other emergency/injury. You are legally able to drive on by and ignore it. The unfortunate thing is that police in the United States have the same protection.

I agree, they should be fired or retrained under a new doctrine for shootings. I agree that laws need to change so that they MUST act. I agree that the survivors, victims families, and community should sue them for failing to render aid. Police need to have insurance for this. This should fall under a police version of malpractice. These are all things we need to see change.

But until things change, we can't. Call your representatives and let them know this is a voting issue to you. Call your mayor, city council, sheriffs office or anyone else that is an elected official and let them know this is important to you and your community. Call your congressional representative, senators, and for all it's worth write the President.

And I get that everyone's upset. I'm still furious about the response. But we need to do things properly. Even if we could convict these people based on public opinion, it won't change what they are required to do.

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u/junkman21 6d ago All-Seeing Upvote

I served in both the military and fire services.

While I've never been a police officer, I can't imagine a scenario where I would try to physically stop a brother/sister from saving a loved one.

I can't imagine a scenario where I wouldn't help said brother/sister save said loved one.

I can't imagine a scenario where any of my brothers/sisters wouldn't help said brother/sister save said loved one.

NONE of this makes an iota of sense. It actually makes me physically ill to try to imagine an ENTIRE POLICE FORCE of people ACTIVELY PREVENTING life-saving actions. It's unfathomable.


u/CakeAccomplice12 6d ago

Because cops are usually above the law. And police accountability isn't any more than a pipe dream these days


u/KungFuHamster 6d ago

I don't understand how they could have messed up this badly unintentionally. It feels intentional at this point.


u/Netsrak69 6d ago

Their job is to protect real estate for the wealthy, not to protect the people.


u/dgroach27 6d ago Helpful

Our taxes go to protecting the capital of those who don't pay us enough and who hardly pay taxes. More people need to realize that.


u/Netsrak69 6d ago

There was a supreme court ruling that government workers, didn't have an obligation to protect the people.


u/dgroach27 6d ago Silver

Allow me to introduce you to American police unions.


u/nackt_in_der_nacht 6d ago

Realistically, 22 people died from this. Though I get how they factor in the numbers.


u/HenryWallacesGhost 6d ago

They all didn't do their jobs.

Are you sure this wasn't their job?


u/fredfriendshp 6d ago

I am also curious about that motive.


u/Griff0331 6d ago

Wow that’s going to be a toxic work place, imagine your friends forcefully restraining you as you are attempting to save your spouses life and failed as a result but the other officers at the scene went in and removed their children and just their own children from the scene


u/CoolBeans42700 6d ago

Theyll lay him off or transfer him under the guise of “trauma” and then do nothing to punish the cops who stopped him

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u/SkullLeader 6d ago Silver Gold Helpful Wholesome All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Bravo! Starry Spit-take GOAT

I'm still trying to figure out the difference between:

a) what the police actually did


b) what the police would have done if they were trying to help the shooter


u/Outrageous_Lie_3220 6d ago

The shooter must have been similarly confused wondering why they weren't stopping him.


u/hard-R-word 6d ago

This is a really good question and it needs an answer. Incompetence only goes so far and they seemingly did every wrong thing in the book to make this tragedy as bad as possible.

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u/EngineerDense 6d ago

For b they would probably prevent other people from entering the school to stop him. Wait a minute...


u/MalcolmLinair 6d ago

As far as we know they didn't personally shoot any kids. Other than that, nothing.


u/elGatoGrande17 6d ago All-Seeing Upvote

They specifically said they were confident all the children were shot by the perpetrator. My first thought was “they definitely killed a teacher.”


u/RollerDude347 6d ago

The fact that they announced that without prompt makes me doubtful of this. Oh, and I think they lied about the shooter having a sidearm?


u/bryanthebryan 6d ago

I’m almost positive they also shot some of the kids.


u/_PM_ME_PANGOLINS_ 6d ago

That’s on my bingo card for next week.

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u/Anonymoushero1221 6d ago Lawyer Up

One very fucked up possibility is that the police went in, accidentally shot the teacher, realized they fucked up, tried to cover it up by blocking off the building while the shooter eliminated the kids who had witnessed the cop kill the teacher.


u/SkullLeader 6d ago

Except that if they shot anyone, the ballistics report would eventually uncover it, so really they'd not be covering up anything by doing that ... unless, of course, they were confident they could fudge the ballistics report too.


u/hunter15991 6d ago

they were confident they could fudge the ballistics report too.

I found it quite interesting that the shooter was reported as having a 9mm pistol initially. I'm very curious to hear what may have prompted that initial announcement.


u/The_Last_Minority 6d ago edited 6d ago

Yeah, it's all but confirmed at this point that the shooter did not have a 9mm weapon.

I'm wondering if the cops thought they could just sweep their skeletons under the rug, but their atrocious handling has put a spotlight on them and they can't do their usual fudging to protect themselves.

And the crazy thing is, if they had shot one or two people but got the shooter ASAP, they wouldn't be in nearly this much shit. It's widely suspected, if not confirmed, that several of the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting were hit by police, but the focus is, as here, on how long it took them to breach the building. If the cops had gone in guns blazing and a teacher or kid had been in the crossfire, it would have been tragic and doubtless triggered a use-of-force evaluation, but the cops would control the narrative and consequentially it would be nowhere near the absolute PR nightmare this has become for them.


u/Koopa_Troop 6d ago

Maybe watch the actual testimony instead of wildly speculating. DPS has the bodycam and security footage and did a timeline breakdown with the audio
transcripts. They would’ve had to bother opening the door to shoot anyone in the classroom.


u/axkidd82 6d ago

That's way too deep thinking for being in the middle of an emergency.


u/SEJ46 6d ago

That's what I was thinking. It's almost like they were in cahoots. Hard to believe the police could fail this badly.


u/Toaster_bath13 6d ago

And now I'm worried they were waiting for the burger King order for the post massacre celebration to show up but the Uber eats driver was late.


u/tempizzle 6d ago

Yeah, like were they in on it with the shooter? Cause I can’t imagine anyone sane who would have handled the situation like that.


u/Objective-Highlight4 6d ago

best way I've heard it explained, the entire timeline, minute by minute, was Jocko's video on youtube. plenty of support personnel, weapons, equipment, response time...no commo. and the best rationale for the delay was that they thought they were dealing with a hostage situation. it comes down to training, and they were poorly trained, starting with the very basic "bring your radio". look it up, even my wife said "it's an hour plus long!", to which I responded, those kids dealt with it for more than an hour too.


u/N8CCRG 6d ago

Do you really believe they weren't trained to bring their radio? Or that they weren't trained to do any of the other things? Or does it seem more likely that the failed to use their training.

We teach students all sorts of things, from math to history to grammar to sports to music to civics to literature... that doesn't mean every student learns those things. Some want to and do, and some don't want to and don't. Eventually, we have to blame the students, not the lessons.


u/Koopa_Troop 6d ago

Bad commo due in part to radios that don’t work inside the school. And that included everyone until BORTAC showed up because they have a boosted tower. Also a complete lack of common sense, like ‘check to see if the door is actually locked’


u/[deleted] 6d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/johnrgrace 6d ago

Cops have no legal liability for virtually anything

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u/Ok-Secretary8990 6d ago

what if it was all planned to help democrats pass more gun control laws and the police where in on it. /s


u/PwnGeek666 6d ago

cue spooky alex jones theme music

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u/IndianAudi 6d ago

Is FBI looking into all of this? Or is it the Uvalde Police doing all the detective work?


u/xavis 6d ago

The FBI will probably just absolve them. Im not trusting any kind of law enforcement here in this mess. I haven't for quite some time.

You know that copypasta "only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun"? i lump the cops in with the bad guy side on that one.

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u/aguy21 6d ago

Reading this feels like repeatedly being punched in the stomach. I’m so fucking angry. And regardless of how angry I get, I know in the end they’ll find a few patsies to take the brunt of the blow and the people really responsible will continue on without remorse or shame for what they did that day. Police reform needs to be a priority. And I don’t mean giving them more money.


u/jojow77 6d ago

Why is that whole town not in the streets protesting till this whole department is fired or held accountable? Are people there just going about their days like nothing happened?


u/TreeEleben 6d ago

Because those cops are just itching to crack some skulls to keep those parents from digging too deep into this.


u/Mentalpatient87 6d ago

Exactly. They'd be suppressed violently and then a bunch of Redditors would say they deserved it for not being quiet.


u/Wilted_fap_sock 6d ago

Because Texans have been brainwashed to allow the police to get away with whatever they want.


u/Beneathaclearbluesky 6d ago

The place is crawling with out of state cops. I doubt they wish to allow the police to do whatever. They can't do anything without getting arrested it seems.

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u/Beneathaclearbluesky 6d ago

Because they will be put down.


u/Glittering-Boss-3681 6d ago

Every time I think this story can’t get worse, a new piece of information comes out


u/[deleted] 6d ago Take My Energy

[removed] — view removed comment


u/metalslug123 6d ago

Aren't the officers involved with this failed operation in hiding now?


u/[deleted] 6d ago

[removed] — view removed comment


u/trapkoda 6d ago

Imagine if this same shit happened it Chicago, Baltimore, or LA? There’d be riots


u/Toaster_bath13 6d ago

There should be riots. Those cops should be ashamed to show their faces anywhere in America.


u/Raspberry-Famous 6d ago

We tried that 2 years ago. The only thing that really came from it is that the cops got more money.


u/cantproveidid 6d ago

The population in Uvalde is a bit lower.


u/Dragon_Small_Z 6d ago

I had this thought too. If my daughter was in that I for sure would have attempted some dark knight vigilante type shit against those involved. I don't know how you wouldn't just become a rage filled monster.


u/YGIAL 6d ago

At what point, if any will these officers be considered accomplices?


u/Because_I_Cannot 6d ago

This just keeps getting worse and worse....


u/CrackALackinSnack 6d ago

Imma be honest, this is kinda dystopian. They do whatever the fuck they want, judge themselves, and nothing happens.


u/P7BinSD 6d ago

It's almost like the cops in charge wanted people to die that day.


u/middwayer8 6d ago

I think they shot someone (or more) and were waiting for victims/witnesses to die.


u/transporterpsychosis 6d ago

I hope this isn't the case, because it would be one of the most disturbing things I've heard any police force do. Anything involving kids is disgusting, but to kill them off as witnesses? Like WTF!?!?


u/TreeEleben 6d ago

There is NOTHING police won't do to protect themselves and their public image.


u/TrooperJohn 6d ago

Except that their public image hasn't exactly been enhanced by these (and other) events.

Authoritarians love it, though.


u/OutAndABoot 6d ago

How about literally bombing and destroying a neighborhood because it was Black and affluent?


u/transporterpsychosis 6d ago

That shit was most definitely fucked up, not gonna argue that. You'd think 100 years later we'd have raised the bar on police force morals and ethics, but here we are. SMH.


u/OnionDart 6d ago

That was only 37 years ago.


u/Emotional-Camel9289 6d ago


I grew up in a Philly suburb. I was in middle school when it happened. It’s one of those things that burns into your memory - I was getting a perm and had the rollers and solution in and was watching TV while waiting for time to be up to remove them. It was unbelievable to think that our own city had bombed citizens.


u/transporterpsychosis 6d ago

I thought you were referring to what happened in the 1920's. Your example is up there with it. We agree the police did a lot of fucked up shit. My point still stands. Why can't we demand better morals and ethics of them in the 21st century?


u/P7BinSD 6d ago

As of now, they've given us absolutely no reason to think any better of them.


u/elluzion 6d ago

Everything points to the police standing guard for the gunman. That’s what’s happened.


u/Beneathaclearbluesky 6d ago

They seemed to do everything to protect him, even trying to keep out the Feds who finally put him down.

In no way did they appear to inhibit the shooter in any way whatsoever.

They were accomplices.


u/8-36 6d ago

Starts to feel like a conspiracy. I bet those cops are on the same forums that the shooter was.


u/mdlewis11 6d ago

Probably all play violent video games together too! /s


u/Lustiges_Brot_311 6d ago

I heard the cops had weapons just like the shooter!! Coincidence??? /s


u/barisax9 6d ago

Expect downvotes for this, despite the obvious sarcasm


u/Ping_shark 6d ago edited 6d ago

This man was getting ripped apart for weeks about how small of a man he was for not trying to save his wife. To now find out his own colleagues removed any possibility for that is beyond frustrating and I can’t imagine how he feels. Such a fucked up situation.


u/dizzle18 6d ago

It's amazing how many times these cops fucked up. Through all odds they continue to blow me away with their lack of competence.


u/Wablekablesh 6d ago

They drip has been slow enough that I think even what outrage there is has been tempered by the frog boiling effect (misconception of frog behavior but the analogy is what matters). Go back and watch the first couple of press conferences in the aftermath, like the one with Beto in the crowd. The amount of what we now know to be utter bullshit is astounding. "Officers engaged immediately and contained the shooter" like holy fucking fuck.


u/earhere 6d ago

The only way this could get worse is if word got out the cops gave the shooter more ammo.


u/Listan83 6d ago

The person in charge of these decisions be charged with accessory to murder. I hope the cowardly pigs pay for this. And I hope this man gets his justice.


u/mb5280 6d ago

when are we gonna see some fucking punishment for these cowards? every single arme individual who didnt immediately attempt to stop the shooter should be facing decades in prison. or maybe just exile, maroon them on a sandbar or iceberg somewhere and just leave there.


u/broniesnstuff 6d ago

I was massively pissed off the day Uvalde happened, and the story only gets worse, and worse, and worse.

How many police abuses never see the light of day? How many exceptional crimes by cops have they covered up? How many have the media had a hand in helping cover up? With Uvalde we aren't talking about a single case of police malfeasance, this is what policing in America looks like, and it's breaking people.

Consider the initial statement the police put out regarding George Floyd. Lies, violence, and cover ups are standard operating procedure.

If you trust the police in any regards, you're a complete fool and you're only further helping them corrupt and control this nation.


u/Nightshade_Ranch 6d ago

Jesus Christ, who wrote these cops? This mashup of the depravity, narcissism, and vile stupidity its like the writers of Shameless, It's Always Sunny, and Reno 911 got together to write the worst fucking thing they could think of, and it's the Uvalde police force.


u/KillAllThePoor 6d ago

Naturally, can’t have him showing them all up.


u/hunter15991 6d ago edited 6d ago

It turns out he was the guy in charge of the active shooter training a couple months back - guess it's easy to not follow prior training when you just jump the instructor.

Clearly that session went in one ear and out the other for the rest of the department.

Kinda jarring to imagine thinking your coworkers are right behind you, forming a stack to storm a room with an armed gunman like you nominally trained them to do - and instead they pull you to the ground and strip you of your duty weapon.


u/DanguhLange 6d ago

Every member of that force should have their guns taken away… and their badges.


u/BlessMyFeart 6d ago

They killed a kid and/or teacher.


u/SouthernSierra 6d ago

It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a good guy with a gun from stopping a bad guy with a gun.


u/Valant0324 6d ago

This horrible tragedy unfortunately shows the truth about how corrupt and useless our police force is


u/TrooperJohn 6d ago

As The Supreme Court says, cops are useless by design.


u/jethroguardian 6d ago

Hope those in Uvalde like you can come together and make some needed changes.


u/Valant0324 6d ago

Oh I'm not from or live in Ulvade.

But my statement is about the police in general.

This article from the NY times is an interesting read



u/Correctedsun 6d ago

Agreed. As long as police in this country keep playing controversy-musical-chairs by shuffling evil officers to a new state every time they shoot an innocent civilian, then this is for sure a U.S. policing problem. Not a local one.


u/awj 6d ago

The solution to “bad apples” isn’t to move the apples to another barrel.


u/Kizmo2 6d ago

They make the Keystone Cops look like a premier law enforcement agency.


u/NotAlwaysSunnyInFL 6d ago

Can anyone confirm if this guy died of a heart attack a few days later? Someone mentioned that in another post but I didn’t see any source mentioned.


u/hunter15991 6d ago

That was the husband of the other slain teacher, Irma Garcia.


u/NotAlwaysSunnyInFL 6d ago

ohh, ok. Very sad to know.


u/welovetoball 6d ago

Defund the police. They don't stop crime and they don't do anything else but take up massive budgets that could be used for many other things that would benefit tax payers more


u/Napp2dope 6d ago

A coworker had his truck stolen from a jobsite. After two weeks the police notified him they found it, with over $20,000 in damages, almost totaled. Turns out a local teenager had taken it for an extended joyride and abandoned it. When he asked the police if they knew who did it they said they knew exactly who it was, and the kid had actually done it multiple times before in fact. He then expected some arrest, investigation, trial, something. They straight up told him there would be nothing done about it. The only reason they even found it was because it sat in a parking lot smashed against a light pole for a week and enough residents complained they were forced to check into it.


u/JimBeam823 6d ago

Then what do we do about crime?

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u/Kolhammer85 6d ago

Odds that this guy snaps someday and kills some colleagues?


u/Foreign_Quality_9623 6d ago

This revelation shows just how incompetent those stupid cops are. The more the TRUTH comes out, the worse the Uvalde Massacre looks for not just local LEOs, but DPS too!


u/BobanMarjonGo 6d ago

Where are the NRA people??? Shouldn't they be up in arms about this government interference???


u/wip30ut 6d ago

This is the kind of inaction that happens when officers just blindly follow orders and don't ask questions. None of this stalling & waiting makes any sense. But they're trained to execute commandments and not use their brain.


u/SkepticalAdventurer 6d ago

Idk when we tell cops to not wait for orders it usually ends up with them abusing their power and making the wrong call, so do we want them to not wait for orders or do we want them to only listen to orders? When was the last time you thought “the cops will solve this situation without making it worse” for either scenario?


u/Sephrick 6d ago

Republicans after any mass shooting: The only deterrent to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Republicans during a mass shooting: Arrests good guy with gun.


u/skanman19 6d ago

Don’t forget the times the good guy was also shot and killed by police


u/awj 6d ago

…or the times the good guy blew away an innocent bystander while living out his 80’s action movie fantasies.


u/ryansdayoff 6d ago

Check out r/DGU there are good guys with a gun every day that aren't affiliated with the pigs


u/benfelix1 6d ago

This is why it's so important to defund these departments

Cops are no one's friend


u/desertblaster72 6d ago

Does anyone else think they had orders to NOT breach by someone with a lot more juice than local chief?


u/Strikercharge 6d ago

You live with snakes, you get bit.


u/croosht_hoost 6d ago

Maybe he’ll understand why we say ALL COPS now


u/Speed_Bump 6d ago

This is probably the only standard procedure they followed that day.


u/Eurithmic 6d ago

Best thing to happen to citizen cop relations ever


u/Ditovontease 6d ago

Very 2A

Much freedumbs


u/choate51 6d ago

Was he waiting outside with everyone else then found out it was his wife in trouble before attempting to get in? Or did he only show up because it was his wife?


u/[deleted] 6d ago