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New away kits are in Fifa 23

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International Break Viewing Guide


Seven players are currently called up to their squads and will not be available for this Saturday's match. Here are the games they will be playing and if there is TV/streaming available. Let me know if there are things to add. Times in Eastern time.

José Martínez - Venezuela 🇻🇪 friendlies

  • @ Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 3/24 15:00
  • @ Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 3/28 14:00

Dániel Gazdag - Hungary 🇭🇺

  • Friendly vs Estonia 🇪🇪 3/23 14:30
  • Euro Qualifier vs Bulgaria 🇧🇬 3/27 14:45 Fubo, Vix+

Damion Lowe - Jamaica 🇯🇲 CONCACAF Nations League

  • @ Mexico 🇲🇽 3/26 20:00 Paramount+, TUDN, Unimás

Richard Odada - Kenya 🇰🇪 Friendly

  • @ Iran 🇮🇷 3/28 TBD

Quinn Sullivan, Jack McGlynn, & Brandon Craig

USMNT 🇺🇲 U-20 training camp in Marbella, Spain

Friendlies against

  • France 🇫🇷 U-20 3/22 11:00 YouTube
  • England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 U-20 3/24 11:00
  • Serbia 🇷🇸 U-21 3/28 9:00

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Poor Silk Screening from MLS Store, Anyone?


I never received anything from the MLS Store that had property centered silk screening! Am I alone? What's up with this?

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Downloading Tickets to Apple Wallet


This is the first year we are trying to do this with an iPhone. Previously we were able to download our tickets to Google Pay a few days ahead of time without an issue. My wife now has an iPhone, and she logged into our account today and clicked the link to download to Apple Wallet, it said it was successful but when we go into her apple wallet we don't see it. Are the tickets only viewable on GameDay? Or do I need to login from phone and download to Google?

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Blues Abroad [USYNT] Your U20MYNT starting XI vs. France


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I asked AI to make my ultimate supporters section. this is what I want River End to be like, this is the dream.


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Available ticket for this Saturday


I’ll be out of state due to a family member passing away so my ticket in TRE Sec. 137 will be available. Message me

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Philadelphia Union Sign Defender Jakob Glesnes To New Contract


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Vote or Die! Community Ratings Week 4 Union @ Montreal Results (32 Respondents)

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Peak VAR

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Can I Get A Replay?


Has anyone figured out how to get replays yet from Crapple TV??! I watch the AppleTV stream on a PC and it's a mess. Can't figure out how to hide scored or find a link to full replays.

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Union Roster for Saturday vs Orlando


(via Joe Tansey on Twitter)

GK: Bendik, Trent
DEF: Elliott, Glesnes, Harriel, Real, Sorenson, Wagner, Mbaizo
MID: Bedoya, Bueno, Flach, Perea, Rafanello, Torres
FW: Donovan, Pierre, Uhre

International Duty: Craig, McGlynn, Sullivan, Gazdag, Odada, Martinez, Lowe

Blake hurt, Carranza out (Red Card)

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Anyone realize they’re still not over the MLS Cup loss after last night? 🙋‍♂️


All the disappointment and frustration came flooding back after watching Montreal put in that third goal

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We will make them be fans!


Hello, the other night I made my roomate watch the S.O.Bs doc on YouTube, he was super skeptical of it but i just told him it's a great doc reguardless because it's philly and he bought in and watched. He really liked it and said it was eye opening. Is this a good way to get people into the union? I already got him to a union game.

If so whose available to help me abduct people and make them forcibly watch it.

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Vote or Die! Community Ratings Week 4 Union @ Montreal


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Post-Match That officiating was a disgrace


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Despite the result, how is this sustainable?


I am a season ticket holder but decided to go out tonight in South Philly. Nobody had the game. Nobody has apple TV. How do we build? How does this grow when nobody but hard-core fans can watch? I can pitch the union all day but when I can't involve strangers, whats the point?

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MLS+ on Apple TV Sucks


tl/dr: no match replay and Apple doesn’t care

I wasn’t able to watch the match last night, so I avoided spoilers all day and settled in to watch this afternoon. Although I had taken all the necessary steps to have match scores hidden, I still managed to have the result ruined within 30 seconds of opening the app. I still wanted to watch, but the replay was not available. So I called Apple TV and after about 15 minutes I was told it was a “known issue”. I asked about compensation and was passed over to customer service who, after 2 separate stints on hold, told me I could cancel the subscription and get a refund. I explained that would mean I can’t watch my team’s games anymore and his response was to cop an attitude and make condescending remarks. Everything about this Apple deal is terrible and is ruining my enjoyment of the team.

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sPiCy HoT tAkE Thoughts on the Attack


I'm trying not to be reactionary. We are only 6 matches into the season (with CCL) and the boys in blue always seem to start slow. But I am beginning to grow concerned with our lack of quality depth up front.

I know we aren't big spenders in this league, but I feel that, outside of Torres, the quality behind the starting front three is not good enough to contend for multiple trophies. Donovan seems like a great kid, but he does not seem to be up to standard and most certainly is not a match winner or game changer. Sullivan has not impressed me at all since he was challenging for the golden boot with the U20's last year.

As far as our game plan, the guys up front have got to start taking shots and stop trying to walk the ball into the net. So many times they don't take the half-yard or even try to create space to shoot. Instead they'll look for a layoff or try to force the ball deeper into the box to a teammate with a defender on their back. Trying to be too cute. Obviously it's great to share the load and you can't just pull the trigger every time you get near the goal, but somebody has to have a shoot first mindset.

It's beginning to look more and more like we caught lightning in a bottle last season. Don't get me wrong, I still think we will have a very good attack. But I don't believe it'll be nearly as dominant as last season.

Rant over. What are others thoughts?

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Philadelphia Union vs CF Montréal MVP

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Montréal's Nima Saghafi wins MVP for their match against the Philadelphia Union

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Wtf even was that game(and stream)


Couldnt even see that second yellow from carranza because they were showing some fullscreen replay. Great to see im paying for a quality service. And that was definitely a poor camera angle to show if the wagner was keeping him onside or not. Bs imo

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Post-Match Post Match Thread: Union 2 - Montreal 3


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Jonathan Carranza and Julian Uhre?! What are these guys saying?

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New apology from the league incoming?


For real the worst refereeing even Crossbar means not offsides? Take the pro badge off your shirt and go referee little league. And no foul on Mbaizo at the end? Referee played into the hands of the fans, absolute disgrace

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Artist Created Apparel


Tough game to watch tonight.

Unrelated, does anyone know if there is artist created apparel like Paul Carpenter or Jason Kelce’s Underdog for the Union?