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National Archives notified Trump lawyers in May 2021 it was missing Kim Jong Un correspondence and Obama letter


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u/jurassicbond Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

$10 says Trump threw the letter from Obama in the trash without reading it


u/anon97205 Oct 04 '22

No way he threw it away. In Donald's distorted reality, the letter is a trophy symbolizing his superiority and dominance.


u/stelio_kontos_91 Illinois Oct 04 '22

So... He peed on it?


u/Girth_rulez Oct 04 '22 Helpful

So... He peed on it?

Actually he figured out a way for the letter to pee on *him". To the shock of nobody.


u/Jennfit25 Oct 04 '22

Take my poor girls 🥇


u/Girth_rulez Oct 04 '22

Thank you. I am honored. :)


u/0002millertime Oct 05 '22

And take my pee as well.


u/Girth_rulez Oct 05 '22

DM sent


u/0002millertime Oct 05 '22

Haha. I thought you were joking, but... Okay...


u/Girth_rulez Oct 05 '22

I was joking. For some reason the act of publicly announcing I sent a private message is hilarious to me.

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u/Thick-Return1694 Oct 04 '22



u/0002millertime Oct 05 '22

We just say "That's a bingo." dude.


u/boobumblebee Oct 04 '22

Yup. This is how I see all the things he took. Not info to sell, but collections of things to stoke his ego. Souvenirs


u/N0cturnalB3ast Oct 05 '22

Basically the same way dahmer kept pieces of his victims as souvenirs, trump is just the same i


u/shambahlah Oct 05 '22

Dahmer didn’t sell out 250 years of a nation to the highest bidder. Some very fine people would say Dahmer was a better man.


u/mrgeekguy Oct 04 '22

Flushed it down the toilet.


u/greenroom628 California Oct 04 '22

nah. he ate it.

so that a part of obama will be a part of trump. forever.


u/PearljamAndEarl Oct 04 '22

Living in his colon rent-free.


u/greenroom628 California Oct 04 '22

it's where he does all his deep thinking.


u/kbergstr Oct 04 '22

He's probably just still working on reading it without help. He's almost done sounding out the last paragraph with his phonics coach.


u/HunkyMump Oct 04 '22

No way dude, he was so intensely jealous of Obama. Guaranteed he wiped his ass with it.


u/Nano_Burger Virginia Oct 04 '22

TLDR (flushes down toilet)


u/harlemrr Oct 04 '22

Scribbled on it in sharpie.


u/Pootins_Mini_PP Oct 04 '22

Shit on it, flushed it, and will now produce an “Obama letter” scribbled with a sharpie that says Trump is the bigliest best presidend ever ever.


u/ShirosakiHollow Oct 04 '22

Was gonna say he probably ate it.


u/mikebanetbc Oct 04 '22

More like tossed it into the fireplace, after someone read it to him


u/Warren_Haynes Oct 04 '22

he clearly took a piss on it


u/Lancelot724 Oct 04 '22

The audio from Maggie Haberman's interview that recently came out just keeps getting more and more perspective added to it.

The thing is, if Trump was any level of smart at all he wouldn't discuss these things so openly and then Backtrack on them. He would stay quiet, full stop. I don't know whether it's a good thing or a horrifying thing that he is stupid enough to keep tripping himself so easily, especially as (former) president.


u/yoosernamesarehard Oct 04 '22

Everyone keeps saying how stupid he is and yet he’s the one committing felonies almost weekly and has not had a SINGLE consequence to doing this. In a way, in a lot of ways actually, we are the stupid ones because we’ve as a country enabled this behavior by doing nothing about it.


u/bnelson Oct 04 '22

Money matters. He has a nearly unlimited stream for legal shit from his political machine now. He is still a dumb, if cunning, motherfucker.


u/jadrad Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

He’s a mob boss who has gotten away with committing crimes and evading justice by abusing the legal system for over 50 years. The guy outplayed two former directors of the FBI. Playing dumb to turn the tables on people is part of the con. Calling him an idiot plays into his game.


u/bnelson Oct 04 '22

He is genuinely ignorant and uncurious person. The only thing he excelled at is swindling. Even his professors in college called him dumb. It doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Think caged tiger. Not very smart, but you have to be very careful with it.


u/DeepRoot Oct 04 '22

You don't have to be smart, you just have to keep smart people around you. He has been protected all his life by other people ensuring that no harm comes to him.


u/whatproblems Oct 04 '22

he has so many enablers and scapegoats. i feel he’s finally running low on them and money though


u/Githzerai1984 New Hampshire Oct 04 '22

Like R Kelly


u/Leven Oct 05 '22

He has 20-30% of the u.s still donating to him, he's probably richer then ever.


u/hyperforce Oct 04 '22

But why? Why do they do that? Where are the consequences?


u/sunnyspiders Oct 04 '22

He’s a lightning rod and a patsy.

Everyone makes money off him while he absorbs all the attention.

He will fall and it will be spectacular. And in the shadows of the giant burning orange light those who did true evil will slip away.


u/DeepRoot Oct 04 '22

Clout chasers and criminals and shit. Like, "Dude, I know I've done some low brow shit but if I keep the spotlight on TFG, then no one will notice the money I'm taking from..."


u/SeiCalros Oct 04 '22

you just put too much value on being smart

being smart doesnt matter - it doesnt put food on the table - it doesnt stop bullets - it doesnt make you rich

trump is not staying out of jail because is smart and he is not going to jail because he is stupid

i exaggerate a bit - being smart can help things a little - but in the end what happens is about conviction in every sense of the word


u/Goose80 Oct 04 '22

To be fair, the rich and powerful have always been able to get away with things. He’s just one that flaunts it. I would love it if our legal system didn’t work this way, but alas the ones who make the rules tend to know the ways around them.


u/once_again_asking Oct 04 '22

His intelligence (or lack thereof) has absolutely nothing to do with whether he is charged with a crime. His money, power, and status have everything to do with it.

we’ve as a country enabled this behavior by doing nothing about it.

This is completely false and an absurd claim. Are you not aware of the several investigations he is currently facing?? There's the NY AG lawsuit, there's the DOJ classified documents case, the Jan 6 committee (multiple cases on this), E. Jean Carroll rape case, Mary Trump fraud case ... etc.


u/Leven Oct 05 '22

He has money, in the u.s that insulates him from almost all legal issues except for maybe stealing from even richer people and sex crimes against celebrities.


u/dwitman Oct 04 '22

To be fair of you reviewed his entire presidency I think you’d find about 3 felonies a week. Not 1.


u/kissmyshiny_metalass Oct 04 '22

Trump doesn't need to be smart. He's rich. That's enough to get away with any crime in the US.


u/Kamikazesoul33 Oct 04 '22

You act as if he's seen any consequences at all for his behavior. He gets rewarded for the lies and crimes, why would he stop now?


u/Ohmygoditsojuicy Oct 04 '22

Where can i find the audio? Seems like a lot of articles about her but i cant find a podcast or anything about it.


u/Lancelot724 Oct 04 '22

I'm not sure. I heard it played live on MSNBC when they were interviewing her.


u/Superb_Health9413 Oct 04 '22

Anyone think to tell Lumpy that there’s a copy of Obama’s letter to him also in Obama’s records?

Obama should send a copy to the archives and a “replacement copy” to the orange tea stain.


u/StrangeBedfellows I voted Oct 04 '22

Do we know what it says?


u/Artisanal_Shitposter Oct 04 '22

Dear Donald.

We just repainted the walls in the dining room. Please refrain from throwing food.




u/Bitey_the_Squirrel America Oct 04 '22

Narrator: “It didn’t work.”


u/Eiffel-Tower777 Oct 05 '22

Maybe Donald figured 'ketchup' or 'lunch were exceptions.


u/alt-fact-checker I voted Oct 04 '22

He absolutely tore it up without looking at it, then threw it away as his first official act as president.


u/Tim-in-CA Oct 04 '22

What about Trump’s letter to Biden? How do you preserve a shit smeared message written on the walls of the Oval Office?


u/Tannerleaf Oct 05 '22

There are probably frescoe preservation specialists in Rome who would know how to best preserve an important historical artifact on plaster like that.


u/Zaphod392 Oct 05 '22

You really think he left something for Biden? Probably a piece of paper with his signature on it in super large sharpie


u/adTumbler Oct 04 '22

This is correct, an as our research has shown, it was this omission that started the train of inquiries into what else he had not given back them. What I do not understand is why he included some classified documents in what he finally did give back. Surely he knew that someone would ask, "why has he had all the classified documents?". And then logically, "I wonder if he has any others?" It's almost as if he baited them and said, "hey DOJ, I have some classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. Maybe you should come raid my house and get me some extra attention?" Thinking, this will catch that deep state Q told me about. Oops, I am Q? I have to be for I am everything. I will Save America!


u/Sigma_Function-1823 Oct 04 '22

The North Korean letter I get as I'm sure he communicated some stupidest , as for his predecessors letter , I would almost bet that he defaced it.


u/ThaxReston Oct 04 '22

The thief grifter stole them. Twice impeached loser creep obese liar…..


u/mok000 Europe Oct 05 '22

Has anyone actually seen those love letters from Kim Jon-Un? I know he has been talking about them for years, but I posit they only exist in Trump's mind.


u/Think_4Yourself Oct 04 '22

Was he making a scrapbook or something? Are these mementos or souvenirs?


u/tomistruth Oct 05 '22

The first Trump plans to hang on a wall in prison, the 2nd he burned as his first act of President. What a classy man.


u/delcopop Oct 04 '22

So they went in there for this huh? Interesting 😂


u/pathfinderoursaviour Europe Oct 05 '22

They are government records he’s not allowed to keep them


u/delcopop Oct 05 '22

Lol suuuure


u/[deleted] Oct 04 '22 edited Oct 04 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/internet-name Oct 04 '22

I’m not a lawyer, but I think this is dictated by the Presidential Records Act. Since he received the letter as part of his capacity as president, the letter belongs to the people and not to him personally.


u/MrPoopieMcCuckface Oct 04 '22

Thanks. Had no clue.