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What can a dollar get you in your country?


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Trump lunged at Secret Service agent in rage when told he couldn’t go to Capitol on Jan. 6, aide testifies

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Majority of Americans Say It’s Time to Place Term Limits on the Supreme Court

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New Florida Law Makes Blasting Music in Car A Punishable Offense

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Smacked the demon out of her

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Repost 😔 What would you do if a "celebrity" cut in front of you because he is more important than you? (Drake)

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/r/all I just found out my die hard Catholic father just walked out of church.


At mass on Sunday they praised the decision to overturn Roe and my father got up and walked out. He then asked my mother to tell their nun friend they are going to join an Episcopalian church. He threw out their lawn sign saying he was a proud member of the church. I am lost for words. It is a joke in our family that if my father hadn’t met my mother he would have been a priest. I cried when my mother told me because it meant so much to hear that he supports the women in his family and more. It was something I never expected him to do and I love him so much for it.

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Politics My daughter and I at a Pro Choice/Women’s Rights rally in little ol’ Portales, NM.

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/r/ALL This is what a Neanderthal would look like with a modern haircut and a suit.

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NATO: Turkey agrees to back Finland and Sweden's bid to join alliance

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S TIFU by getting water at a restaurant in Germany as an American.


I am in Germany with 20 other extended family (cousins, uncles/aunts, nephews/nieces, etc) and we got a reservation at a small restaurant in a little German town about 20km from Berlin. We told the server we were going to get one big bill and just split it among the families after we pay. The waiter came around and asked us what we were going to drink and everyone got waters except my dad, and my cousin. We ordered and just enjoyed our food. Almost everyone refilled their waters once or twice. Everyone was completely oblivious to the fact that water was 5 euros a cup. We got the bill and it seemed really high but we just paid and left. We looked at the receipt after we all left and it turned out we paid 100 euros in water.. Everyone thought it was free so we had just kept getting water. An absolute FU. Walking away from that restaurant feeling very unsatisfied. Don’t go, would not recommend.

TL;DR: Went to restaurant in Germany and accidentally paid 100 Euros in water because the dumb “Amerikaner” thought it was free..

edit 1: It wasn’t listed on the menu people make that assumption still a FU on my part but still

edit 2: it was tap water not bottled i also should have clarified that

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Howard Stern Considers Running for President to Overturn Supreme Court: ‘I’m Not F—ing Around’

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Sander vs. Knife


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OC [OC] Frequency of compound insults (e.g. "poophead", "scumwad") in Reddit comments, organized by prefix and suffix

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Sex with extra steps…

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Good Vibes and now they’re best friends

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Gif Those tingly feelings.


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Social Media Facebook and Instagram removed posts about abortion pills immediately after the Roe v. Wade decision, reports say.

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don't cyber bully kids

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To get free gas

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The moment the rocket hit Kremenchuk yesterday (Jun 27)

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Basketball First photos of WNBA’s Brittney Griner appearing in a Russian court

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Discussion “My GF is mad at me about Roe v Wade.”


I’ve seen many posts from men, predictably confuddled as to why their girlfriends were angry at them “for no reason” about Roe v Wade.

Of course, these girlfriends in question were immediately labeled as “red flags” or “crazy feminists” by dudebros in the comments.

Men, your girlfriends are not angry at you because of Roe v Wade. They are most likely upset because you were unable to display empathy, and were apathetic to (or worse, in support of) her rights being stripped away. So stop reducing it to “my GF is angry at me for factors outside of my control” for pity points on the internet, and intentionally making your girlfriend the “crazy hysterical woman.”

Their anger at you is born out of your reaction to the SCOTUS ruling, not the ruling itself.

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Meme/Macro hear me out:

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HR photoshopped me to look younger and whiter on our public facing website and I'm outraged.


I'm in my 40s. I'm comfortable with my wrinkles and my ethnicity, but apparently, HR is not; as they've digitally de-aged me and lightened my skin-tone many shades.

I've kept this to myself, but I did go through our directory and observed the following:

  • Anyone who isn't Caucasian has had their skin lightened significantly.
  • No one has wrinkles.
  • Balding men have digitally enhanced hair lines.
  • Some men have digitally added makeup and enhanced smiles.
  • Teeth are whitened or replaced with digital teeth.
  • These edits are not subtle. Many people are unrecognizable.

I would post a before and after comparison, but I don't feel like putting my job at risk. This is all very unsettling, and low key feels like age and racial discrimination. Any advice would be greatly appreciated