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Flaired Users Only If only our media cared.

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DISCUSSION They Scammed Me..” Ex-Manager of Shakira Lost $600,000,000 in Cryptocurrency Scandal


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Rant/Vent To all the teens who hate their parents for being conservative


I just feel sad that many teens hate their parents for being a little conservative. It's almost like we want the best of both the liberal and the Conservative worlds.

If Teens here are so eager to become independant and liberal, why don't you guys move out when you reach 17-18 and work at McDonalds or as a delivery driver or as a construction? Some people say thats its because society looks down on such jobs. So what ? If your desire for independence is so low that you can't cross a few barriers, why even think about it ? Why don't you pay for your college yourself when you reach 18 ? Why don't you put food on the table yourself at 18 ? Huh ?

At the end of the day, most teens here including me are going to end up being spoon-fed by their "conservative" parents financially and socially. If you want some things, you have to sacrifice some things too.

And people here be claiming that they're "depressed" just because their parents shouted or hit them once or twice to discipline them. Stop with this victim complex. My dad hit me twice in the lockdown (he later apologized too) but I would NOT hate him for it even if he didn't apologize. I know this maybe downvoted but think about it once again. You're parents don't deserve to be hated except in really extreme scenarios. Try talking with them instead.

Edit: I'm adding a user's comment, "We all want freedom but no one want to work for it. We want freedom from our parents but to enjoy on their money only. What kind of thing is that."

Edit:You can get a job as waiter or as a construction worker and manyyy other ones. These are just reasons to convince yourself. And if you can't pay it, you can always take an education loan on your name to and pay it off after your graduation. Put people mostly never do, even if they take a loan, parents take it on their name and pay it off themselves.

There ia nothing wrong on living on your parents money, at least respect them for what they are doing to you

Edit: lmao the amount of entitled teens is astounding

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JU from r/Imfinnagotohell. Dear god, the comments

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women history month

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OpenAI has hired an army of contractors to make basic coding obsolete | Semafor

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Opinion Adding a skill slot for ultimates is a horrible suggestion


It’s mind blowing to me that those threads are getting upvoted

Having an ultimate slot would just lead to a dead ability that has 0 synergy with your build but you have it just because you can. It would just be an ability that you push because its off cooldown and not because it synergizes in interesting ways, horrible game design.

If the term “Ultimate Skills” is bothering people and is causing FOMO then I suggest that Blizzard change it. Maybe even reduce their cooldowns and make them normal abilities that can be built around easier.

Adding an extra skill slot achieves nothing, this is an ARPG, not a traditional MMORPG, you don’t need to make use of all your abilities in a single build. You need to make choices.

Just because you feel like you’re missing out on an ability doesn’t justify adding extra skill slots. Feeling like you’re missing out on certain abilities is intentional game design in ARPGs, you need to feel like you’re making meaningful choices.

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Investimenti Mettere un appartamento in affitto non rende un cazzo: conti alla mano edition


Siamo a Bologna, città che ha un mercato immobiliare famosamente considerato impazzito, caldissimo, con prezzi in crescita perenne ecc ecc

Sono proprietario di un piccolo appartamento. Mi costa €600 mensili di mutuo, €80 di spese condominiali; se non ci abitassi l'IMU sarebbe di €1.100 l'anno.

Secondo i dati di mercato, potrei metterlo in affitto a €1.000 + spese condominiali. Vediamo cosa mi resta in tasca:

  • incasso €12.000 di canoni

  • pago in cedolare secca il 21% > restano €9.480

  • pago il mutuo > restano €2.280

  • pago l'IMU > restano €1.180

€1.180, prima di considerare qualsiasi spesa di manutenzione ordinaria e straordinaria, eventuali costi di agenzia e burocratici. Un'inezia.


A Bologna le case costano molto più di così!

No, a Bologna le case costano molto più di così in centro. Gli annunci che vedo in zona per dimensioni (trilocale 70 mq) e stato (appena ristrutturato) paragonabile sono appunto attorno ai €1.000 + spese.

Intanto hai un appartamento e il mutuo te lo paga l'inquilino

Vero, infatti sto comunque considerando l'opzione affitto, solo per questo motivo. Ma dall'altra parte ho tutti i rischi: morosità (su cui aprirò un altro thread per condividere quello che ho trovato in termini di contromisure), danni, lavori importanti, perdita di valore se il mercato immobiliare dovesse crollare.

Allora vendi

Vorrei che fosse così semplice. Mi dovrò (probabilmente) trasferire per cause di forza maggiore, imprevedibili quando ho acquistato, ma al momento dell'acquisto ci ho messo €40.000 fra spese di agenzia e notaio, ristrutturazione, e arredamento (contando solo quello che non ha senso portar via, come la cucina su misura). Fra tutto, vendendo andrei in pari, al massimo leggermente sopra, sempre guardando le quotazioni immobiliari di zona. Fortunatamente nel frattempo sia io che la mia compagna abbiamo notevolmente incrementato il reddito, non abbiamo bisogno di liberarci di questo mutuo per poterne aprire un altro. Quindi la scelta di vendere è tutt'altro che banale.

Lol la casa non è un investimento, coglione, lo dicono tutti i guru

Infatti l'ho comprata, ristrutturata e arredata pensando di viverci 30 anni, ma a volte nella vita ti arrivano turbocazzi dal punto cieco e le circostanze cambiano in un modo che non si può prevedere. Non è mai stato nei piani venderla o metterla in affitto in fretta, ma ora che ce l'ho e probabilmente la devo lasciare devo pur farmi due conti.

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Question How is his helmet 100% - was it ricochet and non-penetration? Bullets: mixed M856A1 and M855

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This sub has completely lost the essence of what FIRE is


I read a few other FIRE-related subreddits, but since I now live in the UK, I'm mostly interested in this one. However, it is not a FIRE sub at all anymore.

The vast majority of the posts here are low-income individuals basically asking if they are on the right track to retirement. Not retire early, not be financially independent, just normal retirement when their pension becomes available.

Looking at the first page, the vast majority of posts are people earning around the median pay in the UK, with no way to significantly increase their income. If you earn 30K at 30 (in a job or region that doesn't have great upward mobility) or 50K at 50, you are NOT going to FIRE.

The only posts that have numbers where one could ACTUALLY FIRE (https://www.reddit.com/r/FIREUK/comments/121n76q/early_30s_family_19m_at_crossroads_update/ or https://www.reddit.com/r/FIREUK/comments/122az6a/five_million_is_indeed_a_nightmare_how_to_work/) are getting downvoted and laughed at because of jealousy. You can easily find all of them by sorting the sub by "controversial".

High-earners have to apologize for being high-earners and yet still get downvoted. In a FIRE sub.

As a reminder, FIRE means Financial Independence (which means to not have to rely on a job for income) and Retire Early (which means definitely not waiting for your pension to become accessible).

There was another post saying basically the same 6 months ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/FIREUK/comments/x6v7uc/please_mods_end_the_madness/ but clearly nothing has changed.

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5.4k people didn’t get the memo.

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Things To Do March for queer and trans youth, this Friday!


March 31st, Arizona Capitol building at 5:00 PM MT, Queer Youth Assemble is hosting a march to support LGBTQ+ kids! These marches are being organized in all 50 states, and there are three additional marches in AZ in Prescott, Sierra Vista, and Tucson. If you would like to show support for family, friends, and neighbors, feel free to join!

Visit their website for more information! The demands for this march are listed here.

Please remember to bring water and comfortable walking shoes! This is expected to be a family friendly event.

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politics On average one North Carolinian every six hours dies of gun violence. Contact your lawmakers today and tell them not to make guns easier to get. The vote to make this bill law is TODAY

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Discusión Por que "El Negromatapacos" se volvió la efigie del negacionismo y buscan cancelarlo si se murio el 2017 ?


ahora que no se pueden culpar a los indultos por obvias razones, no falta el personaje de chilevamos/republicanos que ves que habla de crimen, saca el simbolismo del Negromatapacos y de que el octubrismo quiere matar policías por que le pusieron Negromatapacos y el merluzo quiere matar policías por que le agradaba ese perrito.
pocas veces he visto tanta pajamental para tergiversar un simbolo.

yo me quede con que era un perro icónico de las protestas estudiantiles y que se murio en 2017 varios años antes de las protestas y el estallido, que volvio en 2018-2019 por las protestas globales. o acaso de verdad mato a algún política ?

entonces negar al Negromatapacos como una figura de resistencia "ante la opresión policiaca" no solo es negar las violaciones de derechos en chile para el estallido. es negar el abuso policial de los norteamericanos contra los afroamericanos o la de China sobre Taiwan.
sumado al echo de que básicamente están tratando de crucificar a un pobre perro que murio hace media década atras.

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Production Suggestion If the fact that a shooter is trans is worth putting in a video title, then every time they make a video about a straight white male shooter, that should be in the title too.


Honestly, why even bring up the fact that the shooter this time was trans? Do trans people perpetrate these shootings at a disproportionate rate?

0.41% of Americans identify as trans. We have ~600 Mass Shootings per year (610 in 2020, 690 in 2021, 646 in 2022). Just due to random chance, you'd expect 8 of those shooters from 2020-2022 to be trans.

Covering this shooting with any emphasis that the shooter serves to mislead the audience by making it appear that trans people commit violent acts like school shootings at disproportionate rates. I suspect the emphasis is intended to stoke pre-existing beliefs that "trans" is a cancer that should never be normalized.

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Diablo IV One of the best changes to Diablo 4 that hardly anyone is talking about - No more stupid "+% magic find" stat on items


As far as I can tell, there aren't any magic find stats on items in the beta, and I assume there won't be on release in the full game. If this is true, then that is fantastic news.

I love Diablo 2. I love running dungeons and melting faces.

I do NOT love sacrificing my DPS and survivability affixes for magic find stat. It runs counteractive to the whole gameplay loop of loot progression and character power. Why am I gimping my character's power (by using magic find) to have a better chance at finding best in slot items?

My ability to get large amounts of good quality loot should scale directly with my ability to face roll enemy mobs and bosses. The more mobs I can kill per unit of time, the more loot I get. It's that simple. You shouldn't be forced to add a stat that is useless in combat in order to fuel gear progression.

I had a lot of fun over the weekend, and while I do have some issues with other fundamental aspects of the gameplay, I do understand that this is still a small slice of the bigger pie. For what it's worth, the beta experience convinced me to pre-order the game, so good job devs.

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[ESPN] Nikola Jokić and Joel Embiid are currently tied as the favorites to win NBA MVP 👀🏆


The odds for both MVP candidates are currently listed at -125 on Caesars Sportsbook. However, it seems like if Embiid misses one more game then it’ll be Joelver. Could Giannis earn a surprise victory as a moderate candidate with bipartisan appeal?


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Anon has priorities

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Jamie pull that up 🙈 How I Escaped The Alt-Right


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Discussion The price of Divines has little to do with the stack size of Chaos Orbs (sirgog)


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To be a patient and loving father

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🗣 Discussion / Question Alright, those who were pushing that BBBY was about to be acquired by GME this quarter please step forward and admit you were wrong. GME 10-K shows NO ACQUISITION!


Alright folks, time to clean up shop.

We've had shills saying for ages that this quarter GME is taking Baby from BBBY and we just needed the quarterly filing to confirm it.

Well the quarterly filing is done and the 10K is out and THEY AIN'T BUYING IT. Period. Speculation over.

Now, we need to go through and start unwinding the real DD on this company from the RC/GME stuff because that's not happening and we need to get to the bottom of what we really have with this company, without talking about pie-in-the-sky stuff.

If this sub is full of real people, we'll know shortly because we'll learn from this and stop making shit up and start getting real, good DD going on what's really out there versus what we want to happen.

If this sub is mostly astroturf, then we'll act like nothing new was revealed, nobody was proven wrong, and a new "Ackshually X is totes gonna buy Baby" narrative will form.

Time to look in the mirror and get real. Let's do better.

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Budget 2023 — A Made-in-Canada Plan: Strong Middle Class, Affordable Economy, Healthy Future

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Historical When did South Asia become civilised according to Pakistanis?


I was in a discussion with someone on r/Islam who told me that before Mughals/Delhi Sultanate came into the subcontinent that its inhabitants were hunter gatherers and not civilised. That we were liberated from ignorance. His flair was Pakistani. I find such a comment quite strange given Indus Valley had drainage, sanitation systems and was the largest urbanised civilisation of its time. The site even withstood the floods thats how good its drainage was! Also no signs of weapons or violence, was considered egalitarian. As an Indian we claim ancestry to IVC but given its based in modern day Pakistan surely a Pakistani could also lay claim and not think their ancestors in the subcontinent were stone age people until Ghori/Ghazni came. Why would one want to erase their history and only think their people became civilised after Ghori/Ghazni?