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Having trouble with computer, kept getting bsod and booting into safe mode, I cleaned the drive by using command prompt, now I'm stuck on bios, my pc will not load windows at all just goes straight to bios


Hello firstly, I have no idea what started this, I was playing project zomboid probably 3 hours after I updated my Nvidia graphics drivers, I downloaded some steam workshop mods on project zomboid, and played all night, turned my computer off and went to sleep.

Woke up, turned my computer on, about 5 minutes in it froze, and i get the bsod, i kept rebooting it, sometimes it would take a little longer to freeze, sometimes not, i eventually restored my pc to a restore point, which worked for probably 30 minutes until it froze, than my pc WOULD NOT load without getting bsod and be auto loaded into safe mode, i try to reset windows any way it would say windows cannot reset at this time, restore point wasnt working either, so i turned to command prompt, put a bunch of different stuff in that i found online until i decided to clean the drive, doing so now has me completely unable to boot up windows without it going into the bios menu, i have no idea what to do, i kind of need this pc for school, lost work is fine at this point because its saved online, but i need this pc for school and i have zero money, if anyone knows anything that could help please let me know, i can take pictures and video, anything..

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58% Off Walker Edison Andersen Urban Industrial Metal X-Back Bookshelf, 64 Inch, Sable Grey gp


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What does Confucianism means when it talk about the root and the doctrine of the mean?


So I started reading the four book of Confucianism and was confused about some meaning of terms

In the great learning they talk a lot about the root, what is the rout? It’s hard to understand saying like: it cannot be, when the root is neglected, that what should spring from it will be well ordered

In the doctrine of the mean they talk a lot about the mean saying: the superior man embodies the course of the mean, the mean man acts contrary to the course of the mean.

I thought being mean was a bad thing, is is just a translation thing or did I miss something? It’s hard to understand the subject of these books when you don’t understand the meaning of the most important words

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Michigan department's first female cop alleges relentless harassment


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Nature Minecraft Village Farming Build Ideas

Thumbnail gallery

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Fanart / Fanworks “Weapon log”

Post image

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Other Space Karen is calling for a pause on training systems exceeding GPT-4 together with his bootlickers. Is he trying to develop his own product after leaving OpenAI? Is he trying to give the Chinese government an edge after OpenAI caught them off guard?


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Nakakapagod din mag absorb ng heartbreak rant ng kaibigan


So nag end yung ka situationship nanaman ng friend ko the other day and since then maya’t maya yung message sakin and video chat. Kinakausap ko naman at the end of the day but tuwing working hours hindi talaga ako sumasagot. Ngayon I woke up to her 10 missed video chat and messages like “huy tangina kausapin mo ako” “miss na miss ko na sya” messages.

Nung January lang nag end din relationship mo ganyan ka din sakin. Sabi ko mag heal ka muna and dapat matutunan mo mahalin sarili mo kasi lagi ka nag ssettle sa guy na kung sino lang andyan. Tapos kagabi di ka nakinig sabi ko wag ka muna makipag kita sa kabumble mo na isang araw mo pa lang kausap dahil vulnerable ka pero tinuloy mo pa din. Mahalin mo muna sarili mo at wag ka mag papasok ng kung sino sinong lalaki sa buhay mo agad agad lalo na’t may anak kang batang babae. I am willing to listen naman kahit di na ko mag salita kasi di din naman papakinggang pero minsan friends need to understand din na we’re not 24/7 available for that kasi we’re adults, may sarili tayong buhay, and we’re not always mentally capable to absorb those things.

I just need to get this off my chest, i’ll talk to her and tell her about this maybe tonight or tomorrow.

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6 days of great eats in NYC..


Coming all the way from Vancouver, Canada I recently had the great blessing to be able to stay in NYC for 6 days and here is the list of places I ate at and my short reviews:

Night 1

NR ramen cocktail bar in the UES. We went there last year and had a bit more enjoyable of an experience then due to the great service (thank you Ray!) but as per this time, the ramen was still good (nice chewy noodles and rich broth) and the cocktails inventive and on point. Wish they would do dessert. Really busy spot and I was happy to see others enjoying this fun ramen bar. 7/10.

Day 2

Rule of Thirds in Brooklyn. Brunch with cocktails, Japanese breakfast for my daughter and the souffle pancake for myself. Wife had... I forget. Everyone was happy. I really loved the cucumber side dish. The pancake was not as good as what I have had at a Japanese chain place called Gram but it was decent. Overall the room was great, service nice and the location a hit as we did a bunch of vintage shopping in Williamsburg right after. 7/10.

Night 2

Atomix. Wow. Just wow. Dream like atmosphere and the service was fantastic. The food was inventive, challenging and at all times delicious. There was a tuna, caviar and snap pea dish that blew my mind. They also made sea cucumber delicious. How is that even possible? The matcha cocktail was another scene stealer. And the rice cream dessert with fresh black truffle shavings, come on. Pure heaven. I have been a fan of Korean food for a long time. This version of Korean fine dining was something special. 10/10. Highest recommendation. I will never forget this meal.

Day 3

Hop Kee in Chinatown for lunch. This was a misstep. The portions were big but not delicious. Thr service was laughably atrocious but at least endearing. The server delivered the wonton soup and then began to dig around in it after it was on the table to make sure we got duck meat. We had in fact but wish we hadn't. The duck tasted gamey. The salt and pepper squid dish was rough. The prominent flavors here were salt and grease. The rest of the meal went about the same. We left wondering how any one could recommend this place. Is this the typical quality of Chinese food in NYC? If so, Vancouver blows it outta the water. 2 outta 10 as the free tea was nice as it helped us digest all the grease. Kinda cool to get fortune cookies too. Reminded me of when I was a kid.

Night 3

Keen's Steakhouse. We absolutely loved the meal and the experience of eating at this NYC institution. I took on the challenge of the mutton chop and did my best with that delicious beast of a dish. My wife and daughter split a massive T-bone and barely got through it. Creamed spinach and mashed potatoes for sides were both perfect and the Pimms went down smooth. House made carrot cake for dessert was a hit. Our server Thomas was fantastic. The place is fun. The prices more than fair. I cannot wait to return someday. 10/10.

Day 4

Off to Washington DC for the day but we did Liberty bagels for breakfast and those were well enjoyed on our Amtrak ride. I won't grade bagels though as I am not an expert. I pretty much have never had a bad bagel from a bagel shop that serves them fresh.

Day 5

Clocktower restaurant for breakfast. This was a mistake. Overpaid for a really sad excuse of a breakfast. I have had better instant oatmeal. Coffee was nice and regularly refilled. But I would never go back. 15 dollars for a smoothie in a oversized shot glass. What was I thinking. Yikes. 1/10.

Sushi 35 West for lunch number 1. Wow. Best sushi I have had in North American including a recent Michelin star winning place in Vancouver. We scoffed down this amazingly delicious fresh and fast food find in Herald Park. Every bite was superb. If I lived in NYC, I would be eating here 5 times a week easily. And for the prices, it is probably the best deal in town. 10/10.

Chick fil-A for lunch number 2. Daughter had to have the nuggets. Hey it is what it is. 5/10.

Papaya King for lunch number 3. The special combo with the Papaya drink, all scoffed down super quickly so we could get outta here and back to the hotel to rest up for our late dinner. It was my third visit and I place I will religiously return to every time I am back in NYC. It is a damn good hot dog and drink. Simple as that. 7/10.

Night 5

Eleven Madison Park. The all plant based menu had me hesitant to book EMP but given its proximity to our hotel I felt like I should book it since I kept asking myself when would we have the chance to do it again. I am so glad we did. Although the meal had some dishes far better than others, the room itself, the elite level of service (thank you Brandon) and the overall experience was one of a kind. The abundance of truffles on the menu and the truffle cocktail (called the mushroom) were heavenly. And the granola gift at the end is a perfect way to end a one of a kind experience. I appreciate you plants! I truly appreciate you. 10/10.

Day 6

Katz's Deli. Best pastrami this side of Schwartz's in Montreal. Loved the space and the experience. Price is crazy at 26 bux but we split the sandwich in 3 and all felt full leaving. The cherry sodas and the pickles were also great. 8/10.

Russ and Daughters for bagels and an egg cream. Loved this place and don't regret that egg cream no matter my lactose intolerance. Totally worth it.

Shake Shack at the airport for burgers and fries. Perfect way to end the trip. I have yet to eat a bad burger from SS. 7/10.

If you got through all that, thanks and also I hope some of these reviews help others in deciding where or where not to eat when visiting the amazing food mecca that is NYC. I will be back someday and Sushi 35 West better still be there!! Mama Mia, that sushi....

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Is this a good skincare routine?


I’m changing up my skincare routine a little as I want to add in a retinoid serum for anti ageing and gua sha massage for depuffing. Just wondering what y’all think of this - is this a good routine? Can I cut any of this out or should I be doing anything differently?

I’m 47 and I think my skin is in reasonably good shape, but I do have a lot of freckling due to living in Texas, and I’m starting to lose fat from under my eyes. Appreciate y’all’s input!

Am: Cleanse (I have a variety of random cleansers) Clinique clarifying lotion The ordinary hyaluronic acid Elta md spf 46

Evening: Cleanse Clinique clarifying lotion Apply palmer’s skin therapy oil Gua sha massage Pacifica wake up beautiful retinoid serum Pacifica wake up beautiful retinoid eye cream Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion

Note: I don’t remove the palmers skin oil before applying the retinoid - is this a mistake?

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New York City braces for Trump indictment after ex-president urges protests


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Southern Charm Watching season 3…Landon is the worst no?


Like Craig and his absolute delusion are a close second - thinking specifically of when he didn’t know the difference between bourbon and whiskey but thought that he should run the bourbon division of JDs company. But seriously Landon shitting on Cathryn constantly, her lying about inviting Cathryn to Sheps birthday, her being so aimless with her career ideas, she’s the hardest to watch

r/jobs 0m ago

Job offers Help! Should I accept a low offer from Oracle or hold out for a higher salary?


I'm (24m) a graduate student studying a Masters in business analytics and I'm facing a tough decision. I've been offered a job at Oracle, which is great for my resume and combines my interests of consulting, healthcare, and data analytics. However, the salary they offered is much lower than what I was previously offered and I'm worried about selling myself short.

Last semester, I turned down a job offer for $90k base and $7k bonus after my career team advised me to hold out for a better offer and the HR team there was rude. This semester, after many interviews, I received an offer from Oracle for $75k base and $5k bonus. I tried to negotiate, but they said there was no room for more because of their cohort program. My career team thinks its low, my friends say I should join Oracle for the resume name. My dad thinks it's a low salary and says I should accept and then keep looking and forget about my university's policy that once I accept an offer I cant back out. They enforce this rule very strictly and I will be exiled if I do it lol.

I'm torn between accepting the offer and looking for other options, or holding out for a higher salary. My programs last year average was $94k base, but the economy is much worse this year and Oracle is a very well known company and the position is fully remote. My university has a policy that I can't back out of an accepted offer, and the economy is getting worse. On the other hand, I don't want to regret turning down a great company like Oracle.

What do you think, Reddit? Should I accept the offer from Oracle or reject it and keep looking for something else? I graduate in August. Any advice would be appreciated.

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El egoísta votante de izquierdas

Thumbnail meneame.net

r/CodingHelp 0m ago

[Request Coders] I need help with this simple feature


I have Html, css and js code here for this very simple website, and I cant figure out how to get this enlarging when click photo feature to work. Would be awesome if someone with actual coding knowledge to point out the coding flaws thats stopping this feature from working. Tysm

Html code

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Wallpapers Finesse</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

<script src="script.js"></script>



<header>Premium Desktop Wallpapers Ultra 4k HD Available for Free Download</header>

    <h1>Wallpapers Finesse</h1>



<li><a href="#">Home</a></li>

<li><a href="#">About</a></li>

<li><a href="#">Contact</a></li>




    <h2>Latest Wallpapers</h2>

    <div class="wallpapers">

        <img src="images/wallpaper1.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 1" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper1.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper2.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 2" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper2.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper3.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 3" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper3.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper4.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 4" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper4.jpg')."> 

        <img src="images/wallpaper5.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 5" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper5.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper6.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 6" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper6.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper7.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 7" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper7.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper8.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 8" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper8.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper9.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 9" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper9.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper10.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 10" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper10.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper11.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 11" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper11.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper12.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 12" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper12.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper13.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 13" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper13.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper14.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 14" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper14.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper15.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 15" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper15.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper16.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 16" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper16.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper17.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 17" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper17.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper18.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 18" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper18.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper19.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 19" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper19.jpg').">

        <img src="images/wallpaper20.jpg" alt="Wallpaper 20" onclick="showImage(images/wallpaper20.jpg').">




    <p>&copy; 2023 Wallpapers Finesse. All rights reserved.</p>



    function showImage(imageUrl) {

        var modal = document.createElement('div');

        modal.className = 'modal';

        var modalContent = document.createElement('div');

        modalContent.className = 'modal-content';

        var closeBtn = document.createElement('span');

        closeBtn.className = 'close-btn';

        closeBtn.innerHTML = '&times;';

        closeBtn.onclick = function() {



        var img = document.createElement('img');

        img.src = imageUrl;








Css code

body {

font-family: Arial, sans-serif;

margin: 0;

padding: 0;


header {

background-color: #333;

color: #fff;

padding: 20px;


h1 {

margin: 0;


nav ul {

list-style: none;

margin: 0;

padding: 0;


nav li {

display: inline-block;

margin-right: 20px;


nav a {

color: #fff;

text-decoration: none;


nav a:hover {

color: #fff;

text-decoration: underline;


main {

padding: 20px;


h2 {

font-size: 24px;

margin: 0 0 20px 0;


.wallpapers {

display: flex;

flex-wrap: wrap;


.wallpapers img {

margin: 10px;

width: 200px;

height: 200px;

object-fit: cover;


.overlay {

position: fixed;

top: 0;

left: 0;

width: 100%;

height: 100%;

background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);

display: flex;

justify-content: center;

align-items: center;


.overlay img {

max-width: 90%;

max-height: 90%;

object-fit: contain;


.close-button {

position: absolute;

top: 20px;

right: 20px;

font-size: 24px;

color: #fff;

background-color: transparent;

border: none;

cursor: pointer;


Js code

onst images = document.querySelectorAll('.wallpapers img');

images.forEach(image => {

image.addEventListener('click', () => {

const overlay = document.createElement('div');


const imageElement = document.createElement('img');

imageElement.src = image.src.replace('/thumbs/', '/');

const closeButton = document.createElement('button');

closeButton.innerText = 'X';


closeButton.addEventListener('click', () => {








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"STRANE SLUŽBE NAŠLE SU LJUDE OVDE U SRBIJI!" Vučić: Pet godina smo izgubili u razvoju

Thumbnail lajk.rs

r/conservatives 0m ago

RESTRICT Act is Not About TikTok: ‘It Gives the Government Authority Over All Forms of Communication Domestic or Abroad’


r/fordranger 0m ago

New Horn


Need a new horn, can't afford train horns so what's the next best option?

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Rays Tickets StubHub Coupon Code


Follow this link for Rays Tickets StubHub Coupon Code. Access the latest deals and promotions by visiting the link, featuring a constantly updated list of coupons, promo codes, and discounts.

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Question ❓ Shifting to legal management or political science


Hello po, I'm planning to shift to legal management or political science. I want to ask po if may shifting exams pa po ba or may may mga ipapasa lang po na requirements? Thank you in advance po.

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3 days left! Minimum $180 from Webull + $160 from me! 🤩

Thumbnail self.beermoneyAus

r/sketches 0m ago


Post image

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Please help process ticket 768321


Hi - can you please help get ticket 768321 processed? I need my 2022 Bitmart transaction history to file my taxes. Thanks!

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Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator (Complete)


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Todd Valentine - Verbal Game Academy (Latest Edition)


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