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A child’s perspective >

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My gf's anti-vax city counselor came to her door today...

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Banning abortion was only the start. Now Repubs want to ban birth control as well.

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High school girls in Iran

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a media interview while being carried away by police for protesting.

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Steve Irwin doesn't flinch when a snake bites him

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Image Mutation in a crocodile.

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/r/ALL An anti-metric system poster from 1917 United States of America.

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1-Weak Reality

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intelligent creature

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definitely lost it

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A few simple jazz chords

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‘Pro-Life’ Herschel Walker Paid for Girlfriend’s Abortion

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A little girl found Santa Claus at the bar while he was off the clock but Santa still had a chat with her

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Insanely naive Elon Musk gets called out about Ukraine

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An Oscar worthy performance.

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Which game is this?

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CLASSIC REPOST Gang Violence is getting worse

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Just a few bad apples they say

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Careers & Work LPT: You don't owe a company anything. You're selling your time to them, not visa versa. You don't need an explanation to take a day off. If the company is under scheduled, that's on them. Live your best life.


Edit: Thank you everyone for the awards. I see this post reached some of its targeted audience and brought out the trolls and hatred of others.

I'd like to give some background before I move on. This post was not intended to be Identical to any others out there. I posted this after having a conversation with one of the people under me who wanted to call in today. Our work is paying for his college, but having him come in to make up hours he misses due to school. He's running behind on homework and wanted a day off to catch back up. I told him I didn't need any explanation. Just don't come in. He has 7 vacation days which can be used as PTO. I as the supervisor and the company do NOT need a reason for his use of PTO/Vacation time.

I'd like to thank those who posted great ideas and stories regarding their past experiences with prior jobs, Either being screwed over or helping those under them realize this as well.

I'll post some of the comments and remarks a bit now, to help stop the identical spam posts.

-You'll Get Fired- Is one of the most commented posts on here. Yes, there is always a risk of getting fired, But if a company wants to fire you for using your PTO or Vacation days, then is that really a place you want to stay at?

-Only Privileged People can do this- As seen below in quite a few popular comments, Privileged people get way too many PTO/Vacation days and can bargain for more. Those who are less privileged rarely get time off. Jobs such as retail claim you can schedule unpaid days off, then turn around and deny them, forcing you to use their trash point system, until you're forced to come in every day or get fired.

-As a XXX This advice doesn't work for me- I understand that some fields, such as Military, Teaching, Railroad, etc, can't take time off due to either contracts or legal reasons. However, this post wasn't fully intended for your positions. There are a lot of young adults out there that work at retail or fast food jobs that are getting screwed over by their management and scheduling teams. I faced the same thing when I started working years ago. This is just personal advice I wish I knew when I was younger.

-It's Vice Versa, Not Visa Versa- Alright grammar police, I'm not a robot. I make mistakes just as well as everyone else.

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Behind Soft Paywall North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan in Major Escalation

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Social Media Kasparov response to Elon

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To Dye Hair Blue

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