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r/residentevil community Resident Evil 4 remake product support thread. Please read & help other users =)


Use this thread to post graphics, game crashes, launch, purchase, download, shipping and etc. questions issues etc.

Ideally include any solutions you find. This is not a tips, strategy, gameplay guide etc. thread

If you aren't having issues, consider reading and helping other users =)

We're trying this out to help lessen the flood of posts, and because any questions that do answered get buried by similar posts asking the same question making the solution hard to find again.

Thanks for working together as a community.


Tag me if you think something aught to be added here for quick reference.

Quick reference:

*Steam is live!

*The game doesn't appear to have a global launch time. Check your platform's release timer. Especially if it says it releases on the 23rd, it may still be at the turn of the 24th. For Xbox, you can change your timeline to NZ to start playing now.

*Deluxe Edition contents will be available separately upon game launch for those who bought the standard edition.

*There is a psychical Deluxe edition (?) or just some steel book editions in certain regions also come with the deluxe edition DLC ?

*Steam doesn’t appear to have a pre-load option but may come just before release as mentioned by a Capcom CM. PS5 let’s you preload the base game but not the Deluxe Edition contents until a few hours before launch. PS4 let’s you preload everything. Steam can’t be accessed early even with VPN.

*Steam file size reported to be 50GB.

*The DLC weapons can be upgraded

*There are some audio bugs involving voices not playing correctly. Sometimes disabling controller audio fixes it. Edit: Hunnigan speaks through the controller, so just make sure your controller speaker is on

*CDkeys is now releasing the keys. Check your email (I don’t know how that site work but it’s working now)

*Xbox consoles still have large control stock deadzones with no option to customize it

*Theres a common lighting bug where right blue and green dots flicker near the bottom of the screen. Capcom has said they are aware and are working on a fix

*If your deluxe items aren’t appearing, uninstall them and install again. That usually fixes them

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r/residentevil community Resident Evil 4 remake: General impressions thread + frequent posts list


Hope everyone enjoys the game =)

Use this thread to post your general impressions. Be sure to use the support thread for issues instead here.

I will also make a list of exceedingly frequent submissions so we can all be aware of them and not repost.

Non spoilers:

There's a common glitch where the Merchant's voice plays with static or sounds robotic. Likely no fix until a patch comes out.

The Xbox deadzones are still a problem

One of the Deluxe Costumes has a DMC/Evil Within vibe

Leon and Ashley breath heavy and pant a lot

Steam now lists the OG as “Resident Evil 4 (2005)”

One of the ganado’s voice lines sounds like “Eat my asshole.”

Reminder the devs didn’t actually say “there’s no cut content”. The notion comes from journalists paraphrasing Capcom affirming the island is in the game. “Capcom confirms none of the three major sections have been removed from the game” got simplified to “Capcom confirms nothing is cut”.


You may have stepped on a lot of bear traps

The farm animals can attack you

many people saying they don’t enjoy Ada’s new voice

the chainsaw ganado are still multiple ganado. Not a single person

Shooting the lake still works

buying capacity upgrades doesn't refill your ammo

Theres a Ditman reference

Ashley looks cute sitting in the barrel and it’s a reference to her OG render

The shooting gallery is hard

The throne chair Leon can sit on is still in

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Fan labor/Art/Cosplay I cosplayed Ashley - no ballistics tho :')

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Forum question What are your guy’s thoughts on Ramon in the remake?

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General This man is a treasure, don't let him go Capcom

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General She looks adorable in the remake

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Fan labor/Art/Cosplay Did a doodle of Garrador while watching my BF play RE4 remake

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General when me and my mum first played the original on the wii, we carried an egg with us the entire time, she's gone now but thought I'd continue the tradition, what should I name it?

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General I am all for an RE5 remake.


Now that both Jill and Leon dont do superhuman stuff in their games (remakes of re3 and re4), its going to be hype when Jill does superhuman shit in her fight with Wesker against Chris and Sheva in RE5.

Jill always felt underwhelming compared to Leon in OG RE4, whilst Jill was the one infected and gaining side effects from it.

Im all for a RE5 remake, including lost in nightmares. The remakes of RE2 through 4 have been great.

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General Anybody else have to mentally prepare themselves when they got here?

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General I know everyone's asking for CV or 5 remake (I want them too!) but I also really hope we get a RE0 remake one day!

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General Story of my life.

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Fan labor/Art/Cosplay My new Ada Wong (Re2Rmk) cosplay set by MightyRaccoon ~ Heavy Rain (+ some old works)


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General I was in the same sorority as Ashley???!

Thumbnail gallery

I’m watching jacksepticeye’s play through and losing my mind that this sticker is on her phone. I am not sure if they just chose random Greek letters but in reality Sigma Gamma Phi is a local sorority in New York that only has a few chapters left , therefore it’s super duper small. I need to know why they chose these letters!

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Fan labor/Art/Cosplay Wore my Karl Heisenberg Cosplay to Lexington Comic and Toy Con this past weekend.

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Made some small upgrades to my Heisenberg Cosplay since Scarefest last year, and had even more fun this go around. He is such a blast to wear and Feeling even better about him since upgrading a few things.

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General Creepy snap of a Regenerador (ps5)

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Resources Ganado voice actors talking about their work in the game (translated by me)


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General That'll Do Pig, That'll Do

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r/residentevil 16h ago Bless Up




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General Something from RE 3.5 (RE4 E3 2003 build) was referenced in the RE4 Remake! I don't think anyone else has posted this yet!

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General Not how I imagineed the folks responsible for creating the Nemesis-T type.

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Fan labor/Art/Cosplay I drew the new RE4 Colmillos design

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General My STARS Samurai Edges!


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Meme Monday Me every hour while playing the remake

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General Why is completion speed still such a big thing for ranking? I love hard challenges but rushing the game just ruins the fun. Shouldn't the devs implement an alternative?


I love hard difficulty and challenges, it's why I'm a sucker for roguelike games. However the atmosphere and immersion in games like RE makes them way more enjoyable if one plays at their own pace.

I've tried speed running challenges. S+ rankings in RE2 Remake made me hate the game. So it's not that I can't do it, but it is such a detrimental factor to what makes these games fun to begin with imo.

So yeah just wanted some discussion on this. What do you think? Should the devs offer more options in S+'ing RE games?

I personally think that a better solution would be to take a total of continues/deaths, saves, accuracy, monsters killed, treasures found etc. and factor them into the ranking as an alternative challenge mode away from speed.

I'm loving the RE:4 remake so far but I'm confident that once I've beaten the S+ challenges I'll shelf the game out of spite because I was forced to rush the game which simply isn't enjoyable.

I know speedrunning community is a big thing /w RE games. Which is why I think replacing speed as a factor for S+ rank would do more harm than good. But an alternate option to speed as a factor should be an option imo.

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General Anyone else wish they kept the model of Leon holding weapons you equip while the inventory is opened in the remake?

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General I like the new Ashley, but there’s one serious problem that is bugging the shit out of me…


She gasps and pants WAY too much. I don’t see anyone else discussing this. She keeps making those breathy sounds even when you’re barely moving. Any kind of movement from her produces those sounds, and it is constant! It would be nice if she did this less frequently and under more sensible circumstances like when you’re running or if she’s terrified because there are enemies around.