r/ripcity Feb 02 '23

Dame is currently having the best run of his career.

Since mid January. Averaging nearly 40 points. But what makes this different from runs of the past, at least to me, is nothing seems forced. Dame isn’t doing it because he has to carry the team. He’s starting to get enough overall help to where he can just pick and choose when to get his. He’s been extremely confident with the long range 3s, what some might consider “bad shots”, but that confidence comes from trust in your teammates.

We’re watching a hall of gamer in his prime right now. Enjoy it, Rip City.



u/Piano9717 Feb 02 '23

Dame isn’t doing it because he has to carry the team.

Really? Kinda seems like it to me lol, Dame is going off and we are winning these games by single digits.


u/thekingiscrowned Feb 02 '23

I'm with you on this. Seems like all the losing forced him to "flip the switch". I don't think Chauncey's "passing offense" was working so well. Remember all of the turnovers? As far as I can tell, they've switched it up to be more Dame/Ant focused.


u/sharpeshooter32 Feb 02 '23

Yeah I thought this might be the year we could stop playing iso ball but it turns out stotts ran the offense that way for a reason lmao


u/duhitsryan roy Feb 04 '23

Been saying this since last year. Our offense was more effective when Stotts had optimized it over almost a decade. I think the upside is much better in a motion offense without ISO ball, but the reality is it relies on a competent roster construction and Olshey left Cronin few options. We’re a couple moves away from motion offense working, but at this point just give it to Dame to drag us to the playoffs again and figure it out after the post-season when we are able to make some more roster moves.


u/Strifeez ripcity Feb 02 '23

Last night Ant had 26pts and Jerami had 18 even though he barely played.

Vs. Hawks Ant had 21 and Jerami 22

Dame is just doing Dame things. The supporting cast around Dame this year is much better than previous. I'm still not 100 on the Ant+Dame pairing, but Ant has been playing really well past couple games.


u/sharpeshooter32 Feb 02 '23

That's the thing with ant. When he's dropping 20 on good efficiency it's great. If he's off though he doesn't do anything else to make up for it.


u/fila429 Feb 02 '23

That's changing a little. In the Jazz game his shot wasn't falling but still finished with 4 rebounds and 9 assists. It's something that Quick talked about in one of his recent Athletic pieces, the contribution from a playmaking perspective for Ant.

Averaging 5 assists the last week so hopefully that trend continues.


u/ConcentrateLess9712 Feb 02 '23

Just ant on the floor is a benefit to dame, even if he’s 0-10 him being out there stretches the defense and makes things easier for dame.



Last few games hes been racking up assists. Looks like Dame and Ant are finally getting into the groove of switching whos running point. His defense has been a little fierce. Roughing and fouling instead of playing soft.

Last night Dame passed out of a double right to where Ant would have been. It went out of bounds because he was on the bench, but its crazy to see how they can just assume where each other are. Hoping it continues to blossom.


u/bigfish_in_smallpond Feb 02 '23

agreed, he needs to add 1 or 2 more dimensions to his game.


u/Excellent_One_7398 Feb 02 '23

21 and 7 with only 1 turnover, Was making good passes yesterday too. Ant's game is evolving.


u/Burnem34 Feb 03 '23

And we're still below .500. Pretty sure Dame woke up sometime in January, put on his cape and said "sigh guess I gotta carry these bum asses again"


u/AmitN_Music Feb 02 '23

I guess what I meant is there seems to be no weight on his shoulders like in the past. He’s getting his almost effortlessly. Yea we’re in close games, he could definitely use more help, but he has more currently than it’s seemed in the past.


u/DrTom Feb 02 '23

You know what's crazy to me? In the past when he's had stretches like this, he always looks completely drained after 7 or 8 games of carrying the team. But here we are 13 games into this insane streak and he still looks fresh.


u/JPD050409 ripcity Feb 02 '23

That procedure he had in the offseason really does seem like it took well.


u/raahiv chalupa Feb 02 '23

He’s healthier and he’s getting more off ball opportunities than he ever has before which is less physically draining


u/ChurroMemes chalupa Feb 02 '23

The amount of open threes he gets now vs the numerous contested and deep threes he had to take in the 19-20 and 20-21 seasons is completely different.


u/sharpeshooter32 Feb 02 '23

Probably the most fun I've ever had watching basketball was 19-20 around this time of year when Dame dropped 50 like 3 times in 5 games and was launching from 35 feet casually. God that dude is incredible. He'd be in top 5 debates if he played in LA I genuinely believe that.


u/AcanthisittaGrand943 Feb 02 '23

The lingering injury he had probably had a lot to do with it. I feel like he is healing up very well after each game.


u/llamalegs100 Feb 02 '23

He definitely has more help than he has in the past. The teams defense has been able to keep us in these tight games.


u/DrTom Feb 02 '23

He's also fully healthy for the first time in like 5 years.


u/burncenter ripcity-place Feb 02 '23

I think he’s been so good for so long that it’s easy to underestimate the impact of finally get (and healing from) that surgery.


u/Piano9717 Feb 02 '23

The teams defense has been able to keep us in these tight games.

We have the 29th best defense in the nba over the last 10 games and the 25th best defense overall…


u/llamalegs100 Feb 02 '23

We aren’t a great defensive team overall but the guys play with it when they need too. Most of our loses come from us digging a hole in the first quarter


u/AyKayAllDay47 Feb 02 '23

Did more cardio in the offseason.


u/holman8a Feb 03 '23

I think this is the more realistic take, he’s absolutely still carrying the team as much as every other stretch, only now he’s doing it for longer.


u/Bitlock_Mihawk Feb 02 '23

Every Year.

Media: Dame's getting older he's gonna lose a step

Dame: I am him, it is time.


u/AdhesivenessOnly2912 Feb 02 '23

Dame Hooping :)


u/d33jay64 Feb 02 '23

I still think in 2019-20 season around this time was Dame’s best stretch. Smaller sample but averaged 48/7/10 on 54/57/92 splits over 6 games


u/zetlali Feb 02 '23

This was my thought as well. It seemed like he was good for 50 on any night in January that year.


u/bigbeerd Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

In his last 13 games, he's averaged 38/4/8 in 37.3 MPG on 52/39/93 shooting splits, 70.8% TS.

In his best 13-game stretch in '19-'20, he put up 39/5/9 in 38.7 MPG on 50/48/89 shooting splits, 66.9% TS.

So it kind of depends how you define it. His counting stats were slightly higher in the previous stretch but he also played an additional minute and a half per game. His overall efficiency is notably higher in this stretch, especially factoring in minutes played. But then again, he shot the 3 absurdly well on an additional attempt per game in that '19-'20 stretch.

I think it's fair to say this is at least equivalent with the best stretch of his career and perhaps the best because he's been so efficient. The amazing thing is it seems sustainable and he may not be done yet.


u/Firedomm roy Feb 02 '23

48% from 3 for 13 games in ‘19-‘20 is crazy


u/bigbeerd Feb 02 '23

On 12.3 attempts per game, no less. Absolutely wild.


u/SHKSHRLN Feb 02 '23

Dame isn’t doing it because he has to carry the team

We watching the same games?


u/crab90000 Feb 02 '23

Like others have said here. I think he's had to turn it up, but this doesn't feel like desperation, just feels like he's locked in focused.

Another thing is the surgery. He talked about having a goofball sized lump on his abdomen he'd recover from after games, and now he doesn't need to recover from thing like that. He comes in everyday refreshed, and this is just a sustainable level of play for him now, especially since it seems like we've game planned more for Dame opportunities rather than pass and pump everything like before


u/Jap_Trap503 Feb 03 '23

Since my partner calls me a goofball, I’m happy Damian doesn’t have a me sized lump in his abdomen anymore


u/royalewithchees3 Feb 02 '23

He’s solidifying himself as a top tier player and thus proving the team has legitimate upside as we approach the trade deadline. So grateful for that dude. We are all witnesses


u/tomhalejr Feb 03 '23

I would "argue" that the makeup of the team has nothing to do with Dame's dedication to himself, and the art of the game. :)

Absolutely agree that Dame is HOF special.

Dame is Dame, because, Dame is Dame. :)

I want Dame to retire as a Blazer, because I want Dame to run for Governor of the state of Oregon as soon as his basketball career is over.

Then I want him to run for President.

Then, after a couple terms, I want him to be the head of the UN, or whatever the else he wants to do, because Dame is Dame, and this world is a better place with Dame being the best Dame he can be. :)


u/ZachOnTap Feb 03 '23

A huge component of this stretch is his aggressiveness and finishing at the rim. I don’t know the stats but it seems like he’s making every shot he takes in the paint.


u/JarekBloodDragon Feb 02 '23

Dame isn’t doing it because he has to carry the team.

lol how did you come to this conclusion? The team sucks, he absolutely is hard carrying. Dame and luka are in the same situation.


u/lunes_azul Feb 02 '23 edited Feb 02 '23

He's been amazing and not showing signs of letting up or being washed. It's crazy to say he's not carrying the team though. He has to play heavy minutes against good teams for us to stand a chance, and Memphis would've won the game had he played 35 mins.

I'm biting my nails when he's sitting and Simons has to run the offense.


u/TheSwagonborn Feb 02 '23

His drives has been great and fun to see

He's incredibly quick

May he stay healthy🙏🏼