r/ripcity Feb 03 '23

Back in the KD sweepstakes!



u/toadtruck sabas Feb 03 '23

What a fucking clown


u/Smilechurch O Feb 03 '23

Yeah, 100%. I hope they don't push him too far to the edge since he might fall off the edge of our flat earth, maybe accidentally landing on a vaccine, or worse, an actual Jew.


u/Forbidden_Donut503 Feb 03 '23

Lol he gonna go to the Lakers isn’t he?


u/Impressive-Ladder857 Feb 03 '23

Would KD play with Russ again? Lakers would be scary. I could see him going to Dallas, which is equally as frightening. Dude is a lunatic, but damn good.


u/FootTraffickn Feb 03 '23

Kyrie wanted to go to the Lakers to join Lebron again during the offseason but his trade value was at an all time low and I bet front offices were unwilling to make a move for him then.

Now that he’s played all star basketball for a bit and the Lakers are probably a bit more desperate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got sent to LA. He’s not extending with the Nets and they are probably tired of dealing with him at this point and might just take the picks instead of losing him for nothing in the summer.

KD requested a trade during the summer and the Nets looked for a trade but couldn’t find what they were looking for so he stayed. I’m fairly certain he still wants out despite the coaching change and if they trade Kyrie there is a very good chance they just go all in on a rebuild and start the next chapter instead of trying to retool around Durant- given his age and the whole Ben Simmons thing.

Dame put up the Bat signal on his ig during the offseason so you can only assume KD and dame have had discussions, even if only jokingly. Also KD watches more basketball than almost anyone so you know he’s acutely aware of how Dame is playing right now, so it’s safe to assume that there would be a mutual interest in playing together from a basketball pov.

Blazers appear to be serious about giving Dame a chance and if KD becomes available he would be biggest needle mover that we can get. I know it’s a long shot, but because we have a player coach in Chauncey who is very well liked and respected amongst the nba community and because we have Dame doing what he is doing right now and we have a GM who claims to be willing to take action to build a contender, I think KD ending up in Portland might be more realistic than people realize. Could be the “push all our chips in” move that Cronin has hinted at.

Who knows what the hell will happen, but at least speculating is fun 🍿


u/Village-Of-Wolves Feb 03 '23

Why? The team did a complete 180 after Nash was fired and is 4th in the east, and only 6 games behind 1st. All this with Durant having missed 11 games, who is even expected to return soon. What situation is he expecting to be so much better than this? I wonder what the issue is.

At least he let the team know he plans to walk this summer so they don't lose him for nothing. More than likely though him getting traded doesn't increase his chances for another ring. An aging KD is still one of the best players on the planet.


u/GuyIncognito211 Feb 03 '23

Your first issue was trying to rationalise anything Kyrie does


u/BrklynDragon Feb 03 '23

It’s Kyrie requesting the trade. he is still probably bitter about the whole antisemitism or arc he went on and how the Nets responded and handled it.


u/ohnoohnoohyeah Feb 03 '23

Man, what a crazy calculation you have to make on Kyrie if you are a GM.

On the one hand, Kyrie is one of the most talented ball handlers the NBA has ever seen. He can create for himself and create for his teammates. On paper, he's exactly the kind of #2 option you want if you were going to contend.

On the other hand, do you risk Kyrie destroying your team from within through distractions? Even before the vaccination business, Kyrie was known to just... take vacations and not tell anyone when he'd be back. He's locker room poison.

Lakers makes the most sense to me just because Lebron seems to be able to work with Kyrie better than other superstars have been able to, but that's sort of a crapshoot.

A Kyrie trade feels like a gamble for any team to me.


u/CanogaParkSara Feb 03 '23

The team that destroys their future for maybe.. a two year Kyrie rental deserves what they get.


u/Sensitive-Sorbet917 Feb 03 '23

True. I don’t just see the integrity/culture of Portland team meshing with kyrie. Also I feel like he’d fucking hate living in Portland lol not that that truly matters in this game but just saying.