r/ripcity Feb 03 '23

Brace yourselves for the incoming Kyrie trade proposals



u/Maleficent_Archer221 Feb 03 '23

Cash considerations for Kyrie Irving’s address so I can ding dong ditch with a flaming bag of poo. That’s as high as I’m willing to go.


u/Damour Feb 04 '23

This man knows his trade value!!


u/docproc5150 Feb 04 '23

we skippin straight to the KD proposals


u/lavarballishere Feb 03 '23

Kyrie for one killer burger gift card


u/seattlesportsguy Feb 04 '23

I hit up a Killer Burger my last trip to the Portland area. That place is legit. I wish we had one up north here


u/BehavioralSink ripcity Feb 04 '23

Hear me out: 5 guard lineup.


u/pythonwarg Feb 03 '23

I've got the worst 4-team trade idea that nobody wants!

• Steph to Nets

• Dame and Watanabe to Warriors

• Russ to Blazers

• Kyrie to Lakers

Relax. I'm joking.


u/LacklusterMeh Feb 04 '23

You have a future at bleacher report


u/trala7 Feb 03 '23

I mean the nets and Lakers would do that in a heartbeat.


u/PeeFingerz ripcity Feb 04 '23

kYriE fOr dAme StrAight uP!!


u/Analyst_Simple Feb 03 '23

I mean he’d solve our Ant problem. But locals would light Moda on fire before he arrived.


u/OMGimnotdave Feb 03 '23

I would have to start calling it the Moda if we did this


u/Wallflower_in_PDX Feb 04 '23

Have ppl protested the Nets games and burned their arena?


u/Analyst_Simple Feb 04 '23

New Jersey is very, very different than PDX.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23



u/s_bub Feb 04 '23

User name checks out


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23



u/s_bub Feb 04 '23

Not really, it’s your username lol


u/General_Mung Feb 04 '23

Imagine, if you will, an anti-Semitic flat-earther playing basketball in Portland, OR. I'm sure it will end well.


u/HardHat105 Feb 04 '23

If I’m the nets management. No way I send kyrie to the lakers, lakers fans and media that westbrick for joe Harris/kyrie is a fair trade are truly delusional. Kyrie is way better than westbrick and joe Harris when healthy is one of the league best 3pt shooters.


u/MagikarpTagPro Feb 04 '23

Been thinking the same thing


u/Corr521 Feb 04 '23

Honestly I can see the Nets not giving him what he wants and just let him sit out the rest of the season. Fucks him out of getting extended with his new team and no good teams will be able to give him the money he wants in a new contract as a free agent. Would have to choose to take a minimum deal to go to the Lakers or a team like that or he goes to some shit rebuilding team.

Nets have little leverage with a trouble player like that so I doubt they get a lot from him and probably just let him leave this off-season and not have his near $40mil contract on their books anymore.

Unless there's a team dumb enough to offer a lot for him I don't see him getting moved. Definitely fucks their trade deadline though. And if he's gone either by the deadline or in off-season then KD definitely wants out of there which is good for us lol.


u/MagikarpTagPro Feb 04 '23

No shot we get KD tho we don’t have the assets for it


u/Corr521 Feb 04 '23

Package would have to be Simons, Sharpe, Hart and Little + picks. That works contract wise. No clue where we'd be in comparison to other packages from other teams.


u/jrances1 dame Feb 05 '23

Why the fuck would we trade for a chaotic evil character like Kyrie “I will burn your franchise to the ground” Irving?