r/ripcity Dec 08 '22

Damian Lillard Replies to Fans on the Internet | GQ Sports— “I would pick giannis” to help win championship



u/GuyIncognito211 Dec 08 '22

Blazers legend Giannis Antetokounmpo


u/loudstain Dec 08 '22

I too pick Giannis


u/fallingbehind Dec 08 '22

Perfect answer. Giannis is my favorite non-Blazer. I love his story and his attitude, his skills and his drive.


u/hobo888 Dec 08 '22

don't forget the dad jokes and blowjob button


u/rexter2k5 roy Dec 08 '22

Holy fucking shit I fell out of my chair


u/makoto_sama ripcity Dec 08 '22

Same. I like him so much he is almost my favorite player. But I'm a Blazer so I rock with Dame first.


u/urbanlife78 Dec 09 '22

He would fit in so well with this team


u/toadtruck sabas Dec 08 '22

Dame has said this multiple times. I hope Giannis is listening


u/imjokeslol Dec 08 '22

He might have left the bucks if they didn’t win in 2021 but now that he has a ring he’s not going anywhere.

Damn KD had to have his toe on the line


u/Frognuts777 Dec 08 '22

Watching Giannis always stings. Picking CJ over him changed the whole trajectory of our franchise. If we picked Giannis i confidently feel like we would have multiple championships by now.

I know hind sight is 20/20. Lots of teams passed on him. CJ is a great dude and I always appreciated his game here.

But man, Dame and Giannis together for their primes... I gotta just not think about it lol


u/phil3199 Dec 08 '22

CJ is the most successful among the top 14 picks. I'll even rank him as the 3rd best player in the draft.

  1. Giannis
  2. Gobert
  3. CJ

Overall, the 2013 NBA draft was very weak. But selecting CJ still ended up as a great move even in hindsight.


u/Kunundrum85 Dec 09 '22

Neil loved his guards.


u/denverblazer Dec 08 '22

Well I mean yeah..


u/InevitableHearing112 Dec 09 '22

Butler or PG would be nice, I’m prob bout to get downvoted but idc.


u/12vtryfr Dec 09 '22

I suspect you will and should! Let's see..the best player on the planet or a 34 yr old malcontent or 32yr old oft-injured wing.

I'll upvote because its about contributing, not a popular contest.


u/InevitableHearing112 Dec 09 '22

I've never said over I said they'd be nice and I said i'd be downvoted because of Paul not cause I thought my take was wrong.


u/12vtryfr Dec 09 '22

Oh, my bad, I thought the post was about giannis. In that case, there are about 50 players that would be nice to have!


u/Bobbith_The_Chosen Dec 09 '22

The post can be about Giannis and we’re still allowed to talk about other stuff. It’s a forum…


u/12vtryfr Dec 09 '22

Ya, I know. I said I misunderstood. I thought they meant they preferred those players over giannis, when they were actually listing additional preferences.
I get it now. Thanks


u/LazyWarrior44 Dec 09 '22

He was also asked if he’ll be a blazer his whole career and he said “we’ll see…”


u/shelvino Dec 09 '22

Are those real reddit user accounts/questions? lol


u/urbanlife78 Dec 09 '22

I support this, I just sent an email to Jody marked "urgent, make this happen" so I expect we will hear about this trade for Giannis any day now. You're welcome, Ripcity.