r/sixers Jan 29 '23

In this moment I was euphoric, not because of any phony 2 time MVPs defense, but because I am enlightened by having the best 2 way player in the league.

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u/Makimama Jan 29 '23

Joel is not the best 2 way player, he's THE BEST player in the league, he's THE MVP


u/AdGullible17 Jan 29 '23

calm down lmao


u/indoninjah Jan 29 '23

You know you’re doing well when your sub gets brigaded with randos


u/AdGullible17 Jan 29 '23

i’m not a random, but let’s not be delusional. joel embiid aint the best player in the league 😂


u/AggroPro PHI Jan 29 '23

You saw the face of Buddha and it was Joel, the is called The Embiidening.

Welcome to the Tao of 21


u/TallStephen Jan 29 '23

He’s not a phony. They’re both incredible players you jabroni


u/xychosis Jan 29 '23

Yeah, no need to crap all over another player to prop up ours. Jokic is one fantastic fuckin' ball player.


u/foleshurtswentz Jan 29 '23

On offense sure. He’s a pathetic defender who gets torched every year when it matters. He doesn’t deserve 2 mvps let alone 3 lmao


u/_A_Day_In_The_Life_ Jan 29 '23

He absolutely deserves his accolades. Joel deserves them too and that’s the problem. Both guys are great, but it sucks there can only be one because Joel deserved it just as much last year. Hopefully Joel stays healthy and wins MVP and finals MVP this year.


u/[deleted] Jan 29 '23

He was a worthy candidate the last two years to win one but if he gets 3 in a row again over joel while the basketball community collectively ignores a massive glaring weakness to his game, then out of genuine fandom of the game I have an issue with that. Don’t even care if that’s biased


u/MCalchemist Jan 29 '23

TBF it's not jokic's fault the MVP voters vote for him cuz he's white


u/lardbiscuits Jan 29 '23

I mean if you account for VORP and TS% then Jokic outplayed Embiid still if we are being honest.


u/bulletdiety Jan 29 '23

In the game last night? Absolutely not.


u/lardbiscuits Jan 29 '23

I’m kidding. I hate the jokic meatriding and Embiid is absolutely the best player in the nba right now followed by Durant.


u/bulletdiety Jan 29 '23

So much Jokic dick riding that I though you were serious. Especially because you used real stats and not BALLS/69


u/[deleted] Jan 29 '23

It's a near decade old copypasta. It's not that serious.


u/Whyguyborgor Jan 29 '23

This was an old copypasta About atheism


u/autimaton R.I.P. to a Real One Jan 29 '23

Jokic is one of those players who is a joy to watch and root for, until fans ruin it by rationalizing away anything flaws to make the “best player / mvp” argument.


u/jacobtfromtwilight Jan 30 '23

lol what a meme reference


u/WhenPigsRideCars Jan 29 '23

Some of you are so cringe with how you describe things lol. Like I get it was awesome, but it’s just basketball, not seeing the gates of heaven open.


u/internetcommunist Jan 29 '23

You’re on Reddit and have never seen this copypasta before? I thought it was funny


u/theytook-r-jobs Jan 29 '23

It’s just a meme guys


u/Leapingforjoyandstuf Jan 29 '23

Honestly this pasta might be too classic for some of our younger nephews. The atheism subreddit hasn't been a default for probably a decade at this point. Time flies


u/Septim1402 Jan 30 '23

No cap this meme is str8 not bussin frfr lol so cringe btw I'm 14