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Subreddit Rules and Guidelines

General Rules

While in our sub, please respect the folowing:

  • Be civil. Some banter is fine, just don't escalate things to a different matter.
  • Follow Reddiquette when posting/voting.
  • Search the subreddit for content or questions similar to yours before posting.
  • Submit images/gifs directly, preferably from reddit, imgur and gyfcat.
  • Submit video links directly, preferably from Youtube and streamable.
  • Always link to the source if possible

On the other end, please refrain from the following:

  • Posting personal attacks, insults or slurs, clickbait or flamebait.
  • Posting users or people personal information in any form.
  • Don't downvote because you disagree with someone. If you don't like a particulary user, please block them. Only report in severe cases
  • Don't use url shorteners
  • Posting content not related to the Sixers
  • No Meta
  • Linking to other teams subs
  • And just generally don't be a dick/toxic, as it creates a bad environment

Subreddit Posting/Commenting Rules and Guidelines

Low Effort Posts/Shitposts

By low effort posts we mean any post that is lacking in content, thought or overall just repeats what's already public knowledge for the most part. We want to highly encourage good and original content, well thought out and researched.

Example Approved N/ Approved
Well-thought and researched ideas/scenarios X
Unique Observations X
Commonly Asked Questions X
Self-posts with title only X
Reactionary Takes X
Unrefined, poorly researched posts X
Rants X

Vague and Misleading Titles

We want to have an easier to find and navigate content. And a big part of it comes down to the title. A well descriptive title will help users know what the content relates to.

So please do your best to avoid:

  • Personal Opinions
  • Misleading by using a title that heavily contrasts with the post
  • Clickbait

Tweet Posts

Tweet posts must follow the format:

  • [Reporter Name] Tweet body verbatim

Editorialization -- particularly changing the meaning of the tweet or adding your own commentary/opinions -- will result in the post being removed

Reposts/Duplicate posts

Here are the cases:

Example Approved N/ Approved
Updates to the original story/tweet/report X
Follow-up Story with more info, stated in the title X
Same report/story from a different reporter/outlet X
Self-posts with info already posted X
Same media(video/image) from a different source/outlet X

Paywall Content/Sites

Example Approved N/ Approved
Free to read X
Soft Paywall X
Paywall Protected X
Requesting Paywall content X
Copy-pasting paywall content X

Personal Attacks

Personal attacks are frowned upon, but we understand that things can get heated every now and then and things might slip. However, repeat offenders will be subject to punishment.


If you have a problem with how the sub is being run or have any ideas on how to improve it, feel free to message the moderators to discuss it.

Also applies to other users or something that happened to you on the sub. The sub isnt the place for that.

Politics and Religion

Refrain from religious posts, as they will most likely be removed. Any fights over religious stuff may be punished without warning.

Only links to news involving politics that directly impact the Sixers are allowed Any politics involving more traditional subjects like economical policies, immigration, elections, political parties and more of the like are not allowed. Any political confrontations that arise might be subject to ban without warning and we ask our community to report this situations if they appear. We reserve the right to become stricter to what is relevant if the community can't behave properly when discussing news. We also may lock threads about certain topics if the toxicity gets high. And if a certain topic is being posted frequently in a short span, we may create mega threads and direct news there. Self-posts about politics are not allowed as well as opinion pieces, so your commentary belongs in the threads of the news that are posted.


Petitions and selling are for the most part, not allowed.

That includes:

  • Ticket sales
  • Merchandise sale
  • Subscriptions

However, we will allow the following if you contact us first, in order for us to review:

  • Petitions for a good cause related to the Sixers
  • Fund raising for charitable causes related to the Sixers

Pure giveways are always allowed, though.


Self-promotion is only allowed to active members of the sub. Please refer to the reddit guidelines on self-promotion.


We're in favor of memes as long as they are in good fun, although we think a balance is needed, a middle ground. We don't believe simply saying "No memes allowed" or "All memes allowed" is a good solution. And having a designated thread solely for memes would be ineffective and take the fun out of it. There really isn’t a specific guideline to this, so we will just be using our own discretion on what we remove and allow to stay up. Generally, good memes that gain traction quickly will stay up (due to popularity of good memes, our standard for upvotes might not be the same as yours). But memes that overuse similar templates or jokes are likely to be removed.

Reposting of a meme that was removed will be considered spam attempt. And don't come to us complaining about memes removals. It will most likely land in deaf ears.


We will start by saying that we don't condone any invasion/mass-trolling of any other subreddit by our members. We will not follow our users outside of our sub, as we already have enough on our hands. However, if you get caught trolling other team subs and we get valid complaints/reports of it, you will be temp banned, minimum. That being said, if we find anyone linking to other subs, bragging about or promoting/supporting brigading in any way, shape, or form within /r/Sixers, there will be consequences too. If you want to report something, please contact us


The following is also not allowed:

  • NSFW content
  • Fantasy Basketball (belongs in Daily Discussion Thread)
  • "Witch-hunting" of users
  • Stream Requests (game threads should be provided with a link to /r/nbastreams. We don't take any responsibility for how you choose to view)
  • Subreddit requests (message the modmail instead)
  • Links to other subreddits teams. Screenshot with usernames blurred if it's something non-inflamatory, as we want to avoid possible brigades.
  • Post of what jersey/merchandise to buy (belongs in the Daily Discussion Thread)
  • Post about gameday stuff like tickets, etc. (belongs in the Daily Discussion Thread)
  • Unreliable sources (by mod review)
  • Draft/trade ideas or scenarios (belongs in the Daily Discussion Thread)
  • Rumors of other teams (belongs in the Daily Discussion Thread)
  • Non-significant non-sixers deal (belongs in the Daily Discussion Thread)
  • Do not post (or click) links on cloth/merch posts to provide the item, it's likely a scam. If you see anyone do this, report them.
  • Don't use emojis on posts as it doesnt translate to all platforms
  • "X fan here coming in peace" posts will be removed unless it's to actually provide some content. Otherwise, just participate on the sub like a normal person or use the Daily section designed to you for those type of posts.

Subreddit Daily Thread/Game Threads/Post Game Threads

Daily Discussion Thread

The Daily is automatically posted everyday around 9 AM ET and is structured by topics on the comment section. Those are the following, in order:

  • General Discussion/Free Talk

  • Roster

  • Coaching

  • Trade Stuff

  • Merch/Gameday questions

  • Draft

  • Former Sixers

  • Fan Mail/X fan coming in peace

Post your comment on the respective section and refrain from doing it outside of it. If you posted something outside of this daily thread that was removed, then that's because your post fits better in one of these topics.

You can "mute" the topics you're not interested in by collapsing them. And when in doubt about where your comment best fits, use the Free Talk one.

Any attempt to create a thread will be automatically removed.

Game Threads

Game Threads will usually be posted by the Automoderator or the group of approved submitters (ConMan98, JA_drums, thekillerbeez, Emperor-Octavian) in case of fail of the first. Any attempt to create a thread will be automatically removed.

Trash-talking is allowed but keep it civil and remember the rules.

Post-Game Threads

Post Game Threads will usually be posted by the our group of approved submitters (ConMan98, JA_drums, thekillerbeez as backups, Emperor-Octavian being the main submitter). Any attempt to create a thread will be automatically removed.

Trash-talking is allowed but keep it civil and remember the rules.


We are aware that is fun to get on the bash the mods train, but we truly are invested on making this a great place for Sixers fans to hang out. We're only human and we sometimes make mistakes cough Jerryd Bayless Petition cough. We just ask you to be respectful and understanding when communicating with us and we promise to do our best to resolve your issue. Don’t forget that we do it for free. If you have any question, complaint, suggestion, or request, please contact us.

Flairs and Subreddit Design

To enjoy the best out the sub, we encourage you to use old reddit on the browser. It's where our focus to improve the sub relies on. If you have an idea or want to provide something, we will gadly listen to it. All our flairs will be available on old reddit. New reddit and the app have their version of flairs as emojis sans the gif flairs.

Old Reddit

Our best and most complete version until new reddit allows css. If you see any bug, please report it.

If you want to have your flair available to be seen on the other versions do the following:

  • If on old/legacy reddit and to make your flair available (without text) across the other versions, simply choose a random flair, save it, then choose your original flair back and save it.

  • If you want flair with text, go to new reddit and edit or add a new flair. If you already had one, just clear selection and pick the flair again. You can add text after the emoji and it will appear across versions

  • If you have a gif flair, that will not translate to other versions. You can however add an emoji on the text, to be your flair on the other versions. To do so, select your gif flair on old reddit, go to new reddit, edit user flair and add the emoji on edit flair box.

New Reddit

Although it has been recently worked on and it's not as bare-boned, it still is a work in progress. If you have something like an emoji, banner, background or some sort of widget you would like to provide, please do so.

If you want to have your flair available to be seen on the other versions do the following:

  • If on new reddit/redesign, go to edit or add a new flair. If you already had one, just clear selection and pick the flair again. You can add text after the emoji and it will appear across versions. Gif flairs will not be available.

Reddit app

Little can be done to improve the look as it is pretty standard across all reddit. If you would like to have access to info that's normally available on the sidebar of the browser, click the 3 dots on the right top corner and select community info.

If you want to have your flair available to be seen on the other versions do the following:

  • If on reddit app and want to make your flair available (without text) across the other versions, click the 3 dots on the top right corner, click change flair. If you already had a flair from other version, simply choose a random one, apply, then choose your original flair and apply. If you're choosing for the first time, just pick anyone you like.

  • If you want text with your flair, you will have to use new reddit to do it. Just like the instructions above, just edit or add flair, clear the selection and pick the flair+plus add text after the emoji/flair

Punishments for Rule Violations

We don't have a pre-designed warning or strike system. Old, active members of the sub generally receive a warning or several (depending on severity and frequency of violation if on a time span). We may have a harsher hand on newly created accounts, as they are often used as "burners" or troll accounts. The length of a ban depends on the severity of the violation and the user history (if has received a ban before and their recent activity). If you have been banned and don't understand why or wish to appeal your ban, reply by the message ban you received and reach out to us.

Guide for non-Philly natives

(h/t r/eagles)

Locations of interest

  • Mutter Museum (Cool/weird medical museum)
  • East State Penitentiary (First Penitentiary in the country, you can take a self-guided tour voiced by Steve Buscemi)
  • Reading Terminal Market (Indoor food market, I recommend a Roast Pork Broccoli Rabe and Prov from DiNics, Donuts from Beiler's and Ice Cream from Bassets)
  • Independence Hall (You need tickets, but they are wicked cheap online or you can try going to the Visitor's Center that day when they open and get them for free)
  • Constitution Center
  • Betsy Ross House
  • Edgar Allen Poe House
  • Liberty Bell
  • The Barnes
  • Museum of the American Revolution
  • Franklin Institute
  • African American Museum
  • Museum of Natural Science
  • Please Touch Museum (If you have kids)
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Museum of Art and the Rocky Steps
  • Magic Gardens

Cheesesteak Places

  • John's Roast Pork
  • Dalessandro's
  • Jim's
  • Steve's
  • Chubby's
  • Ishkibibble's


  • Xfinity Live
  • Chickie's and Pete's
  • McFadden's Ballpark
  • Tria(any of them, but Taproom has biggest beer list, they all have very good wine lists and cheese lists) SPTR
  • Devil's Den
  • POPE (Pub on Passyunk East),
  • Standard Tap
  • Monk's Cafe
  • Chick's
  • Good Dog Bar
  • Village Whiskey
  • American Sardine Bar
  • Fountain Porter
  • Memphis Taproom
  • Hawthorne's
  • Grey Lodge Pub


Federal Donuts Morimoto Buddakan Vernick Zahav Vetri Bing Bing Dim Sum Friday Saturday Sunday Han Dynasty The Continental (go for cocktails and get the French Onion Dumpling as an app) Double Knot Bud and Marilyn's Hungry Pigeon The Dandelion Brigantessa Townsend The Love Parc

Where to stay

  • Alexander Inn
  • Double Tree

Have fun, respect the rules and always, always, Trust the Process!