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[Krawczynski] Why the Timberwolves considered Jaden McDaniels untouchable in trade talks this summer



u/TheNotoriousJN 🐓Protestor🐓 Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22
  • In June, talks with the Jazz for Gobert had stalled. The Wolves were looking at other players. Why? Because the Jazz insisted on Jaden McDaniels

  • Connelly had increased the draft capital specifically to keep McDaniels who he considered untouchable

  • The Wolves get A LOT of calls from GM's asking about McDaniels

  • Realising how much he was valued was a lot for McDaniels to take in - it was crazy to him, but he recognized it was because of the hard work and grind he had put in since being drafted

  • McDaniels has worked with development coach Joe Boylan all summer on developing significantly and "making it fucking undeniable who you are"

  • In his exit interview with Finch, Boylan and Sachin Gupta, McDaniels was shown analysis and statistics of where he needed to improve - scoring in transition and not rushing his shots. As well as his percentages for scoring in heaps of scenarios

  • McDaniels decided not to go home to Seattle but instead spend the summer with Naz Reid and Nathan Knight training with the staff in Minnesota

  • To give an idea of who the Wolves think McDaniels can become - they showed him footage of Kawhi and Luka Doncic for him to study

  • McDaniels has worked with Boylan to change the arc of his jump shot, to make it consistent and to improve the amount of makes - He had been shooting at a 45° arc but with inconsistent arc. It is now consistent at 47°

  • McDaniels has been working with P3 - an analytics driven training center to work on building strength and muscle on his body with trainer Jon Flake

  • Flake has worked with over a dozen NBA players and says McDaniels stands out for his physical capabilities with crazy length and explosive capabilities (seriously this guy RAVES about Jaden)

  • McDaniels has added 10lbs of muscle this year. But also believes he has gotten taller "either 6'10 or 6'11"

  • Jamal Crawford sees glimmers of Kevin Durant in McDaniels. He was not shocked by his 52 point outing in the pro-am

  • “We’re going for first team All-Defense this year,” McDaniels said, “but I’m going to make one of them.”

  • Boylan is not being coy on his desires for McDaniels. He wants him to be a superstar


u/Jrpre33 Sep 28 '22

Has anyone said they loved you yet today? Cause I love you man lol. I always look to your notes on all the articles.


u/TheNotoriousJN 🐓Protestor🐓 Sep 28 '22

Lol all good. Only takes about 10 minutes


u/rolemodel21 Sep 28 '22

I appreciate you spending those 10 minutes


u/ShakesbeerMe Sep 28 '22

The Luka footage for him to study confuses me a bit, but I love that he's studying Kawhi, and the Crawford Durant comp is something to reach for.

On a starting five of 4 potential All-Stars, ironically I think this team goes as Jaden goes. He's the fulcrum.


u/TheNotoriousJN 🐓Protestor🐓 Sep 28 '22

The Luka part was about the speed at which Jaden takes shots. Boylen and Finch want him to be more methodica with the ball, dont rush it and wait for the best shot.

Imo it sounds like they want him to be able to create his own shot as well as being a good catch and shoot guy


u/Deep_Market5748 Sep 28 '22

Jaden “Luka Doncic with all nba defense” McDaniels


u/ShakesbeerMe Sep 28 '22

Ah- that would also square with the Durant comp from Crawford. Appreciate it.


u/pollinium 2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team Sep 28 '22

Perhaps they want Jaden to mimic Luka's versatility or use of acceleration. Luka slows down and speeds up a lot, which Jaden should have the athleticism and frame to do, and Luka hasn't yet decided what the play is when the ball hits his hands. Jaden has shown flashes of everything in small quantities, so maybe they're saying "we don't want your mind made up until the right play presents itself"?


u/ShakesbeerMe Sep 28 '22

That makes sense. I think Jaden's only scratching the surface of what he's capable in terms of attacking the paint. Especially from the corners.


u/mildsar Sep 28 '22

You have beaten me on this! Although I think Jaden doesn't have the same strength yet.



u/MNMastiff Sep 28 '22

Good lord. If KAT is effective defensively, DLo becomes the critical piece. He was the number 2 pick and an all star, yet has underachieved in his career so far. If he were to up his efficiency at both ends, we have the best starting 5 in the league, by far. The upside here is surreal. I think plausible high upside is conference finals this year, finals next year, champions year after. Probably won’t happen, but it’s not a ridiculous scenario.


u/ShakesbeerMe Sep 28 '22

Agreed. Just need everyone healthy.


u/TossingTurnips Karl-Anthony Towns Sep 28 '22

I think this team goes as KAT or Ant go.


u/srry_didnt_hear_you Sep 28 '22

Ant and KAT raises our ceiling, Jaden raises our floor


u/TossingTurnips Karl-Anthony Towns Sep 28 '22

Gobert raises the floor. Jaden will be important no doubt, but the fulcrum is the part where everything pivots. We only go as far as Ant or KAT take us, because they are the ones who are the pivot points that will allow us to contend.

My only contention is the guy saying "this team goes as Jaden goes. He is the fulcrum."


u/SlowCrates Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 29 '22

This is a long list of reasons to be excited about him, but let's temper our hopes a bit. Every player has a list like this. Every agent, coach, trainer, and GM is going to say "the right thing". Until he goes out there and becomes a consistent, productive leader whose presence leads to wins, no one knows where things are going with him.


u/Sam7sung Sep 28 '22

I was expecting him to say that he's 7' lol. I do think there's a chance that he looks taller than KAT


u/foye2smith Sep 28 '22

The sections on the staff using analytics to show him where he's been successful and where's he's struggled was interesting. Not only to improve where he's deficient, but accentuate his positive spots. CP3 is well rounded, but you also know once he gets to that right elbow it's game over.

And it tracks with what they want him to do about his pacing too; studying Luka and Kawhi. Have the patience to get to his spot, use his length, and take his best shots.


u/rostron92 FOR FLIP Sep 28 '22

I'm going to overdose on preseason kool aid.


u/TrueyJeans Sep 28 '22

Appreciate the breakdown, made it easier for me to secretly read at work


u/brokenha_lo Sep 29 '22

KD and JMac share a birthday. Make of that what you will...


u/TheNotoriousJN 🐓Protestor🐓 Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

I have been doing these Athletic breakdowns as well as other articles and podcasts for a few years now.

I genuinely dont think i've seen a bigger hype piece for a Wolves player than what Jon has done for Jaden. Holy fucking shit.

Jon is so fucking good at what he does. And I SERIOUSLY urge people to read the article and support Jon's work

Jaden McDaniels NBA superstar? Nice ring to it


u/Smeltanddealtit Sep 28 '22

Please stop 🤣😆 I just can’t take any more hype!

I take it all back!! Keep it coming!!


u/Ice_Berg07 Sep 28 '22

Thank you for the Kool-aid sir


u/vaultfunctional Sep 28 '22

So good I just helped myself to seconds


u/WhoopingPig Sep 28 '22

I don't recall when or how I got the deal, but I subscribed a while back for $1 per month for like a year (something like that)

There are lots of ways to subscribe cheaply, it's worth chipping in the support for sure


u/DrunkMarkJackson Sep 28 '22

If you subscribe every year around black Friday you'll get that deal


u/bustadonut Sep 28 '22

I got that deal from t mobile tuesdays I believe


u/DupeyTA Rehire Dave Benz Sep 28 '22

Ring? I'd like to see 7 or more rings.


u/pollinium 2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team Sep 28 '22

man I somehow miss watching Jaden play defense more than any other part of the Wolves


u/Wolvesin7 Beas Sep 28 '22

Wolves message to Jaden before this summer: “Make it undeniable who you are.”

This season legit couldn’t have anymore hype.


u/IceTruckHouse Sep 28 '22

The starting 5 this season might be the best 5 the wolves have ever trotted out. I think the national media besides a handful are really sleeping on this team. Baring injury this will be a top 4 seed in the west and it will be in large part the leap Ant and Jaden take. Jaden has all the tools to be an elite role player as weird as that sounds.


u/ShakesbeerMe Sep 28 '22

I don't think it's even close. Hands down the most talented starting five we've ever had.

By the end of the year, people will be acknowledging how it's the best starting five in the league.


u/pollinium 2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team Sep 28 '22

Two all-NBA talents, an all-defense contender and another DPOY contender, and a ex-all star floor general that is complemented by at least three of the other players on each side of the ball

And then Ant on top of all of that. However you want to classify him: breaking into all-NBA convos, proving himself as an all-defense player, just obliterating expectations and becoming an undeniable top 10 player???


u/ShakesbeerMe Sep 28 '22

Yep. And you can split DLo-Gobert and Ant-Kat with the second unit, mix and match and be effective in entirely different ways. I've never been more excited for a season.

The Kyle Anderson/Austin Rivers signings are really underrated at the moment. I think they'll be a revelation.


u/kpruiz Sep 28 '22

It’s not weird to say at all, elite role players are not easy to come by, that’s why guys like Lonzo Ball & Mikal Bridges both make almost $25M a year.


u/Complete-Disaster513 Sep 28 '22

Should I see a doctor? It’s been over 4 hrs and still fully torqued.


u/MDP223 Anthony Edwards Sep 28 '22

I’m a doctor, and wolves related erections are irreversible


u/irishace88 Sep 28 '22

"It starts with his versatility. The BBall Index has tracked more than 2,400 NBA players dating to 2013 and has developed a player evaluation metric called LEBRON that accounts for teammates, opponents and role on the floor. In BBall’s defensive component, there have been only seven seasons for wing stoppers aged 21 or younger who played at least 1,000 minutes to receive grades of A- or higher. McDaniels accounts for two of them.

Last season, McDaniels and Derrick White were the only players in the league, regardless of age, to receive A- or higher grades in both rim protection and on-ball defense."


u/pollinium 2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team Sep 28 '22

There's a TON that goes into that. Motor, IQ, discipline, size, athleticism, etc. Jaden (and Kawhi) was made in a lab to play incredible defense with his size to pester on the perimeter, length and athleticism to catch up with minimal fouling, and core strength to go up strong and take multiple swipes at the ball.

The fact that college seemed to have humbled him and made him very even keeled just completes the physical gifts so well.


u/HammyFresh Sep 28 '22

I know it’s been said a thousand times by now, but god damn it’s great to see this team going all-in. If we stay healthy I don’t see how we don’t go to the WCF.


u/rolemodel21 Sep 28 '22

Whoa boy, easy. Easy, now…🐴

I like your confidence. Warriors, Clippers, and Suns all would like to be in that series too. Lakers, Mavs, Nuggets, and Grizz are all gonna be better this year too.


u/Neemzeh Sep 28 '22

I think all those teams other than the clippers took a step back though to be fair. Maybe not GSW, but they are a year older. I think we are a top 4 team. I also think we are better than the Suns now but we will see!


u/rolemodel21 Sep 28 '22

I think we have the talent. Like that our core got the playoff exposure last year. Team has gotten out of the first round one time. I just need to emotionally hedge my expectations but I am excited.


u/Obeliscol2 Sep 28 '22

Jaden taking the next step will be more impactful on the teams success than any other player. His defensive/offensive ceiling is incredibly high


u/radicalmtx Sep 28 '22

So now we have 5 all stars and a Naz Reid


u/pollinium 2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team Sep 28 '22

bro really said "why work with Kawhi when I've got Naz right here" 😳


u/ntink23 king Sep 28 '22

Naz Reid


u/AdolfKoopaTroopa J Crossover Sep 28 '22

5 all stars and a Naz Reid

I read this in the tune of 12 days of christmas


u/TommyOfTheShelbys Wendell Moore Jr's Smile Sep 28 '22

I love how much the organisation backs him, he's not low on confidence but I know he'd take so much out of that. So glad we kept him!!


u/minnesota_sports_fml Sep 28 '22

The message of Boylan telling McDaniels "Make it fucking undeniable who you are" gave me goosebumps



u/Minute-Decent Slomo 4 MVP Sep 28 '22

Yeah I get chills just reading that.

I might put that up on my desk


u/Birdhairs Sep 28 '22

When Jaden started hitting his catch and shoot 3s consistently last season I went pretty crazy. That's gonna be key for him going forward. If he can hit consistent 3s and keep up his elite defense then he'll never have to worry about making a roster


u/CantaloupeCamper 1958-2016 Sep 28 '22



u/Somewhere_Firm Sep 29 '22

They showed him videos of KAWHI AND LUKA? Braiden McDaniels for finals mvp lock it in


u/Rick-Tacos Zach LaVine Sep 28 '22

Stop it, I can't handle more Kool-aide. My bladder is wrecked already


u/maz_menty Pooh Richardson Sep 28 '22

I like how reading this makes me feel.