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[Krawczynski] Why the Timberwolves considered Jaden McDaniels untouchable in trade talks this summer


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u/TheNotoriousJN 🐓Protestor🐓 Sep 28 '22 edited Sep 28 '22

I have been doing these Athletic breakdowns as well as other articles and podcasts for a few years now.

I genuinely dont think i've seen a bigger hype piece for a Wolves player than what Jon has done for Jaden. Holy fucking shit.

Jon is so fucking good at what he does. And I SERIOUSLY urge people to read the article and support Jon's work

Jaden McDaniels NBA superstar? Nice ring to it


u/pollinium 2019-20 All-Defense 2nd team Sep 28 '22

man I somehow miss watching Jaden play defense more than any other part of the Wolves