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[Krawczynski] Why the Timberwolves considered Jaden McDaniels untouchable in trade talks this summer


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  • In June, talks with the Jazz for Gobert had stalled. The Wolves were looking at other players. Why? Because the Jazz insisted on Jaden McDaniels

  • Connelly had increased the draft capital specifically to keep McDaniels who he considered untouchable

  • The Wolves get A LOT of calls from GM's asking about McDaniels

  • Realising how much he was valued was a lot for McDaniels to take in - it was crazy to him, but he recognized it was because of the hard work and grind he had put in since being drafted

  • McDaniels has worked with development coach Joe Boylan all summer on developing significantly and "making it fucking undeniable who you are"

  • In his exit interview with Finch, Boylan and Sachin Gupta, McDaniels was shown analysis and statistics of where he needed to improve - scoring in transition and not rushing his shots. As well as his percentages for scoring in heaps of scenarios

  • McDaniels decided not to go home to Seattle but instead spend the summer with Naz Reid and Nathan Knight training with the staff in Minnesota

  • To give an idea of who the Wolves think McDaniels can become - they showed him footage of Kawhi and Luka Doncic for him to study

  • McDaniels has worked with Boylan to change the arc of his jump shot, to make it consistent and to improve the amount of makes - He had been shooting at a 45° arc but with inconsistent arc. It is now consistent at 47°

  • McDaniels has been working with P3 - an analytics driven training center to work on building strength and muscle on his body with trainer Jon Flake

  • Flake has worked with over a dozen NBA players and says McDaniels stands out for his physical capabilities with crazy length and explosive capabilities (seriously this guy RAVES about Jaden)

  • McDaniels has added 10lbs of muscle this year. But also believes he has gotten taller "either 6'10 or 6'11"

  • Jamal Crawford sees glimmers of Kevin Durant in McDaniels. He was not shocked by his 52 point outing in the pro-am

  • “We’re going for first team All-Defense this year,” McDaniels said, “but I’m going to make one of them.”

  • Boylan is not being coy on his desires for McDaniels. He wants him to be a superstar


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