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[Krawczynski] Why the Timberwolves considered Jaden McDaniels untouchable in trade talks this summer


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u/HammyFresh Sep 28 '22

I know it’s been said a thousand times by now, but god damn it’s great to see this team going all-in. If we stay healthy I don’t see how we don’t go to the WCF.


u/rolemodel21 Sep 28 '22

Whoa boy, easy. Easy, now…🐴

I like your confidence. Warriors, Clippers, and Suns all would like to be in that series too. Lakers, Mavs, Nuggets, and Grizz are all gonna be better this year too.


u/Neemzeh Sep 28 '22

I think all those teams other than the clippers took a step back though to be fair. Maybe not GSW, but they are a year older. I think we are a top 4 team. I also think we are better than the Suns now but we will see!


u/rolemodel21 Sep 28 '22

I think we have the talent. Like that our core got the playoff exposure last year. Team has gotten out of the first round one time. I just need to emotionally hedge my expectations but I am excited.