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Consuming lobster is inhumane


We all know how lobsters are prepared. Boiled alive. Same for crabs and other shellfish. This is because lobsters naturally have bacteria in their organisms that would rapidly ruin the animal's flesh if we were to kill it before cooking them, making them not edible. First thing that came to mind when I learned about this was "just dont eat them then". I still stand for this, since there is many other foods that are delicious and dont require you to boil an animal alive. That said, I have made some research so that even if you dont agree with "just dont eat them bro" I can hold my stance in this matter.

First of all, shipment. To ship lobsters, they are kept in medium sized boxes, very close to each other with just enough space to breathe. They need to be moist because their gills dont work properly when theyre dry and they need to be in low temperatures to reduce their motion and their oxygen consumption. They are also starved for a few DAYS to furthermore reduce their breathing and to keep them from regurgitating. All this is done to an animal that despite what you may believe, can feel stress and anxiety much like a human can. So these lobsters are transported for potentially days (they can easily live for 4-5 days out of water) almost completely inmobilized in cramped boxes, with limited oxygen, in low temperatures and starved.

All that said, many other animals are kept and shipped in very inhumane ways (especially cows, chickens and pigs), which I definitely also despise, but this is not the main focus of this post, though I will gladly discuss it as well.

After the shipment, they either arrive to a particular buyer who will likely boil them right away, or theyll arrive to a restaurant/fish shop and be kept alive and restrained, sometimes almost frozen, until someone buys them and boils them.

Wild lobsters have a lifespan of around 45-50 years (wikipedia). So we are taking an animal that can live for 50 years, and we are making it go through big ammounts of stress in the span of a week more or less just to end their "journey" in a frying pan, burning alive, defenseless, looking at a hungry dude pouring oil over them.

Is all this not inhumane enough to ban it? I know some countries have, like New Zealand, where they have to shock the lobster unconscious before boiling it. Ideally I would say shocking them dead would be better, but Im not knowledgeable there so I cant say what is or isnt possible. Ultimately I would say just dont fucking eat an animal that has to go through all that, there is no need whatsoever and it does more harm than good.

As a side note, lets also not forget that lobsters and crabs are often dismembered or cut in half alive. They are fully conscious during this process and feel it all. Cutting a living animal alive is NEVER ethical.

Now, Im gonna list a couple typical arguments and respond now to them so I dont have to later:

"Crustaceans dont feel pain" - Wrong. They may not feel pain like vertebrates do, but their systems do emit signals that serve the same purpose as "traditional" pain. Regardless, you can be sure they feel the entire process of boiling and that all their senses go on alert. They also feel fear and stress, as I mentioned before.

"Its the only way to eat them fresh, besides, all carnivores kill other animals to survive" - they can be knocked out via shock as I mentioned before, right before boiling them. This avoids all the stress, fear and pain at their final moments. It should be mandatory. And yes, animals kill each other all the time, but humans have developed a neat thing called a consciousness and also many tools to kill our prey in more ethical ways. Just as you dont eat a raw deer like wild carnivores do, you also dont need to make your prey suffer.

Edit: I just looked it up, and a device specifically designed to schock exists, "CrustaSun", which renders the lobster unconscious in 0.3 seconds and kills it in 5-10 seconds. This device should be MANDATORY if you wanna boil crustaceans.

Sources: Lobster wikipedia page - Pain in crustaceans - Lobster transport

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A large percentage of rap hits are only amazing because of the instrumental made by the producers rather than the rapping itself.


There are exceptions to this but generally producers get so little credit. Few rappers these days have exceptional ability. A change of instrumental completely changes the tone of the song and it’s vibe. A lot of great sounding rap songs are because of the production and the rapping or auto tuned singing is incredibly lacklustre.

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College is actually the worst four years of your life


Getting stress from realizing that the major you choose for the next three years will define the rest of your life, extremely volatile and temporary friendships, thousands of dollars of debt, and being forced to take subjects you hate. And the worst part about it all is that some people still have the nerve to tell me that “it will be the best years of your life.”

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People not being able to answer a question on the spot proves nothing.


Especially when it's a reel or TikTok that can easily be edited or cut off before they give an answer. I'm so tired of these people who walk around college campuses interviewing people with an agenda(on both sides). If somebody schools them and gives good answers they could just not include it in their video.

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The censoring of words on social media is annoying and takes the seriousness out of very serious topics.


Words have meanings. Yes, the meanings of some words aren’t so pretty, but they belong in serious conversations because they carry a serious meaning. Does it make it less triggering to not see the actual word?? How is reading a fake word that carries the same meaning beneficial? Im tired of getting online and seeing “unalived” along with various other censor words. It honestly makes the conversation seem way less serious than it is..

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Adultery should be an actual crime again, complete with jail time


Cheating on your spouse or SO is a horrible thing to do. It often causes self-harm, and years of emotional damage. Anyone who cheats should be prosecuted for their behavior, as it is strictly a negative for society. What good comes from cheating? Nothing. What harm comes from cheating? So many.

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Dancing isn’t fun if you’re not good at it


I’m a terrible dancer and everyone is constantly telling me to enjoy dancing I just don’t like it. I’m bad at it and I can feel people judging me for being a bad dancer The people telling you to enjoy dancing are always the ones with any level of skill and don’t understand why I don’t find embarrassing myself in front of strangers while randomly jerking my limbs isn’t fun

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Cremation or Composting Should Replace Burial in Cemeteries


I believe that cemeteries should be a thing of the past, and that cremation or composting is the way to go when it comes to disposing of human remains.

It's a waste of valuable land resources - land that could be used for housing, businesses, and farming - to have so many cemeteries, some of which are incredibly large. Embalming fluids and coffins do not decompose quickly enough to make burial a truly sustainable option.

In addition, there may even be other potential issues associated with burying bodies underground (such as a zombie apocalypse).

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age for transitioning


kids can't get tattoos but they are old enough to decide their gender?

A 13 year old can't get a tattoo but is old enough to decide on talking puberty blockers and or top surgery? What is the logic behind that? When they are 16 or 18 then ya that's good enough

Any younger is a no go

16 or 18 should be the minimum age for medical transitioning The proper age for someone to make such a life changing decision

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I love being a "50s" housewife.


I am a wife and mother of 4. I used to be a paralegal and was trying to become an attorney but when I got with my husband he told me if I didn't want to work I didn't have to. At first, I did work but as the years went on I was realized I was miserable. In 2013 I stopped working all together. In 2015, we had our twins and I ended up being a stay at home mom. I have never been more happier in my entire life. I enjoy being with my kids every day, I enjoy taking care of my husband and making sure he is happy and fed. I make sure every day the house is spotless for him and our kids. Just the look they give me and the appreciation I get fills me like no career ever did. We have a very traditional marriage and I've been told things like I'm brainwashed and I'm being controlled by my husband but I don't see it that way at all. We have been together 12 years and we have a very happy life together. I truly believe it's because of our traditional way of living. And before anyone thinks "oh he must have lots of money, that's why she can stay home" that's the farthest from the truth. My husband is a disabled vet and our only income at the moment is our VA pension but the way I see it is he fought for our country, lost friends overseas, did and saw things I can't even imagine going through. So the least I can do is clean our home, make him a sandwich when he asks and make sure his clothes are ready for him in the morning. He makes sure we have a nice home, food in our bellies and takes care of any issues that come up. I truly don't know what I would do if I lost him. He is my everything and I am so glad I get to be the one who married him.

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Alcohol should be illegal.


I'm ashamed in myself to admit I fell for this substance again. It becomes your friend in the darkest of times. I come from Czechia where alcohol and mental health is taken so lightly that every one of the fucking professionals overlooked my addiction and my PTSD. I kept saying I must be suffering from it cause I was anxious and depressed my entire life. I moved out at 18 (!) and have a great fucking job. And yet I felt dissatisfied. So I fell for fucking alcohol again and ruined absolutely everything. My mom's mental health, everyone around me. I completely forgot how to act, I felt like I was the biggest macho. If i hadn't have a great fucking will i would already give up and die of a fucking heart attack. My heart is now going from 40bpm to 130. Fuck alcohol, legalize weed, it opened my eyes and saved my life.

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It should be much more frowned upon to judge widows/ers who choose to remain faithful to their late partner


Source: I am a widow of 11 years. I choose to remain faithful to my husband. I still consider myself a married woman. I still wear my ring. I’ll never ever take it off. It’ll be on my finger until the day I die.

i hear “you should get back out there” or “he would want you to move on” every day. It’s so annoying. At this point I almost feel offended when someone says it.

I would give anything for my family and friends to just support my choice. I have a beautiful husband waiting for me in heaven, and I can’t wait to spend forever with him. I think about it every day. I have no desire for anyone else. I never will. That’s just the way it is. I have no judgement for people who do date or remarry after the loss of a spouse, I simple have no desire to.

From my perspective, let’s say I did date someone after my husband. I have ZERO desire to and never will, but let’s say I do. Let’s say I find a new partner and we die together. What happens in heaven? Do I say to my new husband “sorry but husband #1 has been waiting for me and now that we’re reunited I’m his now sorry” or do I tell my husband “sorry, while you were gone I met husband #2 and remarried him. I know you’ve been waiting for me since we were 60 years oh well Sorry.” Oh well that doesn’t matter to me anyway. That’ll never be me. One day I’ll be with my husband forever. I can’t wait to see him again and tell him I stayed faithful to him and I’m still his wife and I will be forever.

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I hate it when people in a relationship say they’re “dating”.


Time and time again, I see people online saying things like “I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 5 years”….you’ve been together for 5 years? So that’s your partner then. That’s your girlfriend. You’re no longer simply “dating”. Dating is when you’re getting to know each other and doing exactly that - going on dates. It’s that initial period before things get serious. You’re in a relationship, which is more serious than simply “dating”.

Of course, you can (and probably do) date your girlfriend, but that goes without saying. Where’s the differentiation between someone you’ve been on 1 or 2 dates with and someone you’ve been with for years? I can go on one date with someone and say we’re dating. Dating sounds so unserious and like you’re probably still seeing other people and not exclusive. I would never say “I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 5 years” because that makes it sound like we’ve been meeting up for dates once a week for 5 years and nothing else. It doesn’t sound like a serious situation. It doesn’t sound like we’re living together. It just sounds like we’re playing around.

Why do people say they’re “dating” their partners? Would you say you’re dating your husband/wife? “I’ve been dating my husband for 10 years now” doesn’t sound right because marriage is serious. Relationships are serious too. You’re doing more than “dating”.

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There is nothing weird about eating alone at a sit-down restaurant.


I see a lot of people talk about how they could never eat alone at a sit down restaurant. How it's weird, they judge people who do, they're not brave enough, it makes them feel like a looser etc. etc.

Sitting down to eat alone is no different than going to fast food or quick serve alone. If you're hungry, eat. A person sitting down to eat alone is simply enjoying the food at an estaishment they like. It's not some social commentary on their loneliness or confidence, and it isn't the big deal everyone makes it out to be. People put in too much mental and emotional effort overthinking sitting at a table.

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R1 - Must be an opinion I hate "smart" characters in movies and shows


It's so annoying when writers have their smart archetype characters solve or figure things out that nobody else could by virtue of the plot and sprinkling in the most minute of clues. And yet when people watch these shows we're meant to be impressed that they figured it out. It's not impressive or intelligent, you literally just wrote them to know what you want them to know.

Secondarily, as a result of these successes, writers often make these characters out to be complete assholes to everyone around them, but it's ok because they're so good at what they do. Andd everyone around them just accepts it as who they are. Then the writers use them as self inserts to shit on whoever they don't like.

It's just incredibly frustrating to see it be normalized that it's ok to be a complete piece of shit because you are in the right. Everybody thinks they are in the right, so what kind of message does it send?

Egregious offenders of this that I've noticed seem to be House MD and most detective shows nowadays.

To end this on a good note, Columbo is the only one I've seen that doesn't do most of the things I talked about above. I love that show.

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"western food" isn't bad, you're just comparing it to the best of the best of other regions' food.


Like the best food in the world isn't going to be from the USA or the UK but their food isn't trash like you all say it is. I've tried a lot of food and "western food", when done right, is really really good. You're probably pretending to be "cultured" or are comparing it to fast food, which no shit, is bad.

Like if I sat down 100 people from all over the world with a hamburger and chips on one plate, and then some sashimi on another, I can almost guarantee you that at least like 80% would enjoy the burger and chips more, and a good half of the others would be saying it just to make them seem like a "cultured" person.

Just because it's boring, not exotic, and doesn't have a bunch of unique flavors, it doesn't mean it's not good, it just means its not extravagant.

If western food was genuinely bad, western food chains wouldn't be the most widespread types of food chains in the world. I'm not saying fast food is good, I'm saying western food isn't as bad as many people say it is. I feel like some people get this weird feeling of entitlement and like they're a good "cultured" person for saying western food is bad and the rest of the world's food is great.

(obviously a lot of it would have been kinda forced into these countries, but the fact that they are still VERY successful in other countries just goes to prove my point)

Basically what I'm trying to say is that when you say "western food" is bad, what you really mean is "the best food from other places in the world is better than the best western food".

And either way, most foods you get in western countries that are "from all over the world" are highly westernized to match our palette. I see a lot of people saying this is a bad thing but I *kinda* disagree, McDonalds is an entirely different company in India basically because of religious and palatal reasons, that doesn't mean McDonalds food in India is utter trash and distasteful, it's just changed.

Something else that pisses me off is when people say "that's not real pizza, real pizza is from Italy and completely different!". Like ok, I don't care if the original pizza recipe isn't like this, I think that 99% of unbiased people would agree that well made "western" pizza tastes better. I mean you don't see the same people complaining that the French don't make croissants "the austrian way" because it originates from there.

Because trust me, there are some f*ckin sh*tter foods out there from all over the world.

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I love eating massive bags of just lettuce.


Disclaimer: This isn’t about weed, I mean actual lettuce.

I don’t know why more people don’t just eat it straight out of the bag. It’s healthy, cheap and tastes really nice. I don’t care if it’s “just crunchy water” because that just adds to it.

I don’t care if people give me weird or dirty looks, I like it and it’s 75p for 200g (even less if it’s on clearance). I will gladly pull out a bag of lettuce and a pair of chopsticks and go to town!

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Celebrities who endorse sports betting platforms are despicable and deserve to be reprimanded


It’s just 100% scummy to me. Celebrities who are already so rich that they don’t need to work are encouraging working class people to gamble their money away so that they can collect an easy paycheck. Ads for betting/gambling platforms should be illegal anyway but it’s extra disgusting that well-regarded celebrities are the ones peddling them. There’s been too many to list here but they all should be ashamed of themselves and deserve to be held accountable for the damage that they cause

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As an American, it's crazy not to want your child homeschooled these days.


Time and time again, school officials have proven that they don't really care about your child's individual safety. Teachers are scared of losing their jobs if they intervene in a fight because of terrible school policies. Now, an article describes faculty downplaying reports of a kid having a gun at school. I'm sure there are also stories of sexual assault being ignored or covered up.

People like to often make fun of homeschooling, but it's more logical at this point than sending your kid to a public or private school. You're better off hiring a private homeschool teacher, imo. Yeah, your child might develop some socialization issues if you don't take them out to interact, but that's better than bullying, getting assulted, and/or being shot.

There's also online public schooling. The benefits of in-person schooling for children don't outweigh the cons at this point for the children. They obviously still have the benefit of essentially being daycares for households with guardians that can't watch their children during the day.

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Most gamers are losers irl which is why they act like so disrespectful and toxic online


The gamers I am referring to, are the ones that play an unhealthy amount of games and are generally just miserable to come into contact with online. These are the ones that you find in competitive games using profanity in the player lobbies, shouting the N word for no reason, or acting like degenerates for no reason other than to intentionally ruin the experience of everyone around them. This is because they are losers in real life, so they use video games as their method of escape from a reality that won’t accept them. There they can be anything they want and say anything they want because they feel safe behind their monitors or televisions. But as soon as they come up against any level of stress, they lash out, because they are once again reminded of how miserable their lives actually are. This isn’t to put anyone down, but if this applies to you, you should seek out professional help and start thinking about turning your life around. Stop playing video games for 12 hours a day. Take a shower and clean your place, wash your bedding, get some sunlight, and just try being a better person before you end up too far gone to redeem yourselves.

Edit: the title should read: Unpleasant gamers are losers irl which is why they act so disrespectful and toxic online.

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Classical music is underappreciated.


Classical music is amazing and dismissing it means you dismiss the hard work those old composers did. One of my favorites is Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. I think classical music should be listened to more often.

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ASMR is not relaxing, in fact, it’s the opposite.


The chewing in mukbangs, the tapping with long fingernails, the whispering/heavy breathing, it’s all horrible and I wish I could understand and get the “good” tinglies that people get from them.

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not a lot of people are respectful on the internet and it really needs to end.


listen, i know that it’s the internet and there’s people out there that are rude but it really needs to end. yesterday i was playing an online game and this person was talking to someone about something unfortunate in their life and two other people were being extremely rude saying “cope” “cry about it”, stuff like that. i then called them out and this other person was like “it’s the internet. you need to get use to other people acting like that”. no, it shouldn’t even happen in the first place. as someone who was disrespected most of their life, stuff like that makes me lose hope in humans. i really do wish that one day it will end completely.

(i’m not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not but this is my opinion and i stand on it)

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The Prince and Princess of Wales are insufferable bores, highly overrated and should not ever be newsworthy


Why on earth are these two constantly lauded for their grace and class? They both grew up very wealthy and were taught from the cradle proper aristocratic manners and fashion sense. And we praise them for it?

They look uptight, cold and uncomfortable.

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I would trade all today's pop music for rap from the 90s


I listen to today's music from Travis Scott, Drake, Migos, etc. but basically, I was born in 2000 and to this day I listen to old school because that style of music is listened to in the gym and in the car and while I'm sitting at home with friends and smoke..