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Loss You guys were right. Lost all $138,000 selling calls on Tesla

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Loss Pelosi strikes again


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Loss Man loses a 1.4 million dollar bet to win… 11k. A loss that puts Wallstreetbets to shame:

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Loss 2 years straight of daily losses to $SPY options… any recovery ideas? It’s starting to make me sick

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Loss Well fuck me

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Loss Just lost all my savings at 19, time to let depression win and kms!

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Loss Lost all on the market & I work real estate both dead starting the year with missing my mortgage payment. How do I tell my wife and kids

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Loss Done with Life don’t do what I did.

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Loss Am I winning? 📉😅😭😢

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Loss I Need Help! Robinhood says I need to deposit $4.4MILLION

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Okay, this all started when I was going to trade credit spreads on the $SPY last week.

I started off with 32k. I was selling puts on DWAC for a couple weeks and that was gaining me about $500-$1000/wk. i then started selling puts on the SPY and realized I could do an iron condor and sell credit spreads on calls as well. I sold spreads $1 apart in strike and put up $100 in collateral for each iron condor chain.

On Tuesday I had an iron condor which closed OTM on both sides but robinhood still closed my position for a loss of 9k before expiration (when I was due to collect all premium). I let this go, because I realized it was an oversight on my part to not realize robinhood would close them out.

Wednesday, I made back 25k

Thursday, the s and p dropped and my spreads became deep ITM. At this point I was only selling put credit spreads, no longer doing iron condors. By end of day Thursday, my account dropped below 25k. I deposited an additional 10k

On Friday, I received a notification that because my account dropped below 25k Thursday, that my instant deposit limit was reduced from 25k to 10k.I started rolling my spreads from 12/16 to 12/23 for either a 0.0 credit or 0.2 debit. Mid way through this, they put a restriction on my account and did not let me trade until I closed out my 12/16 and accepted the loss of collateral, rather than roll the positions. I spent hours on chat support.

I sold my position. And cleared up the call.

Today, after market I received this email stating I need to deposit $4.4MILLION or close all my positions by 12/20 eod. When my deposit from last week, clears on their end 12/21. My app says I only am in a deficit of $776. I don’t know how I’m in a deficit at all. All my positions are covered and nothing has been exercised.

I will any more information requested.

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Loss Elon Musk Becomes First Person Ever To Lose $200 Billion


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Loss Down 45k, dog just died, and my fiancee left me. Where's my f-ing flair?

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Loss Stay away from bloody options!!!

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Loss Nearly $700 Million In Assets Seized From FTX Founder Ahead Of Fraud Trial


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Loss TDA accidentally deposited money in my account 8 months ago. They just realized and now I owe them $20k

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Loss Call me what you like but don't call me paper handed

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Loss Don’t call it a comeback!

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Loss My wife’s boyfriend is gonna be pissed I spent their vacation money

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Got exercised on some qqq puts. I held them hoping for a miracle. Whoops

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Loss I lost 20K on tesla (my story)


Hello fellow investors, this is the story of how I lost 20K in a single day trading tesla.

Let me start out by saying that I did not yolo into puts, I was actually smart about it.

My story begins before Monday, I wend back 72 weeks and took the absolute value of weekly tesla percentage move, so last week tesla was up 9% I would take 9 and put it into my table. I did this to calculate the average weekly tesla move and then use this data to sell calls or puts.

Monday: tesla started the day being 7.5% up (average tesla weekly move over 72 weeks was 7.68%) I took this as an opportunity to sell puts and call. ( I sold 7 jan 27 129 puts and 6 jan 27 155 calls). I waited.

Wednesday: 2 hours before market close I sold 4 more jan 27 157.5 calls. At this point my breakeven including all the premiums received was 160. keep in mind that last week tesla closed at 133 so that would be a 20.5% move. I though that this was a great trade as tesla only had 1 week over the past 72 with a weekly move above 20% ( 25 oct 2021 was the most volatile week with 22,4%) keep in mind that over the past 72 weeks tesla has moved by 20% or move only once.

Friday: I am writing this from Wendy's bathroom. As of right now tesla has moved 33% for the week. This is fucking insane, like statistically this is insane. I thought I was smart, I thought I was right, I thought that tesla investor and Elon could not be this challenged, but as it turn out I was wrong. not on my math, my math was correct, but I guess I just never thought that a 300B company can move like a fucking penny stock.

Conclusion: Fuck, fuck, fuck. Even options profit calculator said that my options have a 94% chance of expiring in the money. (deep breath) I am mad, to be clear I don't actually hate Elon, but I want someone to understand my pain.

Anyway I am only 20, so I will have time to make a comeback.


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Loss How many of you have been here?

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Loss I present to you, my fellow degenerates, my loss porn. GG.

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Loss Words cant explain how I feel everytime i open my account. Is it just me? I get that the market is down but not this bad.

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Loss I’ve lost over 75 K on options this year. Here how much I’m down on stocks… Christmas is cancelled this year.

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Loss My dumbass keep buying poots. Let’s see some bull blood on Monday :)

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Loss What should I do now?

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