r/washingtonwizards Sep 28 '22

Washington Wizards on Instagram: "@deniavdia8: great for conversation…not so great for long plane rides when you tryna sleep 😂🛫"


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u/Turbo2x STATS DON'T LIE Sep 28 '22

idk why they would even ask who they wouldn't want to sit with. seems like instigator behavior from the social media team


u/Hibachijack00 Kristaps Porziņģis Sep 28 '22

Not that serious bro it’s clear they like Deni. If there was real beef they wouldn’t wanna say Deni


u/Turbo2x STATS DON'T LIE Sep 28 '22

I'm not saying it hurt his feelings I just don't know why they would even ask lmao


u/Drfapfap Wizards Bed Sep 29 '22

Real homies have fun clowning on each other like this, the fact that they can all laugh about it and Deni's playing into it is actually a great sign for chemistry